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Gran Canaria Weather April

April is here and spring has sprung on Gran Canaria, which means the weather starts to slowly change, the island is looking greener and flowers are blooming. Temperatures range from 20ºC – 30ºC degrees.

Sunrise: 07:39 am
Sunset: 20.26 pm


17th April 2022

Happy Easter from the Gran Canaria Holidays team! We hope you've had an eggcelent Semana Santa. 😅 We took an Easter Sunday drive and went for coffee in Maspalomas. At one point in Sonneland a temperature clock was showing 38ºC degrees! It's no wonder AEMET finally issued a yellow weather warning for high temperatures.

Gran Canaria Weather April 2022 Calima
Gran Canaria Calima Easter 2022

The sky is hazy with calima and it's a day to be in the water or the shade. Air Quality is currently Hazardous.

Gran Canaria Air Quality Calima April 2022 Hazardous
Hazardous Air Quality in Gran Canaria

13th April 2022

The temperature is set to rise from Friday with 27ºC reaching a scorching 33ºC by Tuesday. So far this doesn't come with any heatwave warnings but it is usual for temperatures to climb and UV index to start increasing this time of year. May is only a couple of weeks away and that can be a hot month.

Gran Canaria Weather April Easter 2022
Gran Canaria Weather April Easter forecast 2022

AEMET have also activated a yellow weather warning for big waves so please take care down at the coast this Easter holiday. At the moment here in Gran Canaria south, Air Quality is Fair, we have bright blue skies, sunshine and of course busy beaches and resorts.

Gran Canaria Weather April Semana Santa Anfi 2022
Semana Santa 2022 | Anfi Beach Gran Canaria 13/04/22

5th April 2022

Over the weekend we did have some stormy weather, even here in south Gran Canaria. All weather warnings have now been lifted and the air quality is Fair.

The week ahead looks better with sunshine in the south and maybe some rain in the mountain areas. The UV index is at 8 which means skin burning time is shorter even on those cloudier days.

Gran Canaria Weather April 2022 Forecast
April 2022 Forecast 5th-11th

There is possibility of snow in the mountains and a chance of rain next week although I don't like to look more than three days ahead on these forecasts. The temperature is about 20ºC, more if you get in a sun spot.

Gran Canaria Weather April 2022 sunset
Sunset and Mackerel Clouds over Arguineguin 04/04/22

Last night we had a beautiful sky and really pretty mackerel clouds which are a sign of change in weather.


3rd April 2019

Imagine everyone's surprise to see this water tornado in Arguineguin this morning! The waterspout or manga marina as it's known locally stayed out at sea and was seen here from Las Marañuelas beach. It could be seen all along the south-west coast, through to Puerto Rico. There was a heavy downpour at one point but then the skies have been blue for the rest of the day.


April 5th 2018

What a fantastic day it was to explore some of Gran Canaria mountains. We headed to Soria for a drive and the Gran Canaria spring weather was perfect. After enjoying a lovely drink at Restaurante Casa Fernando in the sunshine we took in this breath-taking vista of the green Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Weather April Soria 2018
Gran Canaria mountains April 2018


April 1st 2017

No April Fools here, last night a thick haze blew over the islands which we call a calima. This morning my desk was covered in a fine layer of red sand and the early morning air felt hot. Temperatures in Puerto Rico were about 35ºC degrees at midday and although the sky looks grey, the UV index is high, so sun protection is an absolute must.

Gran Canaria Weather April Radisson Blu 2017
The view from Radisson Blu Resort Gran Canaria in April 2017

Here's a screenshot from Radisson Blu Gran Canaria‘s webcam in Arguineguin, which looks out towards Anfi del Mar. The sky looks kind of miserable, but this is the effect of the calima. According to forecasts this dry, hot spell will stick around until Monday 3rd April.


April 23rd 2016

Well it's getting to the end of April and the temperatures have been on the rise. This week we've had a few cloudy days due to the tail end of a storm higher up in the Atlantic, but no rain in the south. It's actually been pretty warm. The UV index has increased for sure, which means you may want to up your SPF if you burn easily (like myself).

