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Gran Canaria Weather February

Gran Canaria weather in February is generally lovely. Compared with the rest of Europe we have warm sunny days with temperatures around 23ºC in the south. However, in recent years February is becoming known as the month when we have most calimas. It's also possible to see some rain in other parts of the island and some snow in the mountains.


February 2024 was probably the warmest February I remember. There were reports that it was the driest and we had a never ending calima with poor air quality. Looking back at the archives it's ‘normal' to see desert dust episodes at this time of year, they usually only last a few days though. The air quality was Hazardous at 358 with main pollutants of PM2.5 and PM10 which are very fine and easily inhaled.


15th February 2021

Deja vu the calima is back. It has been almost a year since the orange haze of the almost apocalyptic (everything went downhill from there) sandstorm of February 2020. AEMET have issued yellow weather warnings on all islands for high winds and suspended dust which has been lingering all afternoon.

Gran Canaria Air Quality Calima February 2021
Gran Canaria Air Quality Hazardous

According to World's Air Pollution (WAQI) Gran Canaria has some of the highest concentrations of dust and sand.

The two pollution levels of concern are PM2.5 and PM10. PM meaning particle matter.

PM2.5 have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers which is 3% the diameter of a human hair, tiny right? There is also PM10, which like PM2.5 is very small when compared with a fine grain of sand.

This evening, the air was declared by WAQI as HAZARDOUS as concentrations reached 456 on Gran Canaria with the primary pollutant being PM10. It is advised to take precautions in these levels.

For reference, the calima of February 2020 was at 778 PM2.5. I remember having a very bad cough (not COVID) for 2 weeks afterwards.

3rd February 2021

After a chilly start to the year, February came and brought with it the promise of Summer. With temperatures of 29ºC degrees in parts of the island, it was as if we had been propelled forward a few months. With hot sunshine and blue skies, it was no wonder that people were headed to enjoy the beach these last few days.

This afternoon however has brought that familiar chill to the air and AEMET have issued weather warnings. Gran Canaria even has a weather warning for snow! This is rare so let's see what happens, but it could be that Thursday 4th February there will be a dusting of snow in the Gran Canaria mountains.

Gran Canaria Weather February Snowy Mountains 2016
Snow in Gran Canaria Mountains February 2016

This usually means that everyone and their dog flock to the peaks to get a glimpse but please keep in mind that Gran Canaria is currently on Alert Level 3 of COVID-19 restrictions and large crowds of people are a no no.

Down at sea level and resorts, it's likely to rain hard plus there are yellow weather warnings for storms and high winds. Let's just say we are definitely in for some weather this week. Take care on the roads and make sure things are secured on your balcony.


23rd February 2020

What a weekend! The famous Gran Canaria sandstorm known locally as a calima, has made itself known to all. The desert dust and sand blew over the Canary Islands from the Sahara yesterday and gradually became thicker over the last 24 hours.

Gran Canaria Sandstorm – the heaviest in 20 years 23/02/20 | Video taken in Puerto Rico

The poor visibility has grounded flights at Gran Canaria Airport LPA and some flights even circled back to their original airport as it was too dangerous to land. Hotels on the island have been shuffling already full rooms to help accommodate the stranded passengers. For specific information on flights, please contact your tour operator.

Gran Canaria Sandstorm Calima February 2020
Sandstorm in Gran Canaria from Radisson Blu webcam at 15:00h 23/02/20

We've had a few calimas during December and January already but the difference is the volume of desert dust particles and of course the air quality.

Today around 15:00h, Playa del Inglés registered 778 on the Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI), which is classed as Hazardous: Health alert: everyone may experience more serious health effectsEveryone should avoid all outdoor exertion. The official warning is to stay indoors if possible, closing all doors and windows.

Quite a lot of people who were out and about today were wearing masks, scarfs and some even pulling their t-shirts over their face to try to block out some of the dust.

