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Gran Canaria Weather January

January in Gran Canaria can be cold. When we say cold it's probably the warmest place in Europe so a nippy 23ºC degrees can be expected.

If you want to sunbathe in the winter, then south Gran Canaria is the best place to get some sun on your bones. Because of the position, Costa Mogán which includes resorts; Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogán, Anfi and Arguineguin are likely to be the best places to have a winter swim and top up your tan.

Amadores Beach Puerto Rico in January

Read on for our January weather archives from the past 15 years. The most recent posts will be at the top and the oldest nearer the bottom of the page or you can click to select and read by year.

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21st January

Today we're in Playa del Inglés and it's very windy! There's an AEMET yellow weather warning for big waves in place until Monday 22nd January.

12th January 2024

So far January 2024 has been mild and this week the temperature has risen to Spring like weather. In Gran Canaria south we are currently seeing daytime temps of around 27ºC and evenings cool down nicely to about 18ºC. Bright blue skies and sunshine are the trend this week. Apparently there are some storms out in the Atlantic but all we see from them are the huge waves on the Mogan Coastline today.

We had a nice walk along the promenade at Arguineguin's Costa Alegre beach which had the red flags out today and some massive waves crashing over the wall. This natural pool is protected to an extent but it's always wise to take note of beach flags and use common sense.

AEMET forecast is showing a chance of rain in south Gran Canaria next week, but it's still a little early to predict. Three days in advance is usually the most accurate so lets' enjoy the weekend weather and we'll keep you updated. 😎


January 2021

January started off cold, on 6th January when we celebrated Reyes day, the barrancos were flowing, there was rain and waterfalls around the island began to cascade.

Gran Canaria Weather January 2021 | Cercados de Espino
Cercados de Espino in January 2021

The island turned a beautiful shade of green and it was the perfect weather to enjoy warm homemade Canarian food.

Toward the end of the month, temperatures picked up and we had some amazing clear blue skies and sunshine. The 31st January was a perfect beach day in Gran Canaria south and it looked like Spring was on the way at the start of February.


24th January 2020

As we near the end of January in Gran Canaria, the weather has been a mixed bag. Sunshine and day time temperatures of 28ºC degrees in the south, while the mountains are frozen! On Wednesday 22nd January, it was -1,7ºC degrees in San Mateo.

Gran Canaria Weather January 2020 Canarias7 Frost in Mountains
Canarias7 Newspaper 24/01/2020 | Frost in Gran Canaria Mountains

Only when the sun sets in the south, do you feel that cold nip in the air as the evening temperatures drop down to 14ºC degrees. This can feel chilly, especially if you have been out in the sun all day.

Gran Canaria Weather January Arguineguin 2020
La Lajilla Beach Arguineguin in January 2020

8th January 2020

Hello 2020! The first days of the January in Gran Canaria have been lovely. There has been some sand lingering from December's persistent calima but blue skies prevail and day time temperatures have been nice and toasty.

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Altamar 2020
Altamar Puerto Rico January 2020

Evenings are getting cooler so expect temperatures of about 12ºC degrees during the night and 25ºC during the day.

AEMET predicts some rain for Friday 10th January and possible dusting of snow in the Gran Canaria mountains. I will keep you posted.


30th January 2018

It snowed in the mountains of Gran Canaria and there is more on the way!

AEMET have issued yellow weather warnings for La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria's mountains for Wednesday 31st January and 1st February. Many people have been asking, no it's not going to snow at the beach resorts. It's a bit cooler than usual, yes, because of the cold front over the islands at the moment.

This video was today in Puerto Rico driving past Amadores Beach. There was heavy rain on and off, which cleared for some hot sunshine in the afternoon.

Rainy Day on Amadores Beach January 2018 – 11:44am 30/01/18

It does look like we will get more heavy showers on and off for the next few days in the south of Gran Canaria with sunshine breaking through in between.

