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New McCafe in Las Palmas

Coffee in Gran Canaria is part of daily routine, un cafecito is the norm and there are plenty of variations. Sometime ago, I posted about Starbucks in Gran Canaria airport and it stirred up a few conversations about big chain coffee companies vs small Canarian bars with ground coffee and espresso machines.

Starbucks in Gran Canaria is only accessible if you are leaving the island so obviously there was a gap in the market for a trendy, coffee only type of bar. But, would it be popular enough? McDonalds, more known for their burgers than their coffee have recently opened a McCafe in Las Palmas. The new ‘Starbucks' style coffee place is in C.C 7 Palmas and the launch looked pretty successful from the photos in Canarias7.

According to the fold out leaflet that was in my newspaper, the new McCafe is open from 09:00hr. Clients can relax with special flavoured coffees from the brand Segafredo, refreshing Frappes, Smoothies, delicious cakes, fresh croissants and more!

McCafe offers free WIFI, Easy Order Kiosks and a Play Place – 13 specialities of tea and coffee, muffins, macaroons and cupcakes!

I have yet to visit the new McCafe but it looks like it has plenty on offer and is in an ideal location. If you are doing a spot of shopping in Gran Canaria and happen to be in Siete Palmas shopping center, will you be trying out the new McCafe?