Air Quality Gran Canaria February 2020
Playa del Inglés Air Quality Gran Canaria February 2020

Sometimes during a calima, we just get a hazy washed out sky and some hot wind for a day or two, but this episode turned the sky full orange, becoming red and Mars like this evening. Temperatures have been about 30ºC degrees. AEMET have kept a yellow weather warning in place for Monday 24th February for the continued calima. There have been reports that we are to expect red rain after the sandstorm.

Gran Canaria Weather Calima Red Sky February 2020
Gran Canaria or Mars? Red sky during a calima in the south of Gran Canaria 23/02/20

Last night a fire broke out in Tasarte, the hurricane strengths winds making it very complicated for firefighters to get ahead of. As of right now, I'm waiting on official updates, but there were evacuations in the village. I'm following the official Cabildo Gran Canaria on Twitter – the tweets are mainly in Spanish but there is a translate button if you need it or you can follow us on @GranCanariaBlog.

Aside from the calima and fires, which also broke out on other islands, there was a plague of locusts, a 3.2 MAG earthquake in El Hierro and many incidents from the high winds such as fallen trees and debris.

17th February 2020

The calima and dusty atmosphere has been back and forth the past week and temperatures have been reaching 28ºC degrees in south Gran Canaria! Today we had a Mackerel Sky which is an indicator of a change in weather. We usually have these at the start and finish of a calima episode.

Gran Canaria Weather February Mackerel Sky 2020
A Mackerel Sky over Arguineguin in February 2020

Speaking of change, AEMET is showing yellow weather warnings for rough seas on Gran Canaria's coasts with waves up to 4 meters for Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th. This appears to be an effect of Winter Storm Dennis which is currently in the North Atlantic, stretching down 9,000km.

Gran Canaria Weather February Rough Seas 2020
AEMET issues yellow weather warning for rough seas 18/02/20

It's difficult to predict what's next, but some rain would be nice to clear the atmosphere.

7th February 2020

With a dusty start to February and stuffy temperatures of around 29ºC degrees from the calima, the blue sky is finally returning. The air feels cleaner and the nice ocean breeze is back along with beautiful candy coloured sunsets.

Gran Canaria Weather February Sunset Anfi 2020
Sunset over Anfi del Mar from Radisson Gran Canaria Webcam | 6th February 2020

Tuesday 4th was the worst day of calima in south Gran Canaria as the horizon and mountains completely disappeared under a cloud of sand. This is the view from Radisson Blu Gran Canaria webcam.

Gran Canaria Weather February Calima Arguineguin 2020
A pigeon looking out to sea, at the heavy calima in south Gran Canaria 4th February 2020


27th February 2018

After some crazy heavy rain with dangerous flooding at Gran Canaria Airport and other parts of the island, we have enjoyed a lovely sunny day in the south of Gran Canaria. Unfortunately there is another storm on the way.

Gran Canaria Weather February Storm Emma 2018
Gran Canaria Weather February Storm Emma 2018

As predicted the next stormy episode is on the way in the shape of Storm Emma which is set to give us some very windy weather which at looks like it will continue into the first days of March.

The Canary Islands government have issued a situation of alert from 27th February 15:30 for gale force winds up to 130km/h!

Gran Canaria Weather Warnings February 2018
Gran Canaria Weather Warnings February 2018

25th February 2018

AEMET have placed orange weather warnings across the Canary Islands for rough seas, heavy rainfall and high winds.

The Government have issued more warnings and alerts for stormy weather, very heavy rainfall, gale force winds and rough seas with an orange weather warning and situation of emergency from Sunday 25th February until further notice. Please take care! 

22nd February 2018

After some beautiful sunny Spring-like days it seems we are in for some heavy rain in Gran Canaria! The weather warning issued by AEMET is for the whole island as an Atlantic storm is sweeping towards the islands.

Gran Canaria Weather Warning February Rain 2018
Gran Canaria Weather Warning February Rain 2018

The AEMET weather warning is in place from Friday 23rd February, but we can expect rain in the early hours of the morning and possibly into next week.

The Canary Islands Government have issued a ‘situación de alerta’ weather alert from 10:00am Friday 23rd February for risk of very heavy and persistent rainfall affecting East, South and West Gran Canaria. This includes tourist resorts in the south of the island including Playa del Ingles, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and others in the municipios of Mogán and San Bartolome de Tirajana.

