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Iceland Volcano Erupts Flights Cancelled

Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland began erupting on Saturday 21st May and although initially the ash cloud was expected to only affect Scandinavia, is now expected to cover Scotland and Ireland by Tuesday morning. Icelandic airports were closed down on Sunday, although the main airport in Reykjavik is expected to reopen later today.  Some airspace over … read more

Argos Gran Canaria La Cita Shopping Center

Argos Gran Canaria

Yes the rumours are true, there is an Argos in Gran Canaria! But maybe not the one you thought? Obviously it’s a souvenir shop, trading under the name and using the logo showing the quirkier side to Gran Canaria. This is in La Cita Shopping Center in Playa del Ingles, which is actually a great … read more

Gran Canaria Weather December Patalavaca Storm 2013

Gran Canaria Storm Safety Recommendations

These are the Gran Canaria Storm Safety recommendations as advised by the Canarian Government. Please take note of these in preparation for any storms approaching the Canary Islands. Do not leave the house unless necessary. Remove all objects that could fall from your house, such as hanging baskets, plantpots, things on your balconies or roof. … read more

Marks and Spencer Gran Canaria

Marks and Spencer Gran Canaria

Back in 2010 we ventured to Triana shopping zone in Las Palmas to check out the new Marks and Spencer Food shop. First impressions were that it looked quite small, so maybe they didn’t have much to offer, but that soon changed on entering the shop. If you have been to a Marks and Spencer … read more

Iceland Ash Cloud

Iceland Ash Cloud Flights Cancelled April 2010

As you will all be aware of now, a volcanic eruption in Iceland has affected flights globally and caused much disruption to travel because of a giant ash cloud. The ash is dangerous as it is not picked up on normal radars and if it were to get into the plane’s engines it would be … read more