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San Mateo Adventures

Yesterday was Labour Day or ‘Día del trabajador' on May 1st, so the Gran Canaria Blog team decided it was a great day for a picnic and adventure. There are many places to picnic in Gran Canaria besides the obvious choice of the beautiful beaches. The mountains of Gran Canaria hide some of the prettiest scenery you will see on the island.

Fluffy clouds, lush greenery, tall trees and birds chirping! Sound nice? Then you should really select one day of your holiday in Gran Canaria to rent a car and explore. It's the only way to really experience Gran Canaria and see what it means to you!

San Mateo was on the way to our selected picnic area, a small but very picturesque village with a mixture of buildings. It seems many places were developed into apartments before the crisis, with the intention of renting out, but there are also small and charming side streets with that typical Canarian flair.

#SanMateo #grancanaria
#sanmateo #grancanaria

Even the Post Office ‘Correos' as it is known in Spain, is integrated into the buildings:

#sanmateo #correos #grancanaria #postoffice

The village has plenty of benches, which are great for people watching. The local church La Iglesia de la Vega de San Mateo is the center of attention, I'd love to go back in the evening time to see these lights switched on.

La #Iglesia de la Vega de #sanmateo ⛪

No matter how many places we bring you in our photo blogs, you really do have to see the hidden gems of Gran Canaria for yourself. Sometimes it's fun to get lost in paradise!