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Arguineguin Beach Walk

Sometimes a walk can clear your head, get rid of tension and overall make you feel healthier and happier. When you have the bonus of the sunshine on your face and a beautiful rugged coastline, like that of Mogan coast, well it's a pleasure to take a stroll.

Fishing village Arguineguin has a pathway, joining to the promenade, which connects all the way through past Patalavaca, passing the Radisson Blu Hotel and through to Anfi del Mar.

But, you don't have to stop there, if you walk past Anfi del Mar you can turn the corner and finish in Balito Beach, which is a good pebble beach.

Playa la Lajilla

Coastal Beach Path

Don Paco and Patalavaca Beach from above

Radisson Blu Gran Canaria

View of Anfi del Mar from Patalavaca