There is also a chance of snow in the peaks again at 1800 meters altitude. I will keep you updated!

5th February 2018

January ended with a snowy scene up in the mountains of Gran Canaria, but the cold front hasn’t finished with the Canary Islands just yet. AEMET have issued several weather warnings for the next few days. Please take care on the coast as there is a warning for rough seas. The whole island has high winds warning and the mountains obviously is where the snow is expected.

Gran Canaria Weather Warnings February 2018
Gran Canaria Weather Warnings February 2018

In general temperatures are cooler than usual, here in the south at 11pm it is currently 13ºC degrees with a chilly breeze. This tends to feel cooler as most houses or apartments won’t have carpets or heating. I personally have several blankets on the bed including my duvet and thick pijamas.

We had some rain earlier today on and off with a nice sunny start to the day. Tomorrow, Thursday 8th is likely to be a rainy day with sunshine peeking through in the south and snow should be settling on the mountains from this evening. If you scroll down to our 2016 reports you will see our snowy pics.

Gran Canaria Weather February Parque Sur Maspalomas 2018
Parque Sur Maspalomas in February 2018

This photo was taken on Monday in Parque Sur Maspalomas. It was lovely to have a stroll around the park and duck pond.


21st February 2017

As we enjoy the last few days of February, it’s clear that Spring is just around the corner. There has been a calima present in the last few days, with a spontaneous downpour on Thursday evening, which seemed to clear the air a little. Right now the sky is looking less hazy and temperatures are around 24ºC degrees and even hotter if you find yourself a little sunspot.

As always, it’s hard to predict more than 3 days in advance how the weather will be but there is the possibility of an Atlantic storm at the beginning of March. As far as the next 7 days go, so far so good.

14th February 2017 – Valentines Day

Love is in the air and so were the lovely blue skies and sunshine today in south Gran Canaria. We went for a walk in Bahia Feliz and the weather was perfect! It’s hard to believe we had so much rain last weekend! There is a bit more rain on the way for Wednesday 15th which should clear, making way for a sunny end to the week.

Gran Canaria Weather February Bahia Feliz 2017
Bahia Feliz in February 2017

4th February 2017

The south of Gran Canaria is enjoying bright blue skies and sunshine this morning with a nice sea breeze, it’s perfect Winter weather. So you might be surprised to learn that the photograph below was taken this morning in Valleseco where temperatures were 4,5ºC and the ground was covered in FROST!

Gran Canaria Weather February Valleseco Frost 2017
Valleseco Gran Canaria covered in frost February 2017

This really is the beauty of Gran Canaria. Especially in the Winter months, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Top tip: keep a hoodie in the boot of your car if you are exploring the island. 

The skies are looking clear for the week ahead!


26th February 2016

It's a beautiful February afternoon in Puerto Rico and a great day for exploring the resort. We needed a couple of things from the supermarket so we headed to the Europa Shopping Center where there is a large Spar and Hiperdino with everything you could need for your stay.

Gran Canaria Weather February Europa Center Puerto Rico 2016
Europa Shopping Center in February 2016

The temperature is about 25ºC degrees today and great for tanning if you find a sun spot. Meanwhile there is still snow in the mountains, 1 WEEK after snowfall. That's pretty amazing if you ask us.

22nd February 2016

Well the sunny temperatures are back! This morning I left the south of Gran Canaria with about 26ºC degrees, drove up through Cercados de Espino and into the mountains on the search for snow.

Gran Canaria Weather February Snow Mount Teide 2016
Snow on Tenerife's Mount Teide seen from Gran Canaria

On the way up we could see it but it has started to thaw, so I think tomorrow may be the last day to properly see it. We were diverted a couple of times, but this meant that we had the wonderful surprise of seeing Mount Teide completely covered in snow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like that before.

