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Price Comparison by month

We get this question asked many times when is the best time of the year to book our holidays to Gran Canaria, and we are going to show you how the price changes from one month to the other.

for this case in particular we are going to use one of the main touroperators in the uk right now, jet2holidays in one of their main hotels in Gran Canaria, the Eugenia Victoria in Playa del Ingles. We are going to monitor the price of a holiday flying from Manchester to Gran Canaria on the 5th of August 2018.
We started the 6 of August 2017 getting screenshots from the Jet2holidays.com website of the holiday price so you can see when is best to book your next holiday to Gran Canaria.

Price in August 2017

eugenia victoria price

Price in September 2017

eugenia victoria

Price in October 2017

Price in November 2017

Price in December 2017

Price in January 2018

Price in February 2018

Price in March 2018

Price in April 2018

Eugenia Victoria Playa del Ingles

Price in May 2018

Price in June 2018

Price in July 2018

In July the holiday was not available anymore, probably the flights have all been sold out as there is a cheaper option flying on Tuesday .


Price comparison

As you can see in the graphic our advice is to book your holiday as soon as possible even more if you really want to be an specific hotel. As you can see the cheapest month was a year before the holiday with a price 400 pounds cheaper than the most expensive month (December).


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