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Christmas Shopping in Gran Canaria

It's that time of year again, the shopping centers in Gran Canaria decorate with huge trees, lights, baubles and nativity scenes – there are reminders everywhere!
Winter Christmas is coming!

Christmas Shopping in Gran Canaria

As there will be a lot of shopping taking place in the month of December and part of January for Christmas and Reyes, the shops begin to open on a Sunday. This is usually the 1st Sunday in December up until 3 Kings on 6th January.

Remember that 3 Kings Day is the big present giving day here in Spain so the last Sunday is likely to be the craziest one. Don't forget too that the night before Los Reyes Magos on the 5th January, many shops open until very late mainly in Triana in Las Palmas, so you can be buying presents until 3am!

The January sales often start around 7th January as opposed to other countries, although you will be able to find deals online from 25th December.

Best Time to go Christmas Shopping in Gran Canaria

As it gets closer to the event, there will be no ‘quiet time' to go shopping and it can get quite hectic. It's very lucky that there are plenty of shopping centers to visit. The best idea is to write down which shops you would like to visit and then decide which is the best center to visit them all.

My advice is don't leave it too late if you can help it, one of my favourite shopping centers in Gran Canaria is C.C Las Arenas. In Winter they usually have an ice rink on the top floor of the shopping center near to McDonalds. There is also a Primark, adidas shop, Toys R Us and Tiger which seems to have everything, from tea to washi tape and small home decor pieces.

If you are in the south of Gran Canaria and prefer not to travel too far, then you can probably find a few gifts at El Tablero shopping center, they have a Claire's accessories, mobile phone accessories and a couple of clothes shops. C.C Atlantico in Vecindario is the next large shopping center heading north. It has more choice than El Tablero, with The Body Shop, Nikki toy shop and GAME to name a few.

Where to buy Christmas trees in Gran Canaria?

If you are looking for a Christmas tree in Gran Canaria, then I suggest you try IKEA. They sell beautiful gift wrap and ribbons, but also have lovely tree decorations. I can't confirm for 2015 but one year IKEA were selling real Christmas trees. If the trees in IKEA don't take your fancy, then head to Rocasa, Leroy Merlin or even the nearest Chinese Bazar.

Identify the ‘in toy' Quickly

You may notice that the ‘in toy' for Christmas may be difficult to find from mid-November onwards.

If it's something very particular that you are looking for such as a certain amiibo or Monster High Dolls which for the past few years have been a sell-out, you may be better trying some different centers around the island, or try online.

Now Amazon is open in Spain, it makes shopping online in Gran Canaria much easier. With cheap postage and a growing inventory, the prices are worth checking out compared to those in shops.