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Book Direct in Gran Canaria

We all have been on our holidays and everywhere in the hotel we can see promoting their website to book direct or maybe looking online in their social media channels everywhere they keep telling us to book direct, where you will get the best price and so on, but is that true or not?.

Every day we look for holiday deals, for different prices and new upcoming hotels to the resorts in Gran Canaria, and we ‘ve found some crazy price differences between what it was supposed to be the best price online booking direct with the hotel and what you can find online looking a bit further.

What we did …

After finding one hotel that was nearly 30% more expensive in the hotel website than in the other websites, we started comparing a few hotel websites against Onthebeach.co.uk.

Why onthebeach.co.uk and not booking.com for example, with the likes of Booking.com or Expedia, the hotel can change the prices instantly and normally they have to keep the same price in their website than in booking.com for something called rate parity which is in some contracts with the Online Travel Agencies to ensure that they get the same price than the hotel website.

On the other hand with Onthebeach.co.uk the price is set in a contract so to modify the prices they need to modify the contract, said contract the rates have been contracted for a number of rooms which is why the price is so competitive.

Enough explaining lets get to the important what we have done :

  • Search for a room in 4 different hotels for the dates from the 7th of September 2020 for a week.
  • Got screenshots from hotel website and onthebeach.co.uk website and we will show you the prices.
  • We used the pound exchange rate of 1,15

Are you ready to be surprised?

First Hotel

Altamadores Puerto Rico

Our research started here in this fantastic all-inclusive hotel in Puerto Rico, as you can see in their website the prices are 1020.60 Euros using the exchange rate stated above of 1.15 it will cost you 887.47£, the same holiday in On the beach you can find it at 623.19 £, yep more than 250 pounds cheaper. Carry on reading it gets even more interesting.

Nido Del Aguila

We thought that can not be right and as we know the area well, we thought what about a nice self-catering hotel, is there such a big difference in a self- catering hotel in Puerto Rico and we looked into the Nido del Aguila.

Direct in their website the price for a standard room was 413€ which converted in pounds is 359.13 sounds good isn't it, so we went to on the beach website search for the Nido for the same dates and look at that £ 221.16, 130 pounds cheaper 

Blimey !

Neptuno Playa del Ingles

We thought what about other resorts is this a Puerto Rico thing, or the same happens in Playa del Ingles, we selected a fairly well-known hotel in Playa, the Neptuno, a fantastic 4-star hotel in the middle of everything, adults-only and fantastic reviews.

Their website quotes us 972.56€ which is converted at £845.70 as you can see the same room with the same board option (half board) is available at the time of writing for £647.69 nearly £200 cheaper on the beach website.

Beverly Park Playa del Ingles

What about a B&B in Playa del Ingles come on then, we checked the Beverly Park a hotel located just between Playa del Ingles and San Agustin in the area called El Veril. We did the same we entered our dates and ……..

Well the Beverly Park in the official website was priced at 489.12€ thats including a 225€ early booking discount and a 37€ discount on a web offer, even with them the 489.12€ are 425.32 £.

So even with more than 262€ in discounts on the official website you can still save £40 bookings with On the beach

Hotel Caserio Playa Del Ingles

And the last but not the least, when we searched for the Beverly Park the Caserio Hotel popped up on onthebeach website, so here we went to have a last search and where we surprised? .

So in this search we used the hotel booking engine conversion so we could see the price clear in £, as you can see the same room was £158 cheaper.

But hold on !!!!! The room that you book directly with the hotel is on bed and breakfast and the price on onthebeach website is with half board included, so not only you are saving £158 but you get you evening meals as well.

This post was published on the 9th of March 2020, days before the first lockdown in the Canaries.

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