Gran Canaria Weather February Cruz de Tejeda Snow 2016
Snow in Cruz de Tejeda February 2016

First stop was Cruz de Tejeda for a drink and toilet break at Parador Cruz de Tejeda Hotel. There was snow along the edges of the road and carpark. It was quite amusing to see people up there wearing flip flops and beach wear. Saying that, it wasn’t as cold as it usually is up there, maybe about 11ºC degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather February Snowy Mountains 2016
Snow in Gran Canaria Mountains

We left Cruz de Tejeda on the road up to Pico de las Nieves, the highest point on the island. This road turned into a single file one way diversion, which took over 1 hour to do a 10 minute drive. It was fun though!

There was so much snow on the sides of the road in the forest. Most people were jumping out and taking photos in the snow, building snowmen (we saw some unique ones with green hair) and there were even picnics taking place. It was VERY busy for a Monday!

Gran Canaria Weather Snow February 2016
Snow in Gran Canaria February 2016

Once we got to the crossroads we headed back down as we were stuck for time. As soon as we got down to Telde and onto the highway it was as if someone had turned the heat up and we were back to 27ºC degrees. AMAZING!

20th February 2016

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! What? Snowing in Gran Canaria? Yes a cold front this last week brought cooler temperatures to the coast and 4 metres of snow to the mountains of Gran Canaria. As far as I know, it has stopped snowing now, but it is still there until it heats up a bit and starts to melt. Do take precautions if you decide to drive up there.

At the first hint of snowfall I’m usually one of the first people to head up to the peaks, but like many others I was suffering from flu all week, so watched snow videos online instead. Friday was very ‘cold’ in the south with day time temperatures of just 15ºC degrees in Arguineguin and Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather February Spar Arguineguin 2016
Spar Arguineguin on a cold day in February 2016

It was a very strange feeling and I’m still defrosting. We’ve had rain on and off but nothing too bad, it was more the grey skies and cold wind.

I did take a short drive to Soria up through Cercados de Espino, to see if I could see the snow caps, but the mist from the rain was too intense. It was 8ºC degrees daytime in Soria.

Gran Canaria Weather February Soria 2016
Soria Gran Canaria in February 2016

Looking ahead, the temperatures are slowly creeping back up to what we call normal Winter temps. The mountains are still usually cold this time of year anyway, but the south coast should get back to a pleasant 25ºC degrees very soon.

Down in the resorts it has been a bit cooler and we've been bombarded with questions about the weather so here we go.

Gran Canaria Weather February Amadores Beach 2016
Amadores Beach February 2016

This photo was taken at 16:00h this afternoon looking down onto Amadores beach. It's been sunny on and off all day. We had rain for 5 minutes then the sun was shining once again, very changeable. According to the forecast this will last the weekend and then things should be getting back to normal by Sunday afternoon. At the moment we still have a weather warning for heavy rain and big waves here in the south.

9th February 2016

Happy Martes de Carnaval (Carnival Tuesday) from a very sunny Gran Canaria. Once again the weather has been pretty much perfect today. Great day for tanning at the beach or sitting on a terrace of a cafe watching the world go by.

Blue skies once again and sunshine shone down on Bahia Feliz where I visited the lovely Kirsti’s Cafe Espresso for a nutella waffle and drink.

Gran Canaria Weather February Bahia Feliz Las Pitas 2016
Las Pitas Apartments Bahia Feliz in February 2016

3rd February 2016

Didn’t I tell you that the sunshine would be back today? Well, blues skies and those wispy clouds were back today. It seems we still have a calima lingering over the islands but nothing too bad. I don’t think I’ve worn my coat all Winter!

Gran Canaria Weather February Arguineguin La Lajilla Beach 2016
La Lajilla Beach Arguineguin in February 2016

Here are some photos from my walk in Arguineguin this afternoon. I think you will agree that La Lajilla natural pool does look very inviting for a Winter swim.

2nd February 2016

We have a cloudy start to February here in the south of Gran Canaria. Earlier today in Puerto Rico the sun was trying very hard to shine through the grey sky and there were still people walking about without t-shirts, to give you an idea of the temperature.

