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Gran Canaria Weather August

August in Gran Canaria means lazy Summer days, with daytime temperatures between 32ºC to 40ºC and guaranteed beach weather in resorts.


16th August 2021

Did somebody leave the oven on? Gran Canaria registered the highest temperature in the whole of Spain today with 45,6ºC in Tasarte!

Gran Canaria Weather August 2021 Extreme Heatwave 40 degrees
the weather outlook for this week in Gran Canaria south

Gran Canaria is currently on red weather warning for extremely high temperatures and maximum alert for risk of forest fires. Nighttime temperatures probably won't drop below 30ºC degrees this evening. Early hours of this morning it was 36,3ºC at 02:40am in San Bartolome de Tirajana!

Please take care in the heat and stay hydrated.


25th August 2020

The Canary Islands Government have issued a Situation of Alert (situación de alerta) for extremely high temperatures. The alert affects all of the Canary Islands as a result of the intense heatwave we've had across the archipiélago since Friday. We are expecting temperatures of 40ºC and above with a calima on Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Weather Alert Extreme Heatwave August 2020
Extreme risk for high temperatures and risk of forest fires across the Canary Islands

Along with this AEMET have upgraded Gran Canaria to a red weather warning of extreme risk, so please do take care in the heat. We are still at high risk of forest fires.

Sanidad (Health) recommend the public to take the following precautions, especially the vulnerable:

  • Hydrate
  • Avoiding exposure to outside air
  • Keep windows closed
  • Do not exert yourself outdoors

24th August 2020

The last couple of weeks we've had a lovely sea breeze, perfect for staying cool in the hot Summer temperatures. Looking at last year's report for August, Gran Canaria has similar weather warnings and forest fire alerts. There have been fires on La Palma and La Gomera islands over the weekend, with a couple of extinguished outbreaks on Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Weather Heatwave Warning August 2020

The Government asks that the public stay away from the mountain zones while the forest fire risks are in place as this week we will see temperatures soar to 43ºC degrees. We need to avoid any sparks from machinery and please no matter where you are be careful when you put out cigarettes.

AEMET issued orange weather warnings for the week ahead across the Canary Islands and a very high UV index of 11 so please take care, stay hydrated and avoid going out at the hottest times of the day.


21st August 2019

Since the last update the island has endured yet another terrible forest fire. This one started in Valleseco on Saturday 17th August. 9,000 people were evacuated from their homes and 10,000 hectares were affected by the fire that raged through towns and farms in the Gran Canaria mountains.

Gran Canaria Forest Fires 20 August 2019
Infograph of Gran Canaria Forest Fires 20th August 2019

Around 1,000 people including firefighters, emergency services and police worked around the clock on land and air to save lives, rescue animals, salvage homes and land with ever changing strategies as the heatwave fought against them.

The Tamadaba forest which is also known as the green lung of Gran Canaria, caught fire and smoke was visible from various points of the island including Agaete and Mogán coast.

President Torres held frequent press conferences to keep the public updated and assured that while this fire was a dantesque, holiday resorts and tourism are not affected. The transparency and no BS approach from Federico Grillo (Head of Emergencies of the Gran Canaria Cabildo) was well received by the public even when we were being told cold, hard facts.

At time of writing, the fire is expected to be declared as stable but we recommend you follow @112Canarias for timely updates. Another heatwave is on the way this week and the island currently has a yellow weather warning for high temperatures.

16th August 2019

Yes, we definitely have a heatwave on Gran Canaria. Some parts of the island have registered 41ºC degrees, the hottest in the whole of Spain! It's currently 29ºC degrees in Arguineguin at 19:15h!

Gran Canaria Weather August Arguineguin 2019
La Lajilla Beach, Arguineguin in August 2019

Stay hydrated and keep cool. Skin can burn even through the haze as the UV index is 12 so take cover from the sun especially during peak hours.

August 15th 2019

On Saturday 10th August a terrible forest fire ravaged through Tejeda, Artenara and Galdar. Firefighters worked around the clock to control it, hydro aircraft were sent in from mainland Spain as the island does not have its own. The fire was started by a man who was welding a gate out in the open and the sparks ignited the dry ground.

