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Scooters Pizza Factory Las Terrazas

As a regular visitors to Las Terrazas Shopping Center in Telde, we pretty much know the shops and restaurants and so we was surprised to see the new addition of Scooter's Pizza Factory.

Scooters Pizza Factory | Las Terrazas Gran Canaria
Scooters Pizza Factory | Las Terrazas Gran Canaria

The first thing I saw as I walked in was the life-size, baby pink scooter, which is part of the decor along with a jukebox! I'm a big fan of American Diners especially 50s style.

Betty Boop decor is a sweet feature to the restaurant, not to mention the hundreds of pictures frames all over the walls. The seating is mainly typical diner style booths, with an icon covering the wall near each one. Elvis was in our area, just as you walk in, then The Beatles, Michael Jackson and nearer to the back was a Marilyn Monroe area. Neon signs also lit up the walls, with typical brands such as Coca-cola and celebrity names.

Scooters Pizza Factory American Diner Gran Canaria
Scooters Pizza Factory American Diner Gran Canaria

Now onto the food! For drinks we ordered 2 cokes, which were served in real coca-cola glasses with ice and with the large size glass coke bottles. Starters was Insalata Caprese (a typical Italian dish of fresh mozzarella cheese and juicy tomato slices, which was served promptly.

Well you can't go to a pizza restaurant and not order pizza, so we selected the Some Like it Hot Pizza, as all of the pizzas were inspired by movies. The pizza was hot, but very delicious and contained jalapeƱos, pepperoni and peppers to name a few. It was thin crust, so a lot healthier that thicker crust pizzas but so tasty.

Scooters Pizza Factory Gran Canaria | Some Like it Hot Pizza
Some Like It Hot pizza | Scooter's Pizza Factory Telde, Gran Canaria

You can even watch the chef putting the pizza into the special pizza oven after he prepares it.

The place was absolutely spotless, the staff were smiley and attentive and the food was excellent! This restaurant has only been open since Saturday 4th September 2010, so our visit was 2 days into business, we wish them the best of luck!

(This post was originally published on Gran Canaria Blog 6th September 2010)