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Coffee and Shopping Maspalomas San Fernando

Hola from Gran Canaria! ☀️

We heard about the new discount store Shopping Home in San Fernando de Maspalomas near Bellavista Shopping Center and wanted to check it out. Of course we are taking you along too! 😊

La Tapita Los Joses reSTAURANT

First we needed some strong coffees so we headed to La Tapita Los Joses tapas bar which is on the main strip of bar restaurantes in Calle Plácido Domingo.

La Tapita Los Joses Maspalomas
La Tapita Los Joses Maspalomas

This is a lovely little bar with amazing service and delicious food. You can get a taste of local food like salpicón con gambas, ensaladilla Rusa and the coffee is exactly what you need to wake up for some shopping.

Los Joses Maspalomas Cafe Cortado Largo Oscuro
Los Joses Maspalomas | Cafe Cortado Largo Oscuro

Since the pandemic there is now an added pergola with extra outdoor seating, which is great as it's popular and can get pretty busy in there.

Los Joses are open Monday 08:00 – 16:00, Tuesday to Saturday 08:00 – 24:00 and closed on Sundays. You can check out the menu in English here.

Shopping Home dISCOUNT sTORE

Across the road from Los Joses in the old VW showroom is Shopping Home discount store. They sell to the public at factory prices and are open everyday from 09:30 – 21:30.

Shopping Home Maspalomas Gran Canaria
Shopping Home Maspalomas

At the time of writing this, it's leading up to Halloween in Gran Canaria so the first things you will see as you go in are all the spooky decorations and Halloween costumes. They have a long aisle of costumes for adults and kids with everything from Squid Games red suits to the traditional witch, devil and skeleton costumes. There is also a great selection of Halloween decorations for your home or business including full size skeletons and scary clowns.

Maspalomas Shopping Home Halloween Decorations
Maspalomas Shopping Home | Halloween Decorations

Chances are if you are looking for something you will find it in here, including gifts, home decor, kitchen items, pet accessories, stationery. There's even a ferreteria or hardware section, craft supplies and Melissa Lana wool in every colour you can think of.

Melissa Lana Wool Shopping Home Maspalomas
Melissa Lana Wool

Some of the items were similar to J and J Discount Store in Motor Grande Puerto Rico, but I did notice that the electronics section had some different things. Here you can find the gadgets and electronics that you would find on amazon like cat ear headphones, ring lights, even a popcorn machine. They even had 3rd party PlayStation dualshock controllers although anything like that I would be careful with and purchase the real deal at GAME video game store over the road in Bellavista Shopping Center.

I picked up a few small Halloween decorations and of course I couldn't leave without notebooks for blog planning. 😊

Have you been to either Los Joses or the new discount store?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🌸🌴

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