Here is a video I shot in San Agustin this week, it was very hot but the breeze took the edge off. Temperatures are flirting in the high 20's.

Video of San Agustin in April 2016

Patalavaca beach on an evening walk. Still great for hitting up the beach in the late afternoon. The weather for the week ahead is looking good.

Gran Canaria Weather April Patalavaca Beach 2016
7pm on Patalavaca beach in April 2016

April 4th 2016

What a stunning day it is. Bright blue skies and sunshine today on my walk in Arguineguin. It was the perfect day for the beach. The forecast shows we could have a bit of rain tomorrow in the south of Gran Canaria. But, for now the weather is beautiful.

Gran Canaria Weather April Arguineguin 2016
Las Marañuelas Beach, Arguineguin in April 2016

April 1st 2016

Happy April! To start off the month I took a walk along the promenade in San Agustin. The sun was hot but the wind had a ‘cool nip' to it, so sitting in the shade wasn't much fun when I went to a nearby cafe.

Gran Canaria Weather April San Agustin 2016
San Agustin in April 2016

A sunny start but now in the south of Gran Canaria is has clouded over. We could be in for some more rain by the look of it. The weather forecast is currently showing sunshines but that's not what I see from my window.


April 17th 2015

Here we are more than halfway through April and the weather in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria is stunning! We've been enjoying some beautiful cloudless blue skies. Yes, it is warm enough to sunbathe and many were taking advantage of the Spring weather today on Puerto Rico beach. The forecast is looking great and the weekend is here.

Puerto Rico Beach in April 2015

April 3rd 2015

Good afternoon! Are you ready for the long Easter Bank Holiday weekend? It's very busy in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria and plenty of people have arrived from near and far to enjoy our beautiful beaches.

The sky is clearer than yesterday although there is still a bit of light cloud hovering with that fresh April breeze in the air. Once you get in a sun trap make sure that you are protected as it's hot. Amadores beach looked amazing as the turquoise waters glistened invitingly.

Amadores Beach Semana Santa April 2015

April 2nd 2015

April is here, it's Semana Santa (Easter Week) and the weather in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria is lovely. Today's photo was taken from Altamadores Hotel, the sky is full of wispy clouds.

There is a fresh breeze in the air, which means you could probably lay out by the pool or beach all day without getting too hot. The weather is looking great for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend!

Gran Canaria Weather April Altamadores 2015
The view of Amadores Beach from Altamadores in April 2015


April 9th 2014

It was a really hot day and beautiful Spring weather for April. Taurito water park was our choice of place to cool down. It's free for guests of certain Taurito hotels but non-guests can also pay to visit the park. It’s a great family day out and only 10 minutes drive from Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather April Taurito Waterpark 2014
Taurito Waterpark in April 2014


April 18th 2013

A few days ago whilst having a well deserved day off at Amadores Beach Club Spa in Puerto Rico, I was lazily looking up at the sky and noticed the bright blue skies changed to haze. It was very hot sunbathing near to the salt water pool and I realised we must have a heatwave on the way.

Gran Canaria Weather April Amadores Beach 2013
Amadores Beach in April 2013

Canarias7 are reporting that Canary Islands are due a heatwave and calima on Saturday 20th April. AEMET have in fact placed a yellow weather warning for extreme heat from Friday 19th with temperatures of 34ºC degrees expected, elevating to an orange warning with temps 37ºC degrees.

The heatwave is also expected to bring ‘polvo en suspensión’ which is basically what is often referred to as a calima, where the sand from the Sahara is picked up in the atmosphere, causing a hot haze that lingers over the islands.


April 27th 2012

This morning started off very rainy and we have had showers on and off throughout the day, in Puerto Rico, Arguineguin and Playa del Ingles. The wind has picked up and it looks like we could be in for some more rain before the day is out.

We snapped this photo of Puerto Rico’s main road leading to Puerto Rico Shopping Center, in which you can see the offending cloud looming in the distance. The rain is only forecast for today, so let’s hope it picks up for any outdoor events happening over the weekend.

