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Marks and Spencer Gran Canaria

Back in 2010 we ventured to Triana shopping zone in Las Palmas to check out the new Marks and Spencer Food shop. First impressions were that it looked quite small, so maybe they didn't have much to offer, but that soon changed on entering the shop.

Marks and Spencer Gran Canaria
Marks and Spencer Food Gran Canaria

If you have been to a Marks and Spencer that has the food section, you will know that the food they offer is known for it's quality and luxury. At the front of the shop to the left there is a shelf filled with various wines and cava.

There is also a shelf with Chinese noodles/sauces, Italian pastas/sauces and jars of Indian curry sauces such as Rogan Josh. Along the left side there are freezers with a variety of frozen foods such as chicken kiev, fish, broccoli bake, steak pies and cauliflour cheese.

Marks and Spencer Bakery Gran Canaria
Marks and Spencer Bakery Gran Canaria

Dessert lovers won't be disappointed with the selection of ice-creams and frozen pies and the freshly made muffins, cakes and pastries.

It's worth mentioning that the majority of shoppers were local, which is great as the shop isn't relying on tourists or British ex-pats to survive who will more likely visit the southern Gran Canaria supermarkets. Going by the atmosphere and the “ooh's and ahh's” from shoppers, Marks and Spencer food shop has made an impression.

You can stock up on Festive goodies with Christmas Pudding, Yule Logs and luxurious Belgian chocolates, flap jacks and small sweetie jars that look like nice stocking fillers.

The biscuits (which were conveniently next to one of the 2 tills and in easy, last minute reach) were reasonably priced at around 1.70€ for a large pack of custard creams. There is so much more food such as tortilla chips and dips, tinned foods and soups.

If like me, you have never experienced Marks and Spencer food, just try a few things out and don't be afraid. The fresh chocolate chip muffins were delicious, very big, chocolaty and spongy, for less than 2€.

How to get there:
If you take the bus make your way to the original Marks and Spencer clothing shop and it's down the passageway opposite. If you park in Triana car park, come out of the car park towards the main street and it's right in front of you.

(This post was originally published on Gran Canaria Blog 4th November 2010)

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