Gran Canaria Weather August Heatwave Forest Fires 2019
Gran Canaria Weather Warning August 2019 – Heatwave and Forest Fire Alert

Another fire, also intentional, was started in the Cazadores area of Telde and was controlled despite firefighters still trying to extinguish the mountain fire on the other side of the island. There were evacuations for both fires and hundreds of hectares burnt to a crisp. Authorities have stated that the general public stay away from the mountains.

All Canary Islands are on alert for forest fires. We also have orange weather warnings for extreme temperatures from Thursday 15th August to Saturday evening of the 17th. Some parts of the island will probably see temperatures of around 40ºC degrees with Saturday being the hottest. There's likely to be a calima along with this heatwave.

President Torres has asked that the hydro aircraft remain on the island for now as we endure this alert.


August 13th 2018

We're almost in the middle of August and we're having a great Summer so far. Last night and this morning however the island had a tropical thunderstorm and guess who was out walking in it? I got completely soaked, but the thunder and lightning show was pretty spectacular.

Arguineguin Storm in August 2018

There has been heavy rain on and off and a little this morning Monday 13th August. Yesterday the sky was very dark with calima clouds and the sky was so heavy it was bound to rain.

Gran Canaria Weather August Arguineguin 2018
View from Radisson Blu Gran Canaria in August 2018

In fact we had a similar storm exactly 3 years ago! At the moment it's very humid and the temperature at 09:00h is already 27ºC degrees in the south west of Gran Canaria with highs of 35ºC degrees expected.

It looks set to be hot and stormy for the rest of the day. Tenerife have a yellow weather warning for rain.


August 30th 2017

The heatwave and calima has gone, making way for the lovely blue skies that we are enjoying in the last days of August. September can be just as hot as August and is still very much Summer here on Gran Canaria.

Day time temperatures at the moment are around 30ºC degrees in the south of the island. It was a great day on Las Marañuelas beach in Arguineguin today.

Gran Canaria Weather August Arguineguin 2017
Las Marañuelas Beach Arguineguin in August 2017

August 24th 2017

We had a little rest from the extreme heat before it returned and we have yet another heatwave.

It is Summer after all! Gran Canaria currently has an orange weather warning for high temperatures of 37ºC degrees and in some parts of the island this week it was over 40ºC! The islands have had forest fire alerts and some small incidents which were handled by firefighters.

Gran Canaria Weather Heatwave August 2017
Gran Canaria Weather Warning for Heatwave in August 2017

This heat has been accompanied by a calima. I can see the blue sky is slowly returning but the orange warning is in place until Saturday when it drops back to yellow and we could see the breeze returning and fresher evenings. Last night it was 28ºC degrees at 22:00h!

August 11th 2017

After what seems like a never ending heatwave with temperatures of around 40ºC degrees, sandy calima and forest fire warnings, the sky is finally returning back to a beautiful blue and the sea breeze that we know and love has also returned.

Here are some of the high temperatures from different points of the island this week.

Gran Canaria Temperatures August 2017
Gran Canaria Temperatures August 2017

The peaks of the island usually enjoy cooler temperatures in the Winter, but in the Summer its probably the hottest place to be and certainly not the best weather to be hiking in. The coast was still hot even with the little ocean breeze that we had.

Nothing much to report for the week ahead except for sunshine and the usual August temperatures as we enjoy the hottest month of the year. The UV index is high which means it doesn't take long to burn so take care in the sun.

Apologies for lack of updates but all I wanted to do was sit under the air con the past week. Last night the air was a bit fresher so I could resume my evening walk.


August 29th 2016

As we enjoy the last few days of August, a calima has made it's presence known. The temperatures have risen and Gran Canaria has been on orange weather warning today for temps of 37ºC degrees.

Tuesday and Wednesday are set to be hot still, with a downgraded yellow warning and temperatures of around 34-36ºC degrees across the island.