After having a delicious meal at Balcon Canario restaurant in Shopping Center Puerto Rico, I was ready for a siesta and the grey afternoon was perfect for it.

Gran Canaria Weather February Mogan Coastline 2016
Costa Mogan in February 2016

Looking toward Puerto Rico along the Mogán coastline, see the Marina Suites swimming pool jutting out of the rock in today’s photo.

It feels like we would benefit from a good rain shower. Apparently the blue skies will be back tomorrow.


4th February 2015

What a beautiful afternoon we’re having here in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria! A few clouds have popped up now but have a look at this photograph we took at around 15.30h this afternoon. It’s been lovely and warm and great for topping up the tan, much better than yesterday.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico 2015
PuertoRicoGC in February 2015

3rd February 2015

It’s been a cloudy day in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria. There weren't many people on the beach, instead people headed to the shops, bars and restaurants.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Beach 2015
Puerto Rico GC in February 2015

Daytime temperatures are around 22ºC degrees, a lot warmer than most other places in Europe right now.


February 14th 2014

The weather has been fantastic here in Gran Canaria this month so far, so I was surprised when I heard that AEMET have issued storm warnings from Saturday 15th February, which will affect all of the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Valentines Day 2014
Valentines Day in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Forecasts show there may be snow showers in the peaks of Gran Canaria and the whole island is to expect big waves, wind gusts up to 90 km/h and heavy rain.
Although the weather in Gran Canaria is usually nice all year round, it seems we have our version of April showers as soon as Carnival season starts.

After a very hazy day in the south of Gran Canaria, it’s really cooled down this evening. Rain is expected from the early hours of Saturday and could continue until Monday.

9th February 2014

It's the month of romance and we've had some ‘lovely' weather in Gran Canaria! Whilst the rest of Europe is covered in snow or having major storms, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria is enjoying blue skies, temperatures in the mid 20's and perfect for tanning or exploring whatever takes your fancy.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico 2014
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in February 2014


26th February 2013

Who can believe it is February when we have such beautiful weather in Gran Canaria? Amadores Beach was particularly inviting this afternoon as we took a drive down there.

Gran Canaria Weather February Amadores Beach 2013
Amadores Beach in February 2013

The temperatures are fantastic for this time of year, blue skies as you can see and perfect for relaxing on the beach and relaxing with a good book and a cold drink.

February 4th 2013

It’s been pretty dusty/sandy the last few days but now AEMET have put up a yellow weather warning for ‘polvo en suspención’ (suspended sand) in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Weather February Calima 2013
Gran Canaria Weather warning for Calima in February 2013

The past few days have been warmer and the cooler evenings which are the norm for Winter, have turned slightly balmy.

Gran Canaria Weather February Playa del Ingles 2013
Playa del Ingles webcam shows a calima on the horizon

I’ve talked about this phenomena quite a bit, it’s known as a calima, which is basically just when the winds blow from the East of the Sahara desert and carries over to the islands. The sky is still pretty blue considering so hopefully it will blow over soon and is predicted to last until Tuesday 5th February at 15:00h.


February 28th 2012

We enjoyed the beautiful sunset over Amadores Beach this evening and we thought it deserved to be our photo of the day. Today has been pretty warm, great tanning weather although night time can get chilly with around 15ºC degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather February Amadores Sunset 2012
Amadores Beach Sunset in February 2012

February 17th 2012

Considering the cool temperatures in the heart of the island and the band of rain over the Western Canary Islands, Puerto Rico boasts bright blue skies and warm temperatures today!

Gran Canaria Weather February Casablanca Apartments 2012
Carlota and Casablanca Apartments Puerto Rico in February 2012

The main street near Puerto Rico Shopping Center was hustle and bustle with Friday afternoon deliveries and people grabbing midday coffees.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Shopping Center 2012
Puerto Rico Shopping Center in February 2012

The signs are now up by the new underground car park next to Shopping Center Puerto Rico, although it's yet to be completed.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Parking 2012
Puerto Rico Underground Parking in February 2012

February 12th 2012

There is a cold snap around the Canary Islands at the moment and so the mountains have a layer of fresh frost on them and temperatures of minus degrees.

