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Guayadeque Cave Accommodation

Have you ever wanted to stay in a cave? Yes, a cave! My initial thought was a dark, damp cubby in the side of a cliff, but I was very wrong.

In the picturesque Guayadeque, Gran Canaria at the side of the traditional restaurant Tagoror there is cave accommodation, the ‘Casas rurales de Guayadeque'.

Guayadeque Cave Accommodation Gran Canaria

As you can imagine, this is a real eye opener especially for those who have only experienced the touristy parts of the south of the Island. However, it's approximately one hour from the resort of Puerto Rico and also a lovely day out to have some Canarian food in Restaurante Tagoror, or explore the cave church and modern dwellings in a primitive setting at the base of the valley.

Casas Rurales Guayadeque Caves Gran Canaria

There are 4 cave house accommodations to choose from, or you can book all 4 for a special rate if you are in a group. There are also options to have breakfast, dinner and evening meal in Restaurante Tagoror, which has excellent service and delicious food in the most wonderful setting – a Labyrinth of cave rooms with tables and chairs which are carved out of solid rock.

Beautiful scenery of poppies and cacti frame the mountains and along the small trail you may pass a mysterious cave or two.

This more traditional style cave is a souvenir shop for the area. They sell jewellery, incense and natural Aloe Vera products like hand cream and perfumes. The cave shop is nice and cool which is great for those hot days.

Guayadeque Cave Shop Gran Canaria

Would you ever stay in a cave house? Can you imagine how peaceful it would be?

If you would like more information on the Gran Canaria cave accommodation in Guayadeque, click here.