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Pasito Blanco Marina

If you have a yacht then Pasito Blanco Marina, on the south coast of Gran Canaria is the place to park it! The residential area surrounding the marina makes it a very desirable place to live or holiday. Facilities include La Punta Yacht Club, on-site supermarket and snack bar.

Pasito Blanco Accommodation Gran Canaria

The nearest resort is Las Meloneras, which has plenty of restaurants, shops and things to do so you have all you need for a lovely holiday by the sea.

There is a small path with access to what is known as the secret beach of Pasito Blanco. You can get to it from the other side but it's much easier to park up just before the security barrier at the marina entrance. If you feel like a workout there is an outdoor gym for residents and boat owners which has the perfect view of the beach.

Pasito Blanco Beach Gran Canaria

Pasito Blanco marina is dog friendly and has a lovely little grassy dog park which is gated for your pup's safety and has a bench for you to take a rest as your dog plays.

Pasito Blanco Marina Gran Canaria

As you walk through the marina you will notice that it is very well looked after and clean. A variety of different boats are moored up and holiday villas and homes are great to look at on a stroll towards the yacht club. You can even stay on a boat with Pasito Blanco Sailboat Xperience or a luxury property like Villa Pasito Blanco. On the harbour wall there is a decking area for sunbathing and neon pink benches which are perfect for chilling out with a good book.

La Punta Yacht Club Pasito Blanco Gran Canaria

La Punta Yacht Club is at the very end of the marina and has a small play area for children near the entrance. There are plenty of sun loungers and a chill out zone with sofas. There is a bar for drinks and snacks and a small jetty for cooling off in the sea.

La Punta Yacht Club Pasito Blanco Gran Canaria

Have you ever visited Pasito Blanco? What is your favourite thing to do there?