26th January 2018

The weather this month has been lovely, dry and perfect winter sun. As we end the month, there are reports of a cold front heading to the islands. AEMET have put a yellow weather warning for rough seas and high winds in place from Friday 26th until at least Sunday 28th January. Please do take care at the coast and pay attention to beach flags and warnings.

Gran Canaria Weather Warnings January 2018
Gran Canaria Weather Warnings January 2018

From Monday there is a hint that we may get some snow in the peaks at around 1500 meters height. Pico de las Nieves is the highest point on Gran Canaria at 1949 meters so it's possible that we could get a nice dusting of snow to start next week.

Of course it won't snow in the beach resorts but we could see it being a bit cooler especially at night and we may have some showers from Monday.

10th January 2018

Blue skies and sunshine are winning this January! Yesterday was cloudy and there was even some rain on the drive to check out the sales in Atlantico Shopping Center in Vecindario. Today has been beautiful and was certainly sunbathing weather in the south.

Here's a snap of a cheeky pup enjoying the sunshine today at La Lajilla beach in Arguineguin, which is undergoing a renovation. We think he was the contractor's dog, keeping an eye on the work.

Gran Canaria Weather January Arguineguin Beach Dog 2018
Arguineguin Beach Dog

According to the short term weather forecast at AEMET, we are in for some cooler days and rain from the weekend, maybe even some snow up in the peaks! I will keep you posted about that but it's typically that time of year when we might see some snow in Gran Canaria.

1st January 2018

Happy New Year from Gran Canaria! We've had beautiful weather for the past 2 days with nice hot temperatures of 27ºC degrees in the south of the island.

Gran Canaria Weather January Bahia Feliz 2018
New Years Day in Bahia Feliz Gran Canaria

We saw the New Year in at Bahia Feliz with a nice walk along the beach path to be greeted with a wonderful view and a splash from the waves. There were plenty of people enjoying the sunshine on the beach and in the chiringuito.
Afterwards we enjoyed a strong coffee and donut at Kirsti's Cafe Espresso.


25th January 2017

Sorry for the lack of Gran Canaria weather updates, I've been sick with the flu!

Daily temperatures in south Gran Canaria have been in the low 20's with evening temps dipping to 15ºC degrees. Reports are showing that we have some rain on the way Thursday and Friday. It seems like Tenerife and the islands further west will have more rain than Gran Canaria though.

Gran Canaria Weather January Arguineguin Marañuelas Beach 2017
Cloudy day on Las Marañuelas Beach Arguineguin in January 2017

This afternoon in Arguineguin was cloudy but pleasant enough for some to enjoy a lazy afternoon on the beach.

January 8th 2017

Today's weather report comes from south Gran Canaria, so the weather may be quite different in Las Palmas or the mountains.

Last night the gusty wind came back which was around for most of the latter part of December. Right now we have a slight calima and while the wind temperature is quite mild, night time can get cool. I was in Taurito taking an evening walk last night and even some holidaymakers were wearing scarves with their jackets.

The day time temperatures are around 22-25ºC degrees and nice if you can find a sheltered spot out of the wind. There are currently no weather warnings but please do pay attention to beach flags and tides. Hopefully the wind will die down soon.


January 26th 2016

There's a reason Gran Canaria earned the name the island of eternal Spring, I think the following photos of Puerto Rico Gran Canaria taken today show that. The weather once again, blue skies, hot sunshine, but not too hot. Perfect! Temperatures have been flirting around 28ºC degrees with some haze from the calima episode we just had.

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores 2016
The Amadores area of Puerto Rico from above

Peeking down to Amadores Beach from the top of the hill near Altamar and RIU Vistamar, what a view! Down below opposite the beach there is a view of the infinity pool of Gloria Palace Royal.

Beautiful Amadores beach was showing off today as the water glistened it's usual turquoise. It was an amazing Winter beach day.

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores Beach 2016
A winters day on Amadores beach

23rd January 2016

It's another beautiful January afternoon in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria. We drove up to Servatur Puerto Azul which has amazing views down toward Puerto Rico beach and harbour. The temperature is about 28ºC degrees today, which is perfect for having a Winter swim or enjoying a cold drink by the pool.

