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La Sureña El Tablero

Where do you go if you are feeling hungry and are visiting El Tablero Shopping Center?

Usually I'd head to Burger King, but today I felt like some ‘real' food. La Sureña El Tablero didn't disappoint. A recent merge with 100 Montaditos which I'm a big fan of, was a sign that the food was going to be good.

La Sureña is a very popular tapas bar, especially busy when there is football on.

La Sureña El Tablero
La Sureña and 100 Montaditos in El Tablero Shopping Center

Of course we had to order the dish called ‘Chicken Tears' (Lágrimas de Pollo – who comes up with these names, brilliant) delicious pieces of breadcrumbed chicken with a hot dip and some crisps.

La Sureña El Tablero
Lágrimas de Pollo

The Tosta Mediterránea was like a posh cheese, tomato and pesto on toast. I don't eat cheese, but my Fiancé tells me it was delicious.

La Sureña El Tablero
Tosta Mediterránea

The potato wedges complimented the other two dishes perfectly.

La Sureña El Tablero
Patatas Bravas

The atmosphere is great, the seaside decor gives you that feeling of being at a beach side bar.
Let me know in the comments below what your favourite dish is at La Sureña.

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