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Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria

Iced coffee and doughnut lovers rejoice, Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria have 3 branches: Vecindario, Telde and Tamaraceite.

You may be more familiar with the name Dunkin Donuts, this is same company but as bakery company Panrico trademarked the term ‘donut' in Spain, DD went with the name Dunkin Coffee here and more recently just goes by Dunkin.

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria

Dunkin Coffee Vecindario

The first Dunkin' Coffee in Gran Canaria opened on Thursday 14th May 2015 at C.C Atlantico in Vecindario and of course I had to sample to goods.
Although I wasn't in the mood for a hot drink, it is worth noting that they offer soy milk as an option which is good news for those who don't drink animal milk.

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria pink donut with sprinkles

I opted for the Fresa topping dunkin which had a strawberry milkshake taste to the frosting, Homer Simpson's favourite!

Dunkin Coffee Gran Canaria Chocolate donut with sprinkles

On the next visit I had the chocolate topping dunkin. My Fiancé tried out the Crunkin which is a croissant donut hybrid and can be served hot, if so they put it in this cool 50's theme box.

They were promoting like crazy, 9,99€ for a box of 12 donuts and also giving away vouchers with each purchase for different items.

Dunkin' Coffee Gran Canaria donut counter

It's not all donuts, they also have some yummy looking bagels, croissants and toasties.

Of course for research purposes I will have to pay a few visits. 😉

Dunkin Coffee El Mirador

After the success of the Dunkin Coffee in C.C Atlantico Vecindario, a second opened in El Mirador Shopping Center in Telde.

Interesting enough, it's not located in the food court, but by the entrance from the top car park near Primark.

Dunkin Coffee El Mirador Telde Gran Canaria
Dunkin Coffee El Mirador Telde Gran Canaria

If you are looking for novelty seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Dunkin Coffee have those too. The Gingerbread latte is really nice, especially on one of those rare cold days in Gran Canaria.

Dunkin Coffee Los Alisios

If you go for shopping day at open air Los Alisios Shopping Center in Tamaraceite, there you can also find a Dunkin Coffee to give you energy in between purchases.

Dunkin Coffee Alisios Gran Canaria
Enjoy your favourite donuts at Los Alisios Shopping Center

Have you tried Dunkin in Gran Canaria? What was your favourite order?

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