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Mogan Birds Eye View

The Binter Canarias plane ascended from Gran Canaria airport and glided across the south of the island towards El Hierro. I never expected to see this Mogán aerial view so clearly!

I was sat on the right side of the plane near to the wing and luckily the plane propeller was out of sight long enough to snap this photo with my iPhone 7 plus.

Mogan Taurito Birds Eye View Gran Canaria

I tried to take in this bird’s eye view with my own eyes and only when I took a closer look, did I realise how much detail I’d captured. On the left we can see Puerto de Mogán, harbour and ravine leading up to the Pueblo Mogán.

In the next valley we can just make out the waterslides of Taurito waterpark Lago Taurito. It was a fantastic start to an amazing holiday in El Hierro.

Photo Info
Location: Binter Canarias flight from Gran Canaria to El Hierro
Date: 10/09/2018
Time: 16:04h
Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

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