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Gran Canaria Earthquake

Canary Island Earthquake: 3.8 – 17/03/13

An M3.8 earthquake was detected off the Canary Islands today at 11:37 AM. The epicentre was 51km in depth and North of Tenerife.

Gran Canaria Earthquake

Here you can see a list of earthquakes during the last 10 days in the Canary Islands, magnitude 1.5 and over.

Gran Canaria Earthquake: 3.4 – 22/08/11

At 15:15 today (Monday 22nd August) an earthquake measuring 3.4 occurred in the south of Gran Canaria, 5 kilometres off the south coast in the municipal of Ag├╝imes. Tremors were felt in most of the island and at this moment there are no signs of any damage.

Gran Canaria Earthquake

Gran Canaria Earthquake: 2.6 – 30/11/10

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded at 04.39 am this morning (Tuesday 30th November) a small earthquake of 2.6 magnitude on the Richter scale about 50 miles east of the capital district of La Isleta, Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Earthquake

The small magnitude of the earthquake and the depth of the epicenter, located in the deep sea, prevented the population from feeling the tremor in those hours of thunder and lightning that fell on the archipelago.

Such tremors are quite common and does not imply an increase in seismic activity in the Canaries.

Gran Canaria Earthquake: 2.6 – 21/01/10

A small earthquake measuring 2.6 on the Richter Scale, occurred in the sea bed between Gran Canaria and Tenerife on Thursday 21st January 2010.

Gran Canaria Earthquake

The quake was felt in some small towns nearer to the north of Gran Canaria in Agaete. Also, residents in barrio de Veneguera in the municipio of Mogan came out of their houses to see what had happened.

This isn't the first time seismic activity has been felt in the Canary Islands and it won't be the last. In 2008 Tenerife felt tremors of 3.4 and back in 1989 there was one of 5.2 on the scale. This all points to the fault line below the sea between the islands.