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Christmas, New Year and 3 Kings in Arguineguin

If you are in the south-west of Gran Canaria this Christmas and are looking for events to attend, then consider spending the holidays in Arguineguin.

With religious events, Christmas market, a huge New Year's Eve party and the chance for the little ones to hand their letters to the 3 Kings of the Orient after watching them arrive on camel is sure to make for a memorable ‘Navidad'.

Events schedule for 2014/15 is listed below this photo of the bridge at the side of the Ancora Center, which is looking very ‘Frozen' for Christmas:

Wednesday 24th December:
00:00h Misa del Gallo / Midnight Mass

Thursday 25th December:
11:30h Misa de Navidad / Christmas Day mass

Wednesday 31st December:
23:00h Fiesta fin de año / New Year's Eve Party FREE ENTRANCE!
Open air party, with 2 scenarios depending on your partying style both in the Church Square of Arguineguin
Party 1:
DJ'S: Samu González, Josué G.R and Jorge González
Gogos, acrobatics, Sax House music

Party 2:
Orquesta Tamarindos, DJ's inolvidable FM, Michael Jackson Show
This is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to let their hair down and ring in the New Year, Gran Canaria style
Plaza Perez Galdos / Church Square

Monday 5th January:
18:00h – Cabalgata de Reyes / The big 3 Kings Parade – this year the ‘Reyes Magos' will parade on camel from Calle Francisco Navarro to the Church Square of Plaza Perez Galdos where they will receive the keys to the municipal and collect wish lists from children. Here in Spain 5th January is like Christmas Eve, so the excitement continues in anticipation for gift giving on 6th January.

The ayuntamiento haven't released an official route but here is one I made based on the past few years.

Here's a video of the 3 Kings Parade in Arguineguin, taken in 2014.

Will you be spending the Christmas season in Gran Canaria?