That said, the southern resorts of Gran Canaria are usually still very warm, although this afternoon in Puerto Rico the cool wind made walking and dining a more favourable activity than sunbathing.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico 2012
5pm on Puerto Rico Beach in February 2012

Puerto Rico beach was empty around 17:00h this afternoon although Shopping Center Puerto Rico was full, especially plenty of cheer and merriment coming from Tiffany’s Bar after the Rugby win this afternoon.

February 9th 2012

With blue skies and the tiniest of fluffy clouds, Puerto Rico beach is full of sun seekers this afternoon.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Beach 2012
Puerto Rico beach in February 2012

Temperatures are great and certainly sunbathing weather, with the nights a little cooler. This must be one of the driest Winters we’ve had and a lot warmer than most places suffering the big freeze at this time of year.

February 4th 2012

It seemed that Gran Canaria was feeling a bit left out with the big freeze this week in most of Europe, until this afternoon.

Gran Canaria Weather February Snow 2012
A man sledding through the snow in the mountains of Gran Canaria on a bodyboard

Snow and ice was present in the mountains of Gran Canaria this afternoon (04/02/12) with a minimum temperature of 1.4ºc degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather February Ice 2012
A chunk of ice in the mountains of Gran Canaria in February 2012

Down in the holiday resorts like Puerto Rico, the temperatures have been mild in the mid 20ºc’s, so sun seekers need not worry.

February 3rd 2012

With flurries of snow on the way to many parts of Europe at the moment, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria has average daytime temperatures of 25ºC degrees in Winter. This bird’s eye view of Amadores Beach was taken while wearing shorts and t-shirt in February.

Gran Canaria Weather February Amadores Beach 2012
Amadores Beach in February 2012

February 2nd 2012

According to AEMET, from Friday 3rd February there is a weather warning for the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria is to expect high winds of up to 70 km/h and waves from 18:00h until Sunday morning. Take care swimming and along the coasts, especially with the wave warning.


February 20th 2011

After a really pleasant day with around 26ºC degrees, bright blue skies highlighted in cirrus clouds, the sun began to set – revealing a spectacular view of Mt. Teide in Tenerife.

Gran Canaria Weather February Eden Puerto Rico 2011
View of Teide Volcano from Eden Apartments Puerto Rico

The best place in Puerto Rico, to see Tenerife’s volcano is from the Amadores beach side of the resort, this picture was taken from outside Eden Apartments.

February 16th 2011

Although today we had a 65% chance of rain, the clouds stayed in the hills and the blue skies ruled.

In the image below of Puerto Rico beach, it was when the sun dashed behind a cloud, but the beach was soon basking in the sunshine again, with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Beach 2011
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria beach in February 2011

February 11th 2011

Considering there was snow in the mountains yesterday, today was a scorcher in Puerto Rico. On taking a stroll near the harbour and on the coastal path to Amadores beach, it felt a lot hotter than the recorded 26ºC degrees.

The sky was a bright blue and Puerto Rico beach was filled with people, soaking up the rays and having a winter swim.

Gran Canaria Weather February Puerto Rico Beach 2011
Puerto Rico beach in February 2011

February 9th 2011

After a sunny start to the day, we now have a super cloudy sky here in Puerto Rico. As I type this there is thunder and lightning as the storm rolls in. There was rain predicted for today but in western side of the islands there is also a yellow weather warning for rain, which as of yet doesn’t affect Gran Canaria.

The last crack of thunder has certainly brought the rain with it along with some wind, if you are on the island it’s a great time to get on the balcony under an umbrella and watch the storm come in.

UPDATE: As I’m uploading this there is more thunder and heavy rain has started!


February 26th 2010

According to AEMET the Canary Islands are in for another storm of high winds and we have been placed on yellow weather warning from tomorrow. Some parts of the mountains are on orange alert and winds are expected to reach up to 100 kilometres an hour. The last storm caused havoc on the islands, destroying much of the coastal areas and mudslides.