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Costa Mogan 2016
Puerto Rico Coastline in January 2016
Gran Canaria Weather January Servatur Puerto Azul 2016
Servatur Puerto Azul in January 2016
Gran Canaria Weather January RIU Vistamar and Altamar 2016
View of RIU Vistamar and Altamar from the other side of the Servatur Puerto Azul.

22nd January 2016

Just like December last year, this month is proving to be very Summer like in terms of daytime temperatures.

This is what Friday looks like in Gran Canaria. Stunning isn't it? These are the famous Dunas de Maspalomas. Would you like to know exactly where to take this photo?

Gran Canaria Weather January Maspalomas Dunes 2016
Maspalomas Dunes in January

So as you can see sunshine, blue sky and wait, is that a cloud or two? Those Cirrus clouds are a sign that we have a calima episode on the way. This just means the atmosphere will get a bit dusty as the sand blows over from Africa usually with high temperatures. Rain could be on the way (normal for Carnival time) during the last weekend of this month.

January 15th 2016

It's been a rather grey Friday here in the south of Gran Canaria. Despite the cloud, the temperatures were an unseasonal 32ºC degrees. There were plenty of people on Meloneras Beach this afternoon enjoying the heat.

Gran Canaria Weather January Meloneras Beach 2016
Meloneras Beach in January 2016

It looks like a dry week ahead and so far, no rain on the radar. Hurricane Alex did in fact head north and has caused some chaos in the Azores. It has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

January 13th 2016

With weather like this, it's no wonder people choose to visit Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in the Winter season! It's.. well, it's perfect. Yes I know we may be a tad bit biased but really, it was wonderful today. The sky was decorated with some wispy cloud, blue sky and sun shining down on Puerto Rico beach.

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Ferry 2016
Lineas Salmon Ferry in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria January 2016

We took a little stroll down the promenade or jetty at the side of the beach, which has 3 platforms and ladders to get in the sea. If you aren't a fan of the sand then this is the place to be. It's a nice place to watch the ferries and boats going in and out of Puerto Escala harbour.

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Sunbeds 2016
Two sunbeds facing the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Tropical Storm Alex

There's a lot of chatter about tropical storm Alex which is forming in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria Weather Tropical Storm Alex January 2016
Tropical Storm Alex in January 2016

Experts are surprised that hurricane season has started so early in the year, which hasn't happened since 1978. They are also confident that it poses no threat to land. As I mentioned yesterday, the spaghetti model is still predicting it will move north towards the Azores.

There are no weather warnings for the Canaries but I will keep updating if there is any change.

January 12th 2016

These thin and wispy Cirrus clouds decorated a blue sky today over Loma Dos in Arguineguin, once again it was a hot day. From experience, these type of cloud usually indicate a calima is on the way.

Gran Canaria Weather January Arguineguin Loma Dos 2016
Cirrus Clouds over Loma Dos Arguineguin in January 2016

It really doesn't feel like Winter at all, except for the evenings. Last night at around 22:00h it was 16ºC degrees in Puerto Rico, so as you can see this 10ºC+ degree drop from daytime is why you may need a cardigan or light jacket in the evening.

As far as predictions go, there is a storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean at the moment, but the trajectory is heading further North towards the Azores. Stay tuned I will keep you updated on this.

January 8th 2016

The south of Gran Canaria is experiencing temperatures of around 28ºC degrees, with cooler evenings around 19ºC degrees, which is lovely after a hot day.

Bright blue skies are prominent today as we finish the first week of January. The forecast for the week is looking lovely with more Winter sunshine.

Gran Canaria Weather January Arguineguin Sunset 2016
3 Kings Sunset in Arguineguin January 2016

The warm weather was even enjoyed by the 3 Kings as they were spotted having a swim and watching the sunset at La Lajilla beach in Arguineguin.