Gran Canaria Weather April Puerto Rico Rain 2012
Rainy day in Puerto Rico April 2012

April 25th 2012

The birds are chirping, sky is blue, sunshine streaming down and it is late afternoon in Puerto Rico. In my opinion, it's is the best time to visit Puerto Rico beach – when the sun is still strong enough to warm your bones and there’s a gentle breeze in the air.

Gran Canaria Weather April Puerto Rico Beach 2012
Puerto Rico Beach late afternoon April 2012

There are plenty of empty sun loungers on the promenade, so it’s time to sit back, relax and take in the views before heading off to dinner.

April 22nd 2012

A quick weather update for today – the sun is very intense with high UV index of 9 or 10 (Very high risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure) with temperatures of 28ºC degrees. There were a few clouds earlier this morning and the next few days are forecast for sun with scattered cloud, with a possibility of rain next weekend.

April 18th 2012

The weather is very hazy but also very humid at the moment in Puerto Rico and the island of Gran Canaria in general. It's what we call a calima or dust storm, in which there is suspended sand in the clouds and humidity rises. This blows over from the Sahara, causing higher temperatures than usual.

April 14th 2012

What a beautiful start to the weekend! Here we are halfway through the month of April with bright blue skies and sunshine shining down on Puerto Rico beach. Despite weather warnings last week for heavy rain, it seems Puerto Rico escaped the bad weather, making it the obvious choice for holidays due to the sunny all year round climate.

The temperatures are around mid to high 20's, which is great tanning weather, so make sure to bring that sunscreen with you!

Gran Canaria Weather April Puerto Rico Beach 2012
Puerto Rico Beach in April 2012

April 10th 2012

AEMET have predicted heavy rain showers for all of the Canary Islands including Gran Canaria for 11th April. The yellow weather warning for rain was originally for the north of the island, but it now seems the whole island is in for showers from around 08:00h.

April 8th 2012 – Easter Sunday

Easter weekend in Puerto Rico has been thriving with tourists seeking some warm weather and relaxation. This morning we had quite a strong rain shower, which cleared up later on and although cloudy most of the day, was still warmer than the rest of Europe at the moment with temperatures around 23ºC degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather April Puerto Rico Beach 2012
Puerto Rico Beach in Aprill 2012

April 6th 2012 – Good Friday

It's Good Friday and what a great start to the Easter weekend in Puerto Rico. Yes, we may have a few drops of rain between sun rays, but the fact that Gran Canaria has the best weather in Europe at the moment is another reason that Gran Canaria is so popular.

Gran Canaria Weather April Good Friday Puerto Rico 2012
Good Friday 2012 in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Although there is a bit of cloud lurking around, it was clear out at sea when we took this photo from above Amadores Beach earlier this afternoon and the temperatures are still above 20ºC degrees.


April 28th 2011

Stormy skies where looming over Meloneras today and there was even a waterspout out at sea which we tried to capture as it was forming.

Torrential rain caused beach-goers to flee to the nearest shelter, Cafe de Paris in the IFA Faro Hotel. What a good excuse for some hot coffee and cake. AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for all of the Canary Islands for stormy weather including high winds and heavy rainfall.

There is more rain expected for Gran Canaria on (Friday 29th) with the weather warning and 100% chance of rain from Saturday 30th and into the 1st of May.

Gran Canaria Weather April Waterspout Forming in Meloneras 2011
A waterspout forming out at sea in Meloneras Gran Canaria April 2011

April 22nd 2011

It's a beautiful day in Puerto Rico, the sun is shining and beaches are packed full of happy sun-seekers. Amadores Beach was very busy this Good Friday as many enjoyed the Easter break. The sunsets have been stunning this week, which you can enjoy from one of the many bars or restaurants along the beach.

April 16th 2011

Due to the approaching storm to the west of the Canary Islands, AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for the western islands and Gran Canaria for Sunday 17th April. Wind gusts are expected to reach 75km/h and heavy rain from 06:00h Sunday morning.

April 13th 2011

After what seems like a long hot spell of weather with temperatures around 30ºC degrees, we find rain on the way to Gran Canaria, forecast by AEMET for Sunday 17th as we begin Semana Santa (Easter Week).

