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There's nothing better than jumping in the car and looking for new parts of Gran Canaria to explore. This time we headed up past Mogán Pueblo in the south-west of the island in search of adventure in Veneguera.

As we drove past Restaurante Las Cañadas, which we promised to visit for a hearty lunch later on, we followed the signs towards Veneguera.

a la playa sign in Gran Canaria

Passing through the small village, we noticed a sign for the beach, which seemed bizarre as we were far from the ocean.

As soon as we passed this sign, we quickly realised this was a job for sturdy hiking legs or a 4×4 and not the particular vehicle we had ventured out in. But, alas it was too late and we had a taste for adventure.

Red Duck Veneguera Gran Canaria

A quirky and knowing red duck ornament on the side of the dirt road posed the question ‘Are you sure your tyres are ready for this?' (They were not)

A very hairy tree that reminded us of Captain Caveman, also decorated this very bumpy drive which took us about 40 minutes due to driving slowly.

Hairy Palm Tree in Veneguera Gran Canaria
Banana tree in Veneguera Gran Canaria

Despite the rough terrain, we saw plenty of hikers and people from the village enjoying a leisurely Sunday stroll.

Banana plantations lined the dirt road and I managed to snap a photo of this lovely bunch.

Finally we arrived at the beach. The special thing about Veneguera beach is that it's totally unspoilt.

There are no restaurants, bars or shops (or toilets so be prepared), just an untouched stretch of pebble beach. It's one of those places to switch off and just take it all in.

Veneguera Gran Canaria

By the time we started back onto the dirt road, we were absolutely ravenous! We headed to Restaurante Las Cañadas which I will tell you all about in another post. 🙂

Have you ventured into Veneguera? I'd love to hear what you thought of the beach road!

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