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Argos in Gran Canaria

Yes the rumours are true, there is an Argos in Gran Canaria!

But maybe not the one you thought? Obviously it's a souvenir shop, trading under the name and using the logo showing the quirkier side to Gran Canaria.

This is in La Cita Shopping Center in Playa del Ingles, which is actually a great shopping centre.

Argos Gran Canaria La Cita Shopping Center
Argos in Gran Canaria | Cita Shopping Center

I will be exploring Shopping Center La Cita a little more in future posts as it has some very good restaurants.

The way the things are going on the island right now, with not one but two Primark stores, and four Lidl supermarkets, it seems we are making our way through the end of the crisis.

It won't be long before we start seeing more franchises popping up, maybe someone should introduce an official Argos in Gran Canaria?

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