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Car Hire Gran Canaria

Car Hire Gran Canaria
Rent a Car Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is known as a continent in miniature, the island changes drastically with only a few hours drive, the best way to discover Gran Canaria is getting a car hire from one of the many rent a car companies in Gran Canaria.

The prices different between them are sometimes as much as 20 euros for the same car per day, thats why we have included our rent a car price comparison for you to use.

Why you need a rent a car in Gran Canaria?

There are many things to do in Gran Canaria and if you really want to discover the island, we advise you to rent a car from the airport or if you prefer just for a day from one of the many rent a car offices that you will find around the resorts.

If you rent the car from Gran Canaria Airport you will save the cost of the transfer to your accommodation which sometimes cost more than the car rental itself.

If you are staying in a villa in Gran Canaria normally the villas are a bit out of the main areas in the resort, so you will need to hire a car to get about and as well to do the shopping for the villa in the nearby supermarkets.

If you are staying in the south of the island you will need a car to go to another beaches, for example if you are staying in Maspalomas you need to go and check Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico or the fantastic Puerto de Mogán or if you are staying in Puerto Rico you need to check the sand dunes in Maspalomas and if the weather is not that good you can get your car and go past Gran Canaria Airport and go for a day of shopping in the areas of Las Palmas or Telde.

Sometimes the demand for cars on the island is really high, and believe or not sometimes cars are not available, or a double the price, book as soon as possible your car specially if you have requirements such as 9 seater cars or automatic cars which are more difficult to find.

When you plan your holidays to Gran Canaria you will be wondering if you need to hire a car or if you will be fine without it.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to hire a car for the whole duration of your holidays so

Inauto Rent a Car

Inauto Rent a Car are located in Puerto Rico and at the time of writing is the best rated car hire company in Gran Canaria. No deposit, no extra charges and a straight forward booking process makes Inauto Rent a Car a place to think about when you are booking your car in Gran Canaria.

Click the logo below to contact them with your details and get a free quote on the same day.

Inauto Rent a Car

Gran Canaria places to go

This website is created and updated from the island of Gran Canaria, so during the next months we will be adding our exclusives Gran Canaria Driving Routes with pictures and tips of where to go and where not to go in Gran Canaria.

Sometimes the price only is not the safest way to hire a car, thats why we have researched the internet to find the best car hire company in Gran Canaria so you can safely book your car.

We all have heard the horror stories you rent a car for a too good to be true price and the extra charges start once you go and proceed to get your car they will add extra charges, for petrol, insurance, extra charges for anything you can think of.

Or when they have too much demand and you have booked your car at a fantastic price because you book it with one year in advance and they will try their best to put you off hiring that car, so they can hire that same car for triple the price you were going to pay.

We have searched online for the best rent a cars in Gran Canaria so you do not have to do it, the ratings were copied from Google and the businesses needed to have more than 80 reviews to be able to get in this rating.
1Inauto Rent a CarPuerto Rico4.9
2Autos BaezSan Agustin4.9
3Do Chill Rent a CarPatalavaca4.8
5Autos ManceboSan Agustin4.4
6CicarMultiple Locations4.4
7Sixt Rent a CarMeloneras4.3
10Orlando Rent a CarMultiple Locations3.6

As you can see on the table most of the top Rent a Car companies on the island, are family run businesses where the costumer is treated well, with no extra surprises and they have been doing the same for decades.

Gran Canaria Airport Rent a Car

Many of the rent a car companies in Gran canaria offers their services from Gran Canaria Airport so you can rent the car from the airport and leave it there when you finish.

Book your Gran Canaria Rent a Car from the airport and save money on your transfers to the resorts.

Gran Canaria Car Hire Reviews

Please check online before you book your rental car in Gran Canaria, the online reviews of the company you are interested. If you think the price for your car hire is too good to be true probably is because its not true.

We have heard them all, from charging 100 Euros for the petrol to sell you a compulsory insurance for the car,

So please read all the conditions and make sure that everything is clear before you book your car.

Gran Canaria Airport Car Hire Companies

Gran Canaria Airport Car Hire Companies you will find a lot of companies at Gran Canaria Airport, we will list them below so you can choose.

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