So far it looks like the heatwave will be with us as we head into September, but gradually getting back to normal as the week comes to an end.

August 24th 2016

It's still a little hazy but the sky is nice and blue. Temperatures are flirting round the low 30's and the UV index is 10. There is talk of a tropical storm headed this way for the end of August, but it is very difficult to predict more than 3 days ahead. I will keep you posted.

Today's photo is a webcam still from Playa del Ingles, taken at 18:25h. As you can see, it's still beach time.

Gran Canaria Weather August Playa del Ingles Webcam 2016
Playa del Ingles Webcam – August 2016

August 22nd 2016

Yesterday's rain was refreshing but the heat is back today. It's been quite hazy today, temperatures of around 32ºC degrees with a really nice sea breeze.

Gran Canaria Weather August Sonneland 2016
Sonneland Villas in August 2016

Today's photo was taken from Meloneras Hill, from where we were admiring the villas in Sonneland. Check out that purple villa!

August 21st 2016

What's that? Rain? In August? Yes, for most of the afternoon we have had grey skies and drizzle over Puerto Rico and Arguineguin. Despite the cloud cover, the temperatures were hovering 29ºC degrees and it didn't stop anyone from heading down to the beach. Puerto Rico beach was very busy and clearly it's still warm enough for a swim.

Gran Canaria Weather August Puerto Rico 2016
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in August 2016

As I type, the sun is clearing and the blue skies are on the way back to south Gran Canaria. I'm pretty sure it will be back to normal tomorrow as it was yesterday in Puerto Rico with 35ºC degrees and sunshine.

August 7th 2016

After a very hot week the temperatures are back down to normal for this time of year. It's still hot (low 30'ºs) so don't worry about that but it's a bit more pleasant with a sea breeze instead of the ‘hairdryer effect'. Lovely blue skies were over the fishing village of Arguineguin today with a bit of cloud out at sea later in the afternoon.

Gran Canaria Weather August Arguineguin 2016
Arguineguin in August 2016

Get ready for more high temperatures though, as the heatwave is set to return from Tuesday on most of the island. This yellow weather warning from AEMET says to expect temps of 34ºC degrees. Remember to stay hydrated and take shade to avoid the extreme temperatures.

Gran Canaria Weather August Heatwave Warning 2016
Gran Canaria Weather Heatwave Warning in August 2016

August 5th 2016

The Canary Islands government have declared a forest fire alert this week due to very high temperatures and an episode of hot air blowing off the Sahara.

Gran Canaria Weather August Heatwave 2016
Gran Canaria Weather Warning August Heatwave 2016

Firefighters have been battling a raging fire on the island of La Palma since Wednesday evening, which has proven difficult to put out with the current weather conditions.

Sadly a Park Ranger has lost his life in the wildfire. 2,500 people have been evacuated from their homes and more than 3,600 hectares of land has been affected. According to sources the fire was started by a German man who set fire to his used toilet paper.

This morning at 10:17h, thermometers in Puerto Rico were displaying 37ºC degrees accompanied by a very hot desert wind. Driving through El Tablero this afternoon, the car thermometer reached 46ºC degrees!

Gran Canaria Weather August 46 Degrees 2016
46ºC degrees in Gran Canaria August 2016

More of the same weather is predicted for tomorrow as all of the islands continue with an orange weather warning for temps in the high 30's.



August 23rd 2014

So far, it's been a hot summer in Gran Canaria. Temperatures have been reaching around the mid 30's and hotter in the direct sun.

Gran Canaria Weather August Amadores Beach 2014
Amadores Beach in August 2014

This is the forecast for the next week in the Mogán municipality, wish you were here!

Gran Canaria Weather August Forecast Mogan 2014
Gran Canaria Weather August forecast for Mogán 2014

August 1st 2014

August has sprung out of nowhere and here we are in the warmest days of the year on the island. Lately the weather in Gran Canaria has been very hot, with temperatures in the low 30’s at least.