January 3rd 2016

Hello and welcome to January in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria! We have perfect weather at the moment with temperatures around 27ºC degrees. There is a lovely breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean which makes for excellent tanning weather! It's fantastic weather for the third day of the year. Puerto Rico beach and promenade were buzzing with sun seekers today!

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Beach 2016
Beach sign in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria January 2016


January 14th 2015

What an improvement in just 24 hours! The sky is returning to a lovely blue colour at last. It’s been quite windy today but very sunny, especially on the roof top of Gloria Palace San Agustin, where I enjoyed a nice cold Nestea by the pool.

Gran Canaria Weather January Gloria Palace San Agustin Rooftop Pool 2015
Gloria Palace San Agustin Rooftop Pool in January 2015

Reports are showing possible rain on Friday afternoon, so my advise is get out and enjoy that lovely weather.

January 13th 2015

I’ve lost count how many calimas we have had this month on the island, it’s either 4 or 5 so far!

The sand from the Sahara is just lingering in the air and I’m really missing the crisp blue skies that Gran Canaria is known for.

Gran Canaria Weather January Calima 2015
Calima over the Gran Canaria mountains in January 2015

Lately, as soon as one calima has cleared up, another one has taken its place. Some parts of the island have already had some rain (snow in the peaks) which is a good sign, don’t wash your car just yet though.

According to AEMET’s forecast, we could have some rain from Friday 16th onwards. I also heard that from Wednesday 14th, the wind will get up again, which is going to help blow the dust away, so fingers crossed for blue skies soon.

January 3rd 2015

I had a very sleepless night, mainly due to the wind whistling round my house and a neighbour’s aluminium roof collapsing into the street! Thankfully it was around 03:00h and nobody was out in the street at that time.

Lunchtime and the wind is still very gusty in Arguineguin, the sun has popped its head out though so it’s taking some of the chill out of the air. I don’t remember feeling this cold in the daytime in Winter!

January 2nd 2015

It rained a little during the night, but this morning is dry. It’s very windy here in south Gran Canaria, temperatures are about 18ºC degrees. There is some blue sky peeping through which is a good sign, so let’s hope the wind continues to blow the sand away.

AEMET have now extended the sandstorm warning through to Sunday 4th January. I’m hoping the weather picks up by Monday evening, as that’s when the 3 Kings parades happen on the island.

January 1st 2015

Despite the cool wind and haze, there were people taking a New Year’s Day swim on Playa de Arinaga.

New Years Day on Playa de Arinaga 2015


January 30th 2014

Gran Canaria has had another sunny month, particularly in the south of the island. We took a walk on Amadores Beach today and enjoyed watching the turquoise waves lap on the sand.

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores Beach 2014
Turquoise waters of Amadores Beach in January 2014

Day time temperatures are hot but comfortable with around 25-28ºc degrees and evenings a little cooler at 15ºc degrees this time of year. With icy blasts and winter storms across most of the world, the Canary Islands are a cosy place to warm your bones and relax in the sunshine.

January 9th 2014

There has been chatter on various weather forums over the past week about possible snow fall this week in the Canary Islands.

If you have ever looked over to Tenerife from Gran Canaria in the Winter time, you can sometimes see the very peak of Mount Teide covered in a dusting of snow.

Finally today AEMET released their weather warnings for the islands this week, which include heavy rain and 3cm of snow predicted for the peaks of La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Of course I had to go up to the mountains to explore. So to answer your question, yes it does snow in Gran Canaria.

Snow in Gran Canaria January 2014

The heavy rain is expected on the whole of Gran Canaria from Wednesday 8th January at 22:00h and the snow in the peaks from early hours of Thursday 9th. The highest point of Gran Canaria is Pico de las Nieves which is 1,949m high and near to a military base under the football shape radar. If it snows or gets very cold, this is a very interesting place to be.

The marvellous thing about this is that you can be in one of the holiday resorts in hot weather an hour or so away and it can be below zero in the mountains. This is positively one of my favourite things about the island of Gran Canaria.

