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Iceland Ash Cloud Flights Cancelled April 2010

As you will all be aware of now, a volcanic eruption in Iceland has affected flights globally and caused much disruption to travel because of a giant ash cloud. The ash is dangerous as it is not picked up on normal radars and if it were to get into the plane’s engines it would be tragic.

Iceland Ash Cloud
map of Iceland ash cloud cover

This all happened at the end of last week so what is the situation right now?
Currently Gordon Brown is having meetings with Spanish government about using Spain as as a “hub” to get all people from further afield into Europe and then there will be trains, boats and more trains to then get Brits up into the UK.

Here you can actually see what aircraft is in the air right now in real time.

There are currently people from all over the world, stuck in places from where they should have flown home by now and have many worries such as work, school, responsibilities and money.

Tour operators in Gran Canaria, particularly Thomson and Thomas Cook have been very accommodating to their clients and have sent many of them to all inclusive resorts on the island so spending money is one less worry. As nice as that sounds all people want to do now is get back home wherever that may be and be reunited with their families.

There is hope that the wind direction will change and also news of 30% of flights being in the air today.  BAA are now saying after flight tests that the ASH BAN was unnecessary.

Stay updated on the situation and if you are in resort please speak directly with your Holiday Representative.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🌸🌴

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