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Padlocks of Love in Gran Canaria

Have you seen the latest travel trend Padlocks of Love in Gran Canaria? Maybe you have seen some small padlocks attached to bridges, railings or similar structures.

The padlock is often marked with the lover's initials, locked in place, then the key is thrown away, often into the ocean or off a bridge. This is a symbol of the everlasting love of the sweethearts.

I first noticed this trend in Meloneras, on the promenade outside of Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort and Thalasso Hotel.

There were only a couple of locks at the time and I initially thought it was something to do with locking bicycles up on the promenade.


Padlocks of Love in Gran Canaria Las Meloneras

But, as time has passed more padlocks of love or wish locks as they are known in Taiwan, have been popping up. Some of them have initials scribbled on in Sharpie pen, whilst others are a bit more fancy and have been professionally engraved with family names and holiday dates.

My personal view is that it's a sweet way to remember a fantastic holiday, moment, feeling and romance. It could be classed as vandalism, but I personally think of it as a work of art, always changing with each new lock.

Degollada de las Yeguas

The lookout point, Degollada de las Yeguas is often visitor's first introduction to the mountains of Gran Canaria.

Padlocks of Love in Gran Canaria Degollada de las Yeguas

You can get here by heading inland from Maspalomas. There is a platform which shows Playa del Ingles from afar one way, the other shows the large barranco looking towards the mountains.

Padlocks of Love in Gran Canaria Degollada de las Yeguas

Pico de las Nieves

This was an unexpected find, there is a railing with small holes which looks like it was made for leaving padlocks! It's at the highest point of the island in Pico de las Nieves (at 1,949 metres above sea level), which has a great lookout point and a food truck with aloe vera and snacks. At the side of said food truck there are some steps that lead up to another lookout point, this is where you will find the railing!

Padlocks of Love Gran Canaria Pico de las Nieves

On a clear day you can see Roque Nublo and Mt Teide of Tenerife which makes a wonderful photo. Sometimes however it can look like you are at the end of the world, almost as if someone has put a large piece of white card up in front of you because the fluffy clouds are that intense. (Seeing is believing)

Pico de las Nieves Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico

I have some new locations of Padlocks of Love in Puerto Rico! Fancy new padlocks with photos on them have been appearing too. If you enjoy the Puerto Rico beach to Amadores beach promenade walk, then there is a good chance you will see quite a few locks on your way. Let's start at the end of Puerto Rico harbour, Puerto Escalera (near to Pasarrella Shopping Center).

Head to the very end of the harbour wall and up the stairs so you are facing Puerto Rico beach. Here there is a metal fence where you should be able to add your locks.

Padlocks of Love Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Beach

There is another place to put padlocks further along the promenade, past the big rock before the promenade walk really gets started.

Padlocks of Love Gran Canaria Puerto Rico promenade walk

Coming soon, photos of where to put your padlocks on Amadores Beach.

Let me know in the comments if you know of any locations of Padlocks of Love in Gran Canaria and I will keep adding them to this blog post as I find them too. A bit like a treasure hunt!

Padlocks of Love Gran Canaria

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