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Amadores Beach During Lockdown

I never thought we’d see the day when the beaches of Gran Canaria would be empty, especially on a sunny day in the middle of Spring. Of course I had to share this photo of Amadores Beach during lockdown. It was a special day, we were allowed out of the house in the car as a family.

Maybe it’s because we haven’t been allowed down to the beach until this week or that the seabed hasn’t been disturbed, but the water looked extra turquoise glittering under the May sunshine.

Amadores Beach Lockdown 2020
An empty Amadores Beach in May 2020

Spain, including the Canary Islands is currently in phase one of a strict country wide lockdown. At the time of writing, sunbathing is still not allowed or recreational bathing, although walks on the beach are permitted in the time slots for exercise and walks. Check our COVID-19 Gran Canaria page to read about the current measures.

Photo Info
Location: Amadores Beach, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Date: 11/05/2020
Camera: iPhone 11

Day 58 of Lockdown in Gran Canaria
Phase 1 of Coronavirus de-escalation plan in Spain

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