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Starbucks in Gran Canaria

As a coffee fan I was excited to hear of a Starbucks in Gran Canaria. At first, I presumed it was in Las Palmas, but I was wrong!

I'm guessing you found this blog post as you are visiting or living in Gran Canaria and you really want your fix of a frappe mocha chocca wocca?

Ok all will be revealed. I'm about to tell you where to find Starbucks in Gran Canaria.

Where to find Starbucks in Gran Canaria

Starbucks is hiding in Gran Canaria airport.

The catch? You have to be leaving Gran Canaria to visit Starbucks as it's located in the departure lounge past security.

The chances are that after experiencing the amazing coffee on the island, you won't want to grab a Starbucks coffee for the plane journey and you will have been spoilt.

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Coffee is much more of a social thing on the island and not really a ‘take it to go' activity. It is to be enjoyed with friends and often the best places to get a ‘cafe con leche' or ‘cortado' are in the smallest and oldest looking Canarian bars.

Leche leche coffee in Gran Canaria

Recently spotted! Several supermarkets in Gran Canaria sell these chilled Starbucks Discoveries coffee drinks. So if you MUST have your sneaky Starbucks on holiday, Carrefour in Atlantico Shopping Center, Vecindario have a nice selection of White Chocolate Mocha and Cappuccino flavours.

Starbucks Coffee Discoveries

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