January 8th 2014

Happy New Year to you all! 2014 has started with hot sunshine in Puerto Rico and wispy clouds against a bright blue sky. Temperatures have been about 26ºC degrees on average but the sun felt more intense this afternoon and couldn't have been more perfect for topping up the tan on Amadores Beach.

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores Beach 2014
Crystal clear waters of Amadores Beach in January 2014
Gran Canaria Weather Amadores Beach Club 2014
A relaxing day at Amadores Beach Club in January 2014

January 2nd 2014

It’s a brand new year and what better way to spend it, than on a lovely Gran Canaria beach. Patalavaca beach in south Gran Canaria tempted me today as I’ve had a few days away from my desk. The weather has been absolutely wonderful over Christmas and New Year!

Gran Canaria Weather January Patalavaca Beach 2014
Patalavaca Beach in January 2014

The day time temperatures are just right to enjoy topping up your suntan, although I’m personally finding the evenings a bit cooler now. When the daytime is about 28ºC degrees and evening is 15ºC degrees, the drop is noticeable. It gives me an excuse to wear my Christmas jumper!


January 24th 2012

In Puerto Rico today the sun was still out and hot around 15:00h this afternoon. Over by the mountains however, there were heavy grey clouds which have moved further over as the afternoon has gone on. The temperature is still mild but we could see those rain showers very soon. The forecasts are showing possible showers over the next few days, but that could change.

January 20th 2012

It’s been a cool day in Puerto Rico, still above 20ºC degrees but as a local I felt the need for a hoodie. The sun went in and Amadores Beach looked quite deserted this afternoon, but at least there were plenty of beds!?

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores Beach 2012
Amadores Beach in January 2012

The plus side of a cloudy day is that you can get all your souvenir shopping done, browse the shops or have a nice dinner. Puerto Rico Shopping Center was quite hustle and bustle and notably Coco’s Bar was full with people taking advantage of their tasty ‘Menu del dia’.

January 19th 2012

After a long stroll along the coast, it’s clear that we are experiencing yet another dust storm on the island. Looking out to sea it’s very hazy, especially if you look toward Africa, which is where the dust storm is blowing from.

The wind is quite pleasant and if you find a sun trap on the beach or by the pool you probably won’t even notice it’s that windy with temperatures around 30ºC degrees in the sun. This time last year we had rain!

January 16th 2012

After a few rain showers over the weekend and despite weather warnings of more rain, Puerto Rico was lovely and hot today. The sky was quite hazy looking out to sea and looking above Motor Grande it did look pretty cloudy too.

Today’s photo of the day is from Puerto Rico Shopping Center, where as it’s Monday had plenty of delivery vans around, also note the blue skies of January and yes the Christmas lights are still up.

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Shopping Center 2012
Puerto Rico Shopping Center in January 2012

On closer inspection the clouds seemed a bit more intense in Pueblo de Mogan and cooler again as we took a mini road trip and ended on an adventure to Cruz de Tejeda!

January 14th 2012

This time last year, we had bright blue skies and no clouds, but the last few days have been pretty cloudy due to the calima this week. Just now in Arguineguin there were a few fat drops of rain, the sun is not out and the sky is a funny sandy, dust colour. The forecast is that from tomorrow we could have more rain and the temperature will drop, with chance of snow in the mountains.

January 11th 2012

Hold onto your hats! It’s gusty out today in Puerto Rico and as the day has progressed, the sky has gone really hazy. This is due to the suspended dust and sand from the Sahara Desert and also explains any limited visibility. You can certainly still burn in this weather so sunscreen is still needed although it’s cloudy.

Looking at the forecasts, we are in the middle of this dust storm and it will probably take another 2 days to get back to ‘normal’ which is still going to be around 20-25ºC degrees daytime temperatures. Although it’s warm in the day, just like the desert it can get cooler at night, so make sure to pack a jacket if you are visiting.