The same storm then built up and carried onto the island of Madeira where it caused over 30 deaths and destruction.

As the cleanup begins there, another storm is heading over from the Atlantic, which so far has Canary Islands and Madeira in its path.

February 18th 2010

This video is of the storm that hit Puerto Rico in February 2010, watch how the waves crash right over the harbour wall!

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria storm in February 2010

February 14th 2010 – Valentines Day

AEMET have declared a weather warning for the Canary Islands including Gran Canaria for wind and rain from 14/02/10.

Gran Canaria Weather February Forecast 2010
AEMET forecast for weather in Gran Canaria February 2010

The stormy weather warning is in place for today and tomorrow so far although it looks like it could be a rainy week ahead in general.

Gran Canaria Weather February Storm 2010
Satellite image of a storm over Gran Canaria in February 2010


February 28th 2009

Quick report: lovely blue sky, nice and warm. No sign of that rain down here in Gran Canaria south yet although as I said it did get to Arinaga.

The funny swirl of cloud that was hovering the Canaries seems to have gone over to Mainland Spain and Africa, but it does look like we could get rain the day after tomorrow? The webcams for North Gran Canaria are looking nice and sunny.

February 27th 2009

Yesterday at Gran Canaria Airport it was lashing it down with rain, but it was sunny in Puerto Rico.

Today at El Tablero there were some really blue/black rainclouds. I was told there is thunder and lightening up in Arinaga though and really bad rain!

Meanwhile in Arguineguin it's about 28ºC degrees but now it looks like it could go a bit cloudy? So, I wonder if the bad rain we were meant to have on the yellow weather warning was delayed a bit?

According to AEMET we have a 65% chance of rain today.

February 26th 2009

There’s still no rain, although there was a big cloud circling the islands and it is still lingering on the western part of the Canaries by El Hierro and La Palma. We still have 100% chance of rain??? I think it blew past us this time, but let’s see.

The current temperature in south Gran Canaria is 23ºC degrees.

February 25th 2009

No sign of that rain yet, it looks nice and sunny out of my window, but I will be going for a stroll shortly.

I did feel the wind pick up about 10 minutes ago as my patio doors started to whistle. The current temperature in Arguineguin at 11:45h is 20.9ºC degrees.

February 24th 2009

After some really beautiful days and top temperatures of around 28-29ºc degrees, it looks like we are in for some rain.

There are some big rain clouds looming in the distance and AEMET says we are high chance of rain tomorrow but we also have a yellow weather warning for rain too!

The warning is for all of the Canaries and is only for tomorrow up until now.

February 22nd 2009

We have absolute gorgeous weather today and I soaked it up on Don Paco beach in Patalavaca seeing as Amadores beach was chocca block!

It’s a Bank Holiday here at the moment, well it is on this coming Tuesday but most people are off work on the Monday too. Also, some schools are off this week due to carnivals and things. So think if this hot weather continues the beaches will be full of sun seekers all week.

Temps were around 28ºC today and not a cloud in the sky!

February 19th 2009

This morning and the start of the afternoon have been very pleasant in Arguineguin, with a nice breeze which made it excellent walking weather. The clouds that were hovering in the mountains have headed this way and it was even spitting before, the temperature according to webcam is 19.9ºC degrees.

February 14th 2009 – Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gran Canaria.

Today has been super sunny, so much that I even caught the sun on my neck whilst using the computer by the window! Be careful, just because it is winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear suncream even on those hard to reach places e.g your neck!

Temperatures have been hovering round 28ºC degrees. Lovely!

February 13th 2009

This last week has been absolutely lovely weather and I even noticed 28ºC degrees on one temperature clock!!

The sky has been a bit hazy also, so although there hasn’t been a calima it has been hotter than previous weeks.

Enjoy the sunshine!

February 6th 2009

The mountains of Gran Canaria registered icy rain and hailstones last night (5th February 2009).

The sleet and hail fell in the area of Las Mesas de López and El Pico de Las Nieves, in the mountains of the island. Sources indicated that the temperature in this part of the island was 0,3ºC degrees.

