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The resort of Meloneras is the newest resort in Gran Canaria next to the beach of Maspalomas, Meloneras is a resort a bit different to others in Gran Canaria.

Meloneras consists of the famous Meloneras promenade which goes from Maspalomas Lighthouse to Meloneras Beach. Most of the hotels in the resort have a connecting door to that promenade. Then you can choose to go for a stroll either to Meloneras Beach or towards Maspalomas Lighthouse where its the start for the famous Maspalomas Dunes.

Restaurants and Bars in Meloneras

Meloneras is a fantastic place for food and drinks you will find some of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria in Meloneras promenade and in Meloneras shopping center.


Shopping in Meloneras

Meloneras beach is at the end of the promenade , this area is probably one of the best areas to walk in Gran Canaria as is a nearly flat promenade, you will find luxury shops and different types of restaurants and people from all over the island residents and tourist come in the evenings to

Best Hotels in Meloneras

Meloneras is the home for some of the best hotels on the island, in Meloneras.