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McDonalds Easy Order in Vecindario

McDonalds in Atlantico Shopping Center Vecindario have easy order kiosks and I was very curious to know how they worked. So just for the GCBLOG readers I checked it out. Basically you put in your credit card and choose your meals, fries, Happy Meals – whatever it is you like from McDonalds.

When you are sure of your order, you enter your pin for your credit card, just like you do when paying at tills by card. The machine prints out 2 receipts one for you to keep with your details on and the other with a queue number. Within seconds of paying via the kiosk, our order was ready at the counter, much to the dissatisfaction of the people in the large queue for the normal tills.

Just thought it was worth a mention for those of you who do like a McDonalds and were not sure what the machine did.

Mcdonalds easy order Vecindario