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Gran Canaria Beaches

Gran Canaria is the ideal destination to indulge into a sea and beaches experience. It has 240 kms of coast and approximately 60 kms of beaches waiting for you.

The high temperatures work as an added advantage for you to keep enjoying the sun and take a dip in the sea throughout the year. Think about it, how many people do you know living in Europe can sunbathe at the beach in January?

Each and every beach bordering Gran Canaria, almost 80 of them, have an identity of their own. Experience urban beaches and virgin beaches in natural and protected spaces; popular beaches with facilities for the whole family or beaches remotely located with tranquility; miles of beaches of sand and dunes versus small bays surrounded by cliffs; beaches of gold sand, black sand or even the ones formed by gravel and stones.

The best beach in Gran Canaria?

That's your job to find out. We made a list of suggestions of beaches you might want to check out in the different areas of the island.

South Gran Canaria Beaches

San Agustin Las Burras

The beaches of San Agustin and Las Burras, connected by a maritime promenade are the anticipation to the extraordinary beaches of the south of the island.

These serene and family friendly beaches are surrounded by hotels, from the beach of Las Burras you can see Playa del Inglés where you can walk to through a maritime promenade.

Playa del Ingles Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches of the the island. It also gives the name to the most popular touristic area of the island surrounding it.

Its gold and thin sand will attract you, and to add on its length and spread: 2,7kms of length till the end of Maspalomas beach.

Another added advantage to this beach is that it offers you all kinds of services. In its parallel walk you will find all sorts of restaurants, shops, supermarkets and entertainment. In Playa del Inglés, surf, beach volleyball, and beach football tournaments are carried out. Don't be surprised if you find people landing from skydiving or trying comet flying here.

Maspalomas Beach

This is the continuity to Playa del Inglés Beach, it changes its name at a turn limiting the Maspalomas Beach. It is 3 km long and ends at the Faro de Maspalomas (Maspalomas Lighthouse).

Enjoy the most spectacular beach of the island where the golden sand is the actual protagonist forming the marvelous Maspalomas Dunes.


20 years ago these were virgin beaches and were not frequented. But now, they are located in the most modern resort on the island, where the most luxurious and beautiful hotels are located.

Meloneras and Las Mujeres initiate the coastal route to the southwest zone of the island.

On the esplanade of Meloneras beach, there is a shopping mall offering you restaurants, fashion, entertainment and food.

Anfi del Mar

This pleasant beach buried in the tourist complex of Anfi del Mar will take you directly to the Caribbean beaches for its white sand and palm trees all over.

There are stores, restaurants, a marina and a man-made landscape island.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico beach belongs to one of the main touristic spots of the south of Gran Canaria. Its popular for its tranquil waters. It is protected by 2 sports harbours offering you a wide range of water sports.

On the promenade there are stores, restaurants, supermarkets and other services.


Amadores beach is attached to Puerto Rico, connected by a promenade of around 1 km which is a must on your holidays in Gran Canaria. It has paradise feeling due to its turquoise waters and white sands.

In the surroundings various centers have been constructed having restaurants and stores.

Gran Canaria Beaches East

The beaches located in the east of the island are special due their local flavour. They are a part of the daily routine of the people living in the area.

Around them there are many residential areas, even though the locals living there work and spend long hours of the day in the city.

Salinetas and Melenara

Both these beaches belong to the town of Telde.

Long ago, the areas of Salinetas and Melenara were a second residence and summer destination for people living in Telde. As of now it has become firs residency for many of them.

Both beaches are connected by a maritime promenade, you will find restaurants and food stores on it.

On weekends it gets quite busy with people visiting from the neighbour area of Telde, who mainly enjoy these beaches more closely and spend the day on them.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Beaches

Without a doubt, this 3 kms long strip of blond and thin sand is one of the greatest symbols of the city and nothing lesser than that.

We are talking about one of the most important urban beaches of the world, but Las Canteras beach is much more, its one of the most favourite places to socialize, relax, stroll or bathe for the people of Las Palmas.

This is the place with most rhythm in the city, and this doesnt only happen during the day, it also happens in the night, thanks to the splendid promenade covering one end to another, and the ambience extended all along because of the restaurants and coffee places having open air terraces.

Something that makes this beach so special is its protection throughout its extension by a natural seawater barrier of sandstones

Northwest beaches


The beach is located in the quiet and picturesque area of Sardina in Galdár, having fishing as tradition. This small beach is frequented mainly by the people of the town of Galdár. Now that you are there, try fresh fish served in the restaurants of the area, and if this is not enough, you have the beaches of the Muelle and the Roquete, bordering the Sardina beach.

Bañaderos – El Puertillo

We are talking about the beach most frequented by residents of Arucas (town located in the north of Gran Canaria). Enjoy bathing in tranquil waters guarded from winds and currents, surrounded by traditional fishing boat and a small walk with local restaurants where you can try some freshly made fish. At one extreme of the beach you will find a splendid natural pool.

El Agujero and natural pools (Galdár)

Do you think that you can enjoy of an infinity pool only in a hotel or a resort? Think again… The beach of El Agujero is a beach with local accent, where you can easily come across surf and body board lovers practicing their favourite sport. At an extreme point of the beach, there is a natural pool where you can have a pleasant bathing experience in a natural and privileged habitat.


A unique beach. So unique and dreamlike that there are only two ways to get there:

  • Walking about 5 kms with a slope of 400 meters by the Tasartico path
  • By boat (from Anfi, Puerto Rico or Puerto de Mogan).

You cannot miss out on the amazing cliffs guarding this heavenly enclave. The difficulty to get to GüiGüi beach makes it very rarely visited. This stretch of the coast is a part of the Special Natural Reserve, also called GüiGüi (pronounced gwee-gwee not gooey gooey).