Beautiful blue skies and amazing sunsets are just a preview of what’s to come this month. The best way to cool down is to grab those flip flops and head to the nearest beach.

Here’s the first sunset of August taken from the small pebble beach near to Sunwing Arguineguin.

Gran Canaria Weather August Arguineguin 2014
First sunset of August in Arguineguin 2014


August 15th 2013

Temperatures have been climbing for the last few days in the Canary Islands, with Gran Canaria on orange warning for high temperatures and all islands on maximum alert for risk of fires. Yesterday the heat crept up to 41ºC degrees in Agüimes and parts of the island have been reaching 40ºC degrees today.

AEMET have kept warnings in place and we are also to expect strong winds up to 80 km/h on Gran Canaria as well as maximum temperatures over the weekend.

August 8th 2013

It’s Summer here in Gran Canaria, so of course it’s going to be hot, but we have some extra heat at the moment with a heatwave bringing maximum temperatures of 38ºC degrees.

AEMET had originally placed a yellow weather warning, which has increased to orange for Saturday 10th August this week due to the high temperatures expected.

It’s recommended to drink plenty of water, not do any strenuous activity and take shade when you can.


August 28th 2012

After a few days break from the intense heat, it seems Gran Canaria is to expect high temperatures in a heatwave for the last days of August.

According to AEMET, Gran Canaria will be the only island with high temperatures of 34ºC degrees from 29th August 11:00h – 20:00h on 30th. Already today we can see the hazy skies left over from previous heatwaves.

August 19th 2012

We’ve lost count but this is about the 6th heatwave in Gran Canaria so far this Summer. According to AEMET, things will be heating up from Monday 20th August, starting with a yellow weather warning for high temperatures of 34ºC degrees. This will increase to orange warning on Tuesday 21st, when we could see temperatures just under 40ºC degrees.

Considering the latest outbreak of fires on the Canary Islands, we’re hoping things don’t get too hot.

August 9th 2012

After a very hot July and several heatwaves, the Canary Islands are in for yet another scorcher.

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for high temperatures from today (9th August) increasing to orange and high temperatures of 39ºC degrees expected over the weekend in Gran Canaria.


August 21st 2011

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Puerto Rico, bright blue skies and temperatures around 30ºC degrees. Puerto Rico beach was packed full of sun-seekers, whilst some took shade in the bars and restaurants in Puerto Rico Shopping Center.

Gran Canaria Weather August Puerto Rico Shopping Center 2011
Puerto Rico Shopping Center in August 2011

August 14th 2011

According to AEMET the current yellow weather warning for high temperatures will increase to orange from Monday morning. Temperatures are expected to reach 37ºC and the warning now extends to Tuesday evening.

August 8th 2011

It’s a cloudy afternoon in Puerto Rico and the Marina Suites webcam is showing 29.5ºC degrees at 18:26h. The cloud did clear during the middle of the day and it’s still warm, humid in fact.

Gran Canaria Weather August Marina Suites Webcam 2011
Marina Suites Webcam view of Puerto Rico in August 2011

August 6th 2011

The photo was taken a few hours ago at Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather August Amadores Beach at Night 2011
Amadores Beach at night in August 2011

The sun had just set over toward Tenerife, there was a ‘Cafe del Mar’ style sunset party in Amadores Beach Club and the lights were shining down on Amadores beach. It was the perfect time for a romantic evening stroll.

August 4th 2011

According to AEMET, there are high winds of up to 70 km/h from the evening of Thursday 4th August until the early hours of Sunday morning. There is a good chance of rain in the north of the island next week and cloud with sunshine in the south.

August 1st 2011

The wildfire that began on Sunday between the towns of Telde and Ingenio in Gran Canaria, was controlled. The fire affected a hectare of land especially shrubs. High temperatures and low humidity have hampered their control.


August 30th 2010

As we reach the last days of August in Gran Canaria; the current heatwave is on the way out. Over the weekend we had orange weather warning for maximum temperatures, which has now been reduced to yellow, supposedly cooling down by Tuesday.

