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Playa del Cura Shopping Center

Playa del Cura shopping center in the south-west coast of Gran Canaria was once bustling with trade, due to the all inclusive that was formerly in the area. When the all-inclusive finished at 11pm many of the guests would wander over to the small shopping center, to enjoy the bars and restaurants.

Playa del Cura Shopping Center Gran Canaria

Today it is a much quieter place, but is still home to several bars and restaurants including Donald Burger, The Old Brogue and Mira Mira, a Spar supermarket and a chemist.

Playa del Cura Shopping Center Gran Canaria

Considering it has lost a lot of trade, the center is beautifully maintained with mosaic decorations covering the walls and floors. We snapped some photos of our favourite parts of the mosaic. You should check it out for yourself, if you do, Mira Mira bar do a nice coffee and cheese toastie.

(This post was originally published on Gran Canaria Blog 22nd August 2011)

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