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Agaete is a fishing village in the most northern part of Gran Canaria. A pebble beach, promenade and traditional Canarian houses add character to this unique place on the island. If you are used to spending your Gran Canaria holidays in the south of the island, Agaete can feel like a completely different island.

Speaking of other islands, this is the best place to stay in Gran Canaria if you fancy a bit of island hopping, since you can easily catch the ferry here at Puerto de la Nieves with car or as a foot passenger.

Combining agricultural and fishing traditions, Agaete stands out with its cultivation of tropical fruits, coffee and freshly caught fish which you can buy at the harbour or enjoy in the local restaurants. Stroll around the narrow streets and take in the rich history and gardens. All the residences here are whitewashed with sky blue and yellow lines celebrating the colours of the Canary Islands flag. 🇮🇨 Some balconies and rooftop gardens are decorated with hanging utensils and fishing related objects such as nets and buoys.

Agaete Beach – Playa de las Nieves

The beach at Agaete is black volcanic sand and stones with tranquil waters, there is also a decking area in which you can sunbathe or people watch from.

If you check out the cliffs from the beach you can see the silhouette of the iconic Dedo de Dios (The Finger of God) a huge separate rock that has a very unique form due to thousands of years of erosion.

Sadly in 2005 when Tropical Storm Delta hit the island of Gran Canaria, the top finger shape part of the rock was destroyed but this hasn't stopped Dedo de Dios being a special natural monument for islanders.

Agaete Harbour – Puerto de las Nieves

Puerto de las Nieves (Snow Port) is one of the best corners of the island; the harbour has spectacular views of the dragon's tail cliffs “cola de dragón” outlining the steep hillside of the west coast of Gran Canaria.

On a clear evening or at dawn you can see the majestic Teide volcano of Tenerife which stands at 3,718 meters and is the highest mountain in Spain.

Catch the Ferry

From the harbour you can board the Fred Olsen inter-island ferry and take a trip to Santa Cruz de Tenerife which takes about 80 minutes and costs from around 50€ per person. It takes about 2 hours to get to Fuerteventura's Morro Jable with 4 departures a day, you could leave early and make this a day trip. You can get to the other Canary Islands from here but with a ferry change in Tenerife or Fuerteventura to get to Lanzarote. You can take your car or go as a foot passenger.