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Starbucks Gran Canaria

As coffee fans we were very excited to visit Starbucks Gran Canaria! Would it be the same as we've experienced in other Starbucks around the world? How would it compare to the local coffee made from island or Colombian beans in small bars and cafes?

Coffee is a very social thing on the island and not really a take it to go activity. It is to be enjoyed with friends and often the best places to get a cafe con leche or cortado largro are in the smallest and oldest looking Canarian bars.

We're guessing you found this article as you are visiting or living in Gran Canaria and you really want that Vanilla Latte fix, a PSL or maybe a Caramel Macchiato.

Ok all will be revealed. We're about to tell you where to find all of the Starbucks in Gran Canaria.

Where is Starbucks in Gran Canaria?

Starbucks Los Alisios Shopping Center – Tamaraceite

Down in south Gran Canaria the mid-October weather had been hot and hazy with calima so we headed to the north of the island to Alisios Shopping Center in hopes of a cooler atmosphere and on the hunt for a PSL. It wasn't much cooler, but thankfully Starbucks had a nice cool AC on and we were able to enjoy the cozy vibes of the indoor seating.

I actually got a free Pumpkin Spice Latte because we purchased a You Are Here Starbucks Canary Islands mug. Bonus! This went down nicely with a slice of lemon cake. 🎃 This location has a full range of products available including pods, snacks and coffee bags. You can enjoy the indoor coffee shop atmosphere or sit outside if you prefer.

Starbucks Alisios Gran Canaria
Starbucks Alisios Gran Canaria

The staff who served us informed us of a new Starbucks in south Gran Canaria that we didn't even know about, hence the trip up north. It looks like a few more cafes have popped up in the last few years, gone are the days when you could only visit at the airport.

Starbucks Gran Canaria South – Meloneras

If you are on holidays in Gran Canaria south and looking for your caffeine fix, the closest Starbucks to Puerto Rico, Playa del Ingles and resorts is in Meloneras promenade. This is a great location as you can watch the sunset from here in this unique open air Starbucks. There is a range of collectible Starbucks mugs to purchase here including large mugs and water bottles from the You Are Here Spain mugs or the hard to find Canary Islands editions. Although this is an outdoor Starbucks there is a full range of cakes, cookies, snacks and of course full menu of coffee.

Pumpkin Spice Latte goes on sale around 8th September in Spain in sync with the start of the school term.

Starbucks Meloneras Gran Canaria
Starbucks Meloneras

Starbucks Las Palmas

There are two Starbucks in Las Palmas city; Las Canteras beach promenade and El Corte Inglés department store. The Starbucks at Playa de Las Canteras has outdoor seating with views of the ocean, perfect for sitting and people watching or grabbing a coffee to go as you enjoy strolling along the promenade. At El Corte Inglés the indoor Starbucks has that cozy city bookstore vibe as it is located inside the book department of the store.

Starbucks Gran Canaria Airport

Starbucks at Gran Canaria airport was the first one on the island. Gran Canaria airport is not located in Las Palmas city but is further down the island on the east coast. The downside is that you have to be leaving Gran Canaria to visit Starbucks in LPA as it's located in the departure lounge past security. Chances are that after experiencing the amazing coffee on the island, you might not want to grab a Starbucks coffee for the plane journey home.

Starbucks Gran Canaria Airport
Starbucks Gran Canaria Airport

Starbucks Discoveries Iced Coffee

Several supermarkets in Gran Canaria sell the chilled Starbucks Discoveries coffee drinks. So if you MUST have a Starbucks stash in the fridge on holiday, you can find them in most resort supermarkets such as Hiperdino and Spar.

Starbucks coffee capsules

Starbucks coffee pods or capsules are found in most coffee aisles in Gran Canaria supermarkets. These are handy if you have a Nespresso machine in your apartment. They cost about 4€ for a packet of 10 capsules.

🥖 Looking for Subway Gran Canaria?

Have you visited any of these Starbucks in Gran Canaria? 👇 Let us know in the comments, which one was your favourite?

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