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Claiming Paro/Dole in Gran Canaria

To claim Paro (dole) in Gran Canaria you must first be eligible to claim which means you must have worked legitimately with a contract minimum for 1 year.

Please note that you will need a translator to go with you to the Oficina de Empleo if you do not speak Spanish, this is very important as you are likely to be turned away if you do not.

First you need to get into the system by registering: (you can do this bit even if you haven't had a job before)

Your details will be entered into the database for example what work you are looking for and the skills you have. This is so that if any jobs come up on the database that match your details/skills, the oficina de empleo will call or text you with the information.

If you have had a contract for minimum of 1 year and you are out of work, you can then ask to claim paro. You will be given an appointment and some paperwork to take away and fill in for your next visit. The appointments can be known to take place as early as 8am, so be prepared and make sure you have your translator handy for that day also if you need them.

You will also be given a paper which tell you what papers you should take with you. For example your last contracts and bank account information.

At the appointment you will have to read and sign a few documents. The they will tell you an estimate of how much money you are entitled to based on your previous work and contributions. This is usually 75% of your previous monthly wage. The money is paid straight into your bank account monthly for a certain amount of months. This will vary from person to person depending on the contributions/contracts and so on.

This is roughly the process of how claiming paro works, although as you may understand laws and paperwork could change from the time of writing this article.