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Primark Gran Canaria

Primark Gran Canaria

There are two Primark shops in Gran Canaria. One in Las Arenas Shopping Center, Las Palmas, the other at El Mirador Shopping Center, Telde.

Below you can see updates from 2007 – 2010 before Primark Gran Canaria opened on the island, the scouting of new locals and grand openings. I've kept them here for the history.


Back in 2007, I personally contacted low cost fashion store Primark, asking if they were planning on opening a shop here in the Canary Islands.

They replied:

Thank you for your enquiry.
We have a store opening in Jerez tomorrow and Xanadu next week. I am sorry but we don’t have any plans to open a store in the Canaries.


In 2009 we emailed them again and this is what they said:

Thank you for your enquiry, dated 1st July 09.
Your email has been sent to our Deputy Managing Director who is responsible for sourcing new sites. I am sure that we can now encourage him to put Gran Canaria on his list!
Special thanks for taking the trouble and time to write to us.


Obviously they have been checking out places to open a Primark and fantastic news if you are a fan, they have found a local in Centro Commercial Las Arenas in Las Palmas.

There was a lot of buzz on various Spanish forums but I wanted to see it for myself and in Las Arenas last night I got that confirmation, a simple piece of A4 paper saying Primark on the shutters of the local.

Primark Gran Canaria Opening Soon

Inside is an empty shell, but in my opinion if they had a good team of builders on the project it shouldn’t take longer than 3 months. The unit itself looks gigantic and although not as big as some of the flagship stores, is definitely larger than what I expected.

Primark Local Gran Canaria

There have been some worries that they would only have a small selection of things and the prices wouldn’t be as low, but I have visited Primark in Madrid and it was pretty good, they had all the sections including things for the home. I must say Primark do some excellent bedding!

There has also been some talk about a second Primark in the new Shopping Centre El Mirador which is opposite Las Terrazas in Jinamar, however the centre itself is still under construction.

So what does this mean for the island? It means more jobs to start with. There are normally about 6 on the tills alone and then the staff on the shop floor. People have to spread their money further now with the recent economy and now may be able to afford a thing or two. A great place to buy low cost clothes for growing kids too!

A very rough example is that instead of paying 20€ for a men’s logo t-shirt (as advertised in Jack Jones shop yesterday) you will be able to buy 2 or 3 for 20€ and still have change. A dress in Zara may cost 29,95€ but in Primark you could pay 10/15€ and the sales are very impressive too so let’s see if it opens in time for the Summer Sales.

Primark Gran Canaria Proxima Apertura

Primark have found themselves a nice local in Centro Comercial Las Arenas, which is in Las Palmas near Teatro Alfredo Kraus and will open on the 22nd September 2010. The local was previously Toys R Us and is 3.325,89 square metres including warehouse and shop floor space.

Primark Gran Canaria Proxima Apertura

There was some speculation that there wouldn’t be the same range of clothing and items as other stores, but according to sources, there will be Womens and Menswear, Childrenswear, accessories and things for the home.

This is very good news in this time of economical crisis on the island and it’s good to know there will be a cheap but fashionable place to purchase clothing and homeware.

A second Primark is said to be opening in time for the Christmas period in the new shopping center across the motorway from Las Terrazas in Jinamar, Gran Canaria. El Mirador Shopping Center is still under construction itself, but they are hoping to open in time the busy shopping season.

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