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Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico beach is in the center of the family resort of Puerto Rico Gran Canaria. This beach links the two harbours Puerto Base and Puerto Escala and has a promenade leading all the way to Amadores Beach.

Puerto Rico Beach Gran Canaria

The light brown sand is great for making sandcastles and sunloungers scale across the whole beach so you can enjoy the sunshine. There are plenty of surrounding bars and restaurants for snacks, meals or drinks.

If you feel like chilling out for the day then you can head to Puerto Rico Beach Club (formerly La Mar Beach Club) with private pool and restaurant. Watersports such as parasailing, jet skis and boats are available from Puerto Rico beach too.

Photo Info
Location: View Point above Puerto Rico beach
Date: 27/08/2010
Time: 11:59am
Camera: NIKON D5000

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