Sunday/Monday will see a storm to the west of the Canary Islands, which will progress up to mainland Spain.

April 8th 2011

It's an absolutely gorgeous day in Puerto Rico with a scorching 32ºC degrees, just perfect beach weather! The skies are bright blue with a slight haze and a few fluffy clouds over the mountains. Here's a quick snap we took with our iPhone 3G looking down the valley onto Puerto Rico beach.

Gran Canaria Weather April Puerto Rico Beach 2011
Puerto Rico Beach in April 2011

April 3rd 2011

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for Gran Canaria for risk of high winds up to 75 km/h and waves. The warning is for the whole island and in place from Sunday 3rd April – Tuesday 5th April.

Gran Canaria Weather April Avisos 2011
Yellow Weather Warnings in Gran Canaria

Despite the weather warnings, today was the perfect day to grab the beach bag, cooler pack and head down to one of Puerto Rico's busy beaches. Both Puerto Rico beach and Amadores beach were packed with sun seekers today as the resort enjoyed a busy, sunny day.

We snapped these two photos with an iPhone 3G, one of Amadores Beach from outside Palmera Mar Apartments, and the other with a nice view of Gloria Palace Amadores Hotel from outside Altamar aparthotel.

Gran Canaria Weather April Amadores 2011
Amadores Beach and Gloria Palace Royal in April 2011
Gran Canaria Weather April Gloria Palace Amadores 2011
View of Gloria Palace Amadores from Altamar in April 2011


April 20th 2009

Can’t fault the weather lately, we have had a few clouds mixed in with the sun but overall it has been hot and beautiful spring weather so far.

April 15th 2009

The weather has been a bit strange the last few days, there have been big rainclouds in the North of the island and in the South it has been sunny with cloudy intervals and a cool breeze. Today got quite windy at one point but nothing to worry about, it’s still hot with cooler temperatures in the evening.

This evening looked very cloudy indeed around 20:00h I thought it was going to rain but it didn’t, was just very cloudy.

The outlook for this week according to AEMET looks like there will be sun with cloud, they are accurate but I don’t pay much attention to the temperatures on there, just the weather warnings and actual outlook.

April 12th 2009

The Semana Santa Easter bank holiday has seen some brilliant weather with temperatures around 28ºC degrees and a nice fresh breeze in the air!

There have been reports on Canarias7 and on AEMET that we are due some rain but it certainly didn’t look like it today!

April 8th 2009

The weather has been strange indeed this week. It feels like a half hearted calima, if it is one.
The horizon is most definitely hazy and the heat can be intense at times but there is a cool breeze which makes me think any calima that was here has passed. The temperature is 23.3ºC degrees.

April 6th 2009

After possible news of a calima to start the week off, there doesn’t seem to be many signs of one yet. Although the horizon was very, very hazy today. Beach lovers were all over Playa del Ingles today as Semana Santa/Easter Week starts which should be a busy week on the island.

Temperatures were high around 29ºC degrees and it was very windy also.

In the weeks forecast, the wind really gets up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Let’s hope it isn’t a calima and is a nice breeze to help cool down on the beach.

Temperatures for this evening are quite balmy with 23ºC degrees at 01:00h!

As the day has gone on the skies have gone more and more hazy, it still doesn’t feel like the “hairdryer effect” yet like a calima brings, but I do think it’s the start of one and that it will be quite windy tomorrow. Temperatures have been quite high today around 28ºc – 30ºc degrees in Arguineguin.

April 3rd 2009

It’s a gloriously sunny day today in Puerto Rico, with temperatures quite high around 28ºc degrees. Make sure you wear sunscreen even if you are just walking about.

Local word is that Semana Santa which means Easter week, is to start out with a calima. Although there is no info on my usual choice of weather site AEMET, there is a warning triangle on this site CALIMA which could indicate sands on the way.

April 1st 2009

It’s nice and bright today! The forecast is looking nice for the week, sunny with scattered clouds. The current temperature in Arguineguin is a pleasant 20ºC degrees.