Meanwhile in the South of the island it’s sunny! That is why they call Gran Canaria a miniature continent.

February 5th 2009

Well so far today I do not see any signs of the rain and weather warnings predicted for the south of the island. The temperature this morning at 8am was around 20ºC degrees and nice and sunny.

Ok so temperatures are around 25ºC degrees when the sun is out it feels really hot, but there is also a blustery wind and the sea looks upset. If you look out to sea you will see “white horses” curling up right out at sea, and I’ve just been past the beach in Arguineguin and the waves were crashing about.

Playa del Ingles was sunny too, the clouds seem to be coming from inland and if the wind carries on the way it is I won’t be surprised if it does rain today.

The sun is currently out but looks like it could go dull any second. It’s not freezing or anything as you can see by the current temp, but just look out for those clouds.

It’s now raining and was earlier on too, not the best day to go to the hairdressers (I should have known better)

There was a small fight with the garden furniture earlier, and looking outside into the dark now it's still windy, rainy and 11ºC degrees! Beware of flying wheely bins, they tend to be on hills here in the middle of the streets, there was a whole bush in the middle of the road before!!!

February 4th 2009

Today has been very nice, it must have been around 25ºC degrees or more but has been quite breezy too, which is refreshing. Bright blue skies and no clouds.

Looks like we are in for a high chance of rain tomorrow with yellow and orange weather warnings for rain, wind and waves, fingers crossed it clears by the weekend.

February 2nd 2009

I’ve just been on a nice walk from Arguineguin to Patalavaca and had a great view of Anfi del Mar!

You wouldn’t think it had been raining yesterday at all, however there is a bit of cloud over towards the mountains. On the beach walk there were a few puddles where the waves were coming over, nice and warm for sunbathers though with temperatures around 23ºC degrees.

February 1st 2009

It’s been raining on and off all day here in Puerto Rico, Arguineguin and Playa del Ingles, the strange thing was that on a webcam for the north it looked sunny! Normally it’s the other way around.

I was up above Puerto Rico this afternoon by Aquasol and looking towards Puerto Rico’s mountains I could see a really low cloud and mist from the rain.

Temperatures are around 18-20ºc degrees in Arguineguin and cooler in Playa del Ingles.

We currently have a yellow weather warning for big waves on the north coast which is expected to last a few days and high wind in the mountains.

Looks like we are in for more rain and clouds according to the forecast!


February 21st 2008

With it being so cloudy today I’m not sure how visible tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse will be from Puerto Rico.

It can be seen in full from most of Europe and America, so if you can keep those peepers open until about 01.30h tonight going into tomorrow it will be worth a look. Unlike solar eclipses which happen in the day, a lunar eclipse can be viewed safely by the naked eye.

I remember seeing the one in August 2007 from the Altamadores Aparthotel and it was very mystical and blood red at one point. A few locals were superstitious when I asked them about it and said they were weary, and it’s a bad sign.

February 20th 2008

A little overcast today with plenty of cloud, don’t think it’s going to rain just yet but at least it’s still warm.

I’ve noticed a change in temperature in the last few days it feels about 10ºC degrees hotter than usual, it’s probably not that much but it's definitely hot for February in Puerto Rico.

UPDATE @11:00h
We had a bit of rain tonight and I’m sure it will probably rain again later. But to be honest we needed it to clear the air.

February 16th 2008

There are some weather alerts at the moment for the Canary Islands, although here in Gran Canaria we haven’t been affected as yet. It looks like Tenerife will be worse off, with high winds, rain and waves.

I will keep you all updated, we’ve just had a bit of cloud today but when the sun was out it was hot.

February 14th 2008 – Valentine's Day

We’ve had a bit of rain and the clouds are still threatening, today’s temperature was about 25ºC degrees in Puerto Rico, which is nice for winter with a lovely breeze.

February 7th 2008

At the moment we have got dry air, like a calima and very windy. The current temperature in Arguineguin at 9.20pm is 25.7ºC degrees which is very warm for the winter at night. It looks like there is some rain on the way tomorrow and high winds too.