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Gran Canaria Road Trip in Tejeda

Yesterday the GCBLOG team took a little road trip in the mountains of Gran Canaria. Driving through small pueblos and fincas in the north of the island, right through to Tejeda, the heart of Gran Canaria. The last time we were there, a few weeks ago, it was very cold, foggy and damp, but in Cruz de Tejeda it was possible to walk round in short sleeves enjoying the warmth.

View of Teide from Gran Canaria

Dinner was enjoyed at El Refugio, with an arrangement of Papas con Mojo, Croquetas, Pimientos Padron and a salad.
Cheese and Tomato salad

We decided to grab a coffee over the road at Parador Hotel cafe area, which has wonderful views of the woodland and the small pool from the spa area of the hotel.

Spa pool from Parador cafe