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The Market Puerto Rico Shopping Center

The Market Puerto Rico is a new eco-friendly shopping center now open in the resort of Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.

This post was written when it was under construction but you can find the full review on Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.

The Market Puerto Rico Shopping Center

The construction site is across the road from the BBVA bank along the main road from Puerto Rico Shopping Center. At the time of writing this 25th March 2018, the foundations are being dug out and builders have been working non-stop. The center will span 5.600m2 and house 26 businesses of the highest quality, innovation and creativity.

This is not the water park construction site, The Market Puerto Rico is being built below the houses by the old car impound across the road from Puerto Rico water park.

The Market Puerto Rico Construction Site

Eco-Friendly Shopping Center

In a bid to be ozone friendly, The Market will offer an efficient and sustainable architecture which will include things like vertical gardens, electric car charging points, solar panels and special glass that reduces air conditioning consumption.

Slow Food

In terms of food and drink The Market aims to offer the latest in slow food. Healthy food from around the world will be available in the Food Market.

For People who Shop with their Heart

The Market Puerto Rico Center

This center will have 26 establishments for people who enjoy shopping and eating with intention. Spar Natural supermarket is said to be one of the shops we can look forward to. They already have several successful stores across the island of Gran Canaria where you can find healthy foods and a great selection of gluten free and dairy free products.

More info

website: The Market Puerto Rico
telephone: +34 928 767 808
email: info@themarketpuertorico.com

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