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Canary Islands Day in The Mountains

For the first time in a while I was actually on the island for Canary Islands day this year (30th May) as opposed to travelling so I thought how better to enjoy it than go straight to the heart of Gran Canaria. We will get to that bit but let me just tell you how nice it is now to have the luxury of the new tunnel through to Mogan.

If you are staying in Puerto Rico or Mogan you can visit the mountains from the left hand side of the island. As you go through Mogan village and the tiny pueblos you will see a road sign for Tejeda, but get ready for some crazy windy roads and a great adventure!

Stopped to take a photograph of these pretty, purple wildflowers that really popped against the gorgeous blue sky. At this point the temperature started to cool slightly, we were prepared with jackets (as you always should be for the Gran Canarian mountain peaks)

Here is a pretty good example of those winding roads I was telling you about. We saw at cyclist a one point and I didn't know how he was managing to get up those steep slopes, it amazes me.

We drove past this beautiful lake (Presa de Chira). It's hard to choose which photographs to add to this post but they will all be in Gran Canaria Photos Mountains gallery.

Finally we arrived at Artenara, but where still puzzled on how to get to a certain restaurant we had heard about, so we asked a local shephard. See if you can see something very interesting on the top of the hill! I was surprised!

You would be forgiven for thinking this was a sight you would only see in Brazil, but up above La Cilla Cave Restaurant (will add this to another post) a huge statue of Jesus Christ stands looking over the pueblo of Artenara. It was such a surprise to see and I think many people might not know about this even after visiting/living on the island for some time.

There were festivities in the village and people in the local traditional clothing for Canary Islands Day, I might add it was around 10ΒΊc degrees up in this village, very cold compared to the south of the island where the main resorts are!

The local restaurant La Cilla was very busy, so after a quick look round the viewpoint, we headed to Cruz de Tejeda for some lunch. Yolanda Restaurant now seems to own El Refugio Hotel's restaurant too, so we headed there are ate some great food including some ‘Chuletitas' (chops) which were chef's special. (This will be added to another post and linked here)

It was very cold when left the restaurant and the clouds were swiping across the village with a light rain. Parador Hotel was the perfect place across the road to have a warm coffee and cake. I'm also saving this for another blog which will link here post as the cake was so pretty I took a photograph of it! πŸ˜€

I was very glad to have thrown some warmer clothes in the back of the car for this adventure as the cloud surrounded us on the decline back down from the peaks! It was a fantastic day and it's still lovely to be surprised by an island you think you know so well. Stay tuned for my other posts about the restaurants we visited, it was impossible to include everything in this post other wise it would be far too long! πŸ˜€

I hope you enjoyed this photo blog of my adventure on Canary Islands Day in Gran Canaria. Have you visited Artenara before? Where you surprised to see the statue on the hill?