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Romeria in Gran Canaria

The Romería is part of the street party fiestas that take place in the different towns and villages of Gran Canaria from about April onwards.

Villagers will dress in traditional Canarian clothing and celebrate the Saint or Virgin of their respective pueblo.

Of course there is plenty to eat and drink from the floats (carrozas) including papas con mojo and a variety of barbecue grilled meats. Traditional Canarian music fills the air as the villagers sing and play instruments – the small guitar is called a bandurria.

The floats normally contain fruits and harvest produce, which are an offering (ofrenda) to the Saints and are carried through the Romeria parade but not consumed. At the end of the night the offerings are collected by local charities for the poor.

Depending on the size of the village, will of course affect the size of the fiesta but it's almost guaranteed that everyone old and young will have a great time celebrating.

Street parties in Gran Canaria usually go on for 10-14 days and the Romeria is just one part of the celebrations. Other nights there may be entertainment from local groups in the Verbena.

Puerto Rico's street party takes place in Motor Grande around 24th May, celebrating the day of Maria Auxiliadora.

Arguineguin street party which takes place in July for the Fiestas del Carmen usually has beach parties and a huge water fight called ‘Bajada de la Rama'.

As you can tell there is always something to see, do or be involved in on the island of Gran Canaria!