Temperatures today are around 36ºC degrees, so still very hot with a warm wind. The skies are quite blue considering and beachesare full as the sea breeze is much better than the heat inland.

August 28th 2010

The weather alert that was issued by AEMET for 26th and 27th August, is set to continue until Monday 30th August; this includes high risk of forest fires.

Tuesday is to be a cooler day after the Saharan Air Layer (Calima) once again brings intense heat to the Canary Islands.

August 26th 2010

AEMET have released a yellow weather warning for high temperatures this coming Thursday 26th August 2010.

Temperatures are expected to reach 35ºC degrees and the alert lasts from 09:00h – 19:00h. The last heatwave we experienced recorded temperatures of 50ºC in some parts of the island, so it’s good to know an alert has been issued in advance.

August 24th 2010

Greetings from a hot Puerto Rico! With temperatures flirting around the low 30ºs but a nice breeze coming off the sea, the beach is the place to be.

We are due another heatwave though, on Thursday, but as always we will keep you posted. For now, kick off those flip-flops and find a comfy place to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

August 22nd 2010

It’s very hot and hazy at the moment in Puerto Rico, with temperatures of around 32ºC degrees. If you look on the forecasts it may say cloud, but it's just haze.

The best thing to do is go for a dip in the pool or ocean to cool down, grab an ice-cold drink, a good book and…relax. Why not, it is Sunday after all?

August 17th 2010

After the orange weather warning on Sunday and Monday, nothing happened bar from a few blobs of rain in Puerto Rico. From what I could see on the satellite images, the storm passed the islands and went up into Northern Europe.

It meant that after a duller day that usual, we soon got the sunshine back along with temperatures of around 32ºC degrees.

This picture of Puerto Rico harbour was taken with our iPhone 3G on 15/08/10.

Gran Canaria Weather August Puerto Rico Harbour 2010
Puerto Base Harbour in Puerto Rico August 2010

The forecasts say there’s a chance of cloud next weekend, but with this weekend’s false alarm, we should wait until nearer the time to check the reports.

August 14th 2010

After an absolutely stifling hot day on Thursday, with reported temperatures of 50ºC degrees in Puerto Rico, yesterday and today have started to cool down nicely.

Amadores beach enjoyed a breeze today and temperatures around 33ºC degrees. The temperatures are returning to normal for this time of year and you will get a great tan.

Gran Canaria Weather August Amadores Beach 2010
Amadores Beach in August 2010

There is news of a thunderstorm on the way to the Canaries, which apparently is normal after the extreme heat we have just experienced and will be with us Sunday and Monday.

August 12th 2010

The temperature in some areas of Puerto Rico reached 50ºC degrees. The intense heat combined with hot winds from the east, have made an incredibly hot day with risk of forest fires.

At 15:30h temperatures of 48ºC degrees were registered in Arguineguin.

Gran Canaria Weather August Arguineguin Webcam 2010
48ºC degrees in Arguineguin in August 2010

It was still 38ºC degrees at 20:00h in Puerto Rico!

The weather alert is said to continue for the next few days although there are some reports the heat will decrease tomorrow taking us from today’s orange weather warning down to yellow. According to meteorologist Vicky Palma, we are to expect some heavy rain and more winds as a result of the extreme heat.

Gran Canaria Weather August Puerto Rico Webcam 2010
38ºC degrees in Puerto Rico in August 2010

August 11th 2010

The hot weather has made its presence known with reports of 46ºC degrees in Meloneras. At the moment we have a warning in place from the Government for risk of fires due to the intense heat on the islands.

According to reports, a fire already broke out this morning in Gáldar. Firefighters are currently working on the scene which is proving difficult with the strong prevailing winds.

People who suffer from respiratory problems or are affected by heat should take extra care as we experience the orange weather alert. The winds are set to reach 70/80 kph.

August 10th 2010

After yesterday’s fresher weather, today feels clammy and hot again. The sky is looking very cloudy and muggy with temperatures 30ºC degrees plus.

