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Maspalomas in Gran Canaria one of the most popular resorts in Europe, people from all over the world visit Maspalomas every year.

Maspalomas is big resort, the second biggest in Europe so make sure you know where is your hotel located, you could be in the Sonneland area, in Campo de Golf area or even near the market area in Maspalomas and

Maspalomas Dunes

A really flat resort perfect for those that don't like hills, the fantastic Maspalomas Dunes walking distance, not far from some of the most popular theme parks on the island such as Holiday World Maspalomas and Aqualand Maspalomas

The resort attracts a lot of tourist

Things to do in Maspalomas

The resort of Maspalomas is a big resort, Maspalomas includes the area of Sonneland and the area known as Campo de Golf (Golf course) which is nearest to the Maspalomas Dunes.

One of the main things to do in Maspalomas is visiting the dunes, where you can walk to Meloneras or Playa del Ingles along the beach. Depending of where your accommodation is located you can get to Maspalomas Beach walking or getting the hotels bus service.

In Maspalomas you will find Holiday World Maspalomas one of the main theme parks in Gran Canaria where you can have a great day or night out.

Maspalomas Best Hotels

Some of the best hotels in Gran Canaria are located in Maspalomas, fantastic 5 star hotels such as Palm Beach Hotel and La Residencia Hotel both are managed by Seaside Hotels and are walking distance to Maspalomas Beach.

Jardin Dorado Suites

Nearest Resorts to Maspalomas

The nearest resorts to Maspalomas are Playa del Ingles sometimes they get confused as they are so close to each other, and the other resort is Meloneras both in each end of Maspalomas Dunes.