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Easter in Gran Canaria

Easter in Gran Canaria is celebrated the whole week leading up to Easter. During Holy Week or Semana Santa there are plenty of religious processions and events throughout the island, it's also a popular week to enjoy the beach.

Easter in Gran Canaria Arguineguin Beach

Semana Santa attracts locals from the city of Las Palmas down to the south of the island. For a second you would be mistaken to think it's Summer, as beaches fill with colourful umbrellas as families enjoy time together.

Easter in Gran Canaria Arguineguin

The Monday after Easter Sunday is a normal day here on the island, people go back to work and school. Some businesses may be closed during Easter week, especially from Thursday onwards as the island enjoys a 4 day weekend.

Sancocho Canario
Sancocho Canario

The traditional food to eat on Good Friday or Viernes Santo is a fish dish called Sancocho Canario. This is a basic but tasty meal of boiled salted fish, white potatoes, sweet potato and red mojo sauce, to avoid eating meat on this sacred day. Families make this at home, enjoy at a local restaurant or buy in supermarkets from the pre cooked counter to take to their holiday apartments.

Easter eggs aren't really a tradition on the island but you can find chocolate eggs and baskets in some of the tourist supermarkets.

Video of Easter in Gran Canaria

This video and photos were taken during Easter week on Playa de las Marañuelas in Arguineguin. If you want to see more videos of Gran Canaria, look no further than Gran Canaria Holidays YouTube channel and subscribe, your support means so much! 😃

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