Beginning tomorrow we have a yellow weather warning for high temperatures of around 34ºC degrees as issued by AEMET. The warning level will increase to orange for Thursday, when temperatures are expected to hit 37ºC degrees.

This alert is to last until Thursday night, but we will keep you updated. It looks like the beaches will be especially full this week, with everyone cooling off in the sea.

August 9th 2010

It’s been somewhat of a gloomy looking day today, however it feels much more fresh compared to the dusty feeling that’s been in the air for the last week. Temperatures have still been in the high 20’s, but the cloud base has kept some of the heat out. Dare I say it looks like rain? If it does at least all the sand and dust will go, making way for some bright blue skies again.

August 7th 2010

After a week of hazy, hot weather, the sky seems to have returned to its usual bright blue colour. Not a cloud in the sky as we head into the second week of August in Puerto Rico.

The temperatures are still high around 30ºC degrees, but now we have a bit more of a sea breeze. It’s Saturday so the beaches are full of sun-seekers, the sea filled with bathers and others relaxing in the shade with an ice cold drink and a good book.


August 30th 2009

Today, my out of the window report includes scattered clouds with the sun poking through like yesterday. Boring really 😉

August 29th 2009

It’s a much cooler day compared to other days, with temperatures around 28ºC degrees and lots of cloud but with the sun still shining through.

A much needed cooler day, great for walking around the shops in Puerto Rico buying some souvenirs, a trip, sunbathing without getting too hot, or in my case a day of working hard in the office bringing you the latest Gran Canaria info. The forecast is cloudy for the week but let’s see how it plays out.

August 27th 2009

There is not much to report today except that it’s hot! It’s just another boring weather report of crisp, blue skies and hot sunshine in Puerto Rico. The temperatures are 30ºC degrees plus, relax and enjoy!

August 21st 2009

The heatwave is expected to last until Saturday according to my sources and so far we haven’t had the strong winds which are predicted. The sky is bluer than yesterday, so hoping it goes back to normal soon.

The temperature today at 11:20h is already 30ºC degrees in Arguineguin, with a humidity of 42.7ºC degrees.

August 20th 2009

AEMET have declared a yellow weather warning for the Canary Islands including Gran Canaria for today 20th August and tomorrow 21st August 2009.

There is a risk of high temperatures and high risk of forest fires for all Canary Islands. The alert informs that temperatures could reach 35ºC degrees in all the zones of the islands including the south. The state of the sea shows strong waves with a force of 6 in the coastal areas of the Archipiélago.

The Canarian government remind their recommendations to the public for the heatwave. Maintain the windows and doors closed in your homes, for those people who have respiratory problems avoid leaving the house and to have their medication handy. Also recommended is for all to drink plenty of liquids and avoid dry environments. Do not make any severe physical exercise during this situation.

The air is thin and tastes like sand, it will also explain why we have had clouds in recent weather forecasts, its probably the sand from the Sahara. Drink plenty of water, and take special care if you have any respiratory problems such as asthma.

August 18th 2009

Today we have seen bright blue skies and temperatures of around 33ºC degrees. There have been some cloudy weather reports too, but so far this week I haven’t seen any clouds you will be glad to hear.

My usual reliable weather source is telling me that the forecast is cloudy, but my out of the window report from today is scorchio scorchio! In general the weather in August is blue skies and sun everyday.

August 15th 2009

The weather has certainly cooled down since the last weather post. We had severely warm weather about 2 weeks ago, but now it is back down to the usual temperatures of around 30ºC degrees.

The skies are nice and bright blue, despite the weather forecast of cloud and more cloud.


August 31st 2008

I’m sure you all know that in the summer here there is not much to report regards weather, but sun, sun, sun!

As we enjoy the last day of August here in Gran Canaria, the beaches in Puerto Rico are full of happy sunbathers. In Arguineguin this morning around 11:00h there was a big grey cloud and it squeezed about 6 drops of rain onto the car windscreen but that was about it.

The temperature in Arguineguin has been about 35ºC degrees, so keep applying that suncream, stay in the shade at the hottest time of the day and drink plenty of water.

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