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Coronavirus Gran Canaria

What is the mask rule in Gran Canaria?

From April 20th 2022 the mask rule will be dropped in Spain including the Canary Islands, except for the following places:

– All public transport
– Chemists, hospitals and any health establishments inc: blood donation centers and residential homes

It is suggested that mask use continue when mixing with the vulnerable. People 60+, anyone with chronic illness, pregnant women and vulnerable teachers continue to wear their masks in places with crowds or family gatherings.

Gran Canaria is no longer on alert level although this could change if the situation worsens in the future. In March 2022 all local restrictions were removed on Gran Canaria and the mask rule was dropped (with exceptions see above) on April 20th 2022. Data reporting has changed so from now on we will no longer be reporting active cases.

As there are different rules depending on where in the world you are visiting from, you can check to see if your country is high risk or very high risk along with any steps needed to take prior to your visit here: Travelling to the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria COVID-19 information

Where to get COVID Tests in Gran Canaria?

There are many different clinics and COVID testing centers in Gran Canaria. We will add to our list here but you can also ask in your accommodation for the closest place.

Most places charge the same price and offer PCR (around 100€) or Antigen tests (around 30€) depending on what you need. Cheap Antigen tests (without certificates) are available in pharmacies for about 2,94€ (these are not for travel).

Gran Canaria Antigen Test Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Medical Center – Antigen Tests and Certificate to fly

When was the first case of Coronavirus in Gran Canaria?

  • Sanidad confirmed the first positive case of Coronavirus in Gran Canaria on Thursday 5th March 2020.
  • An Italian tourist has tested positive for COVID19 and at the moment is not presenting any symptoms of the virus. They are self-isolating at a property in Arinaga where they are staying.” 05/03/20

When was Lockdown and Home Confinement on Gran Canaria?

  • Gran Canaria lockdown started on Sunday 15th March 2020 and lasted until 21st June 2020 when the State of Alarm ended.

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  1. Thank you for the information it’s always helpful we are coming again in July 2022 at the Gloria palace we have been coming to the island now since around 2009 and loved every year.

  2. September 7th arrive for 2 weeks fingers crossed we will be ok to travel by then we have been many times we stay at lufesa lovely place perfect for everything c u soon !


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