January 10th 2012

Is it really Winter in Gran Canaria? That’s what I sometimes ask myself here in Gran Canaria south. The first week of the year has seen pretty much the same weather as before Christmas, dry, temperatures from 25º-30º degrees in the daytime and quite cool at night and early morning around 12ºC degrees.

At the moment we are experiencing some African weather, a calima – dry air, warm wind gusts and suspended dust/sand. This will probably last a couple of days, when we will see a return to the normal temperatures and fresh breeze around Thursday this week.

January 2nd 2012

AEMET predict high waves for the next 2 days in the north coast of Gran Canaria, so far until Wednesday 4th January morning time. The other Canary Islands will also be affected, so expect some choppy waters.

Gran Canaria Weather January Rough Seas 2012
Gran Canaria Weather Warning for rough seas in January 2012


January 29th 2011

Few days have passed since the last stormy weather on the islands and there is yet another yellow weather alert in place by AEMET.

Over the weekend of 29th January, the Canaries are to expect another intense storm, moving in from the South East and affecting the Western side of the Archipelago including Tenerife. Gran Canaria is also to expect some rain but does not have a weather alert in place at the moment, although there is very high chance of rain forecast.

Gran Canaria Weather January Storm 2011
A storm over the Canary Islands in January 2011

January 25th 2011

AEMET have issued several weather warnings for all of the Canary Islands. The orange alert applies to all islands with a second yellow alert for the southern coast of Gran Canaria, including Puerto Rico where it has been raining on and off, the sun is still trying hard to break through the clouds. This morning we got caught in the rain taking this photo of an almost deserted Amadores Beach.

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores Beach Storm 2011
Stormy day on Amadores Beach in January 2011

The storms hit the islands yesterday and we are to expect heavy rain and winds for the next few days. We are then to expect another stronger storm over the weekend of 29th January. Very early this morning it began to rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening.

Gran Canaria Weather January Storm Warnings 2011
Gran Canaria Weather storm warnings in January 2011

So far, chaos has been caused via flooding in some islands, there is snow on top of Mt. Teide in Tenerife the summits of La Palma. Gran Canaria is said to have had sleet earlier on this afternoon in the mountain peaks.

January 13th 2011

Well what can we say, except that so far this year the weather in south Gran Canaria has been glorious! Bright, cloudless, blue skies and hot sun with a welcome breeze.

Gran Canaria Weather January La Lajilla Beach 2011
View of La Lajilla Beach from Restaurante Sol y Sombra, Arguineguin in January 2011

The horizon is very defined as opposed to earlier on in the week when it was slightly hazy. Average day time temperatures are 25ºC degrees to 30ºC some days. Night times a little cooler with around 19ºC degrees. All in all a very pleasant climate and great tanning weather.

January 12th 2011

What a lovely day it is! There is a gorgeous blue sky over Puerto Rico today.

Gran Canaria Weather January Spar Puerto Rico 2011
Blue sky over Spar Puerto Rico in January 2011

January 7th 2011

It’s Winter in Gran Canaria and today was 30ºC degrees on the beautiful sunny Puerto Rico beach! There were happy holidaymakers everywhere basking in the sunshine, some taking windsurfing lessons, others enjoying a cold beer or two in Puerto Rico Shopping Center.

Gran Canaria Weather January Puerto Rico Beach 2011
Puerto Rico Beach in January 2011


January 31st 2010

It’s the last day of January and the storm has arrived! It looks like we are in for it tonight. I was inland earlier on today and what a storm it was! There were full sheets of rain and the visibility was zero, however it wasn’t cold, it felt humid if anything.

Puerto Rico saw a bit of rain earlier on, but judging by the bright red stormy sky we had at sunset just now, we are in for some more bad weather. The rain is great for the island though, it helps water crops, makes everything so lush and green and it smells lovely.

According to reports this rain is hanging round until Wednesday, but as always I will let you know. I haven’t seen any lightening yet or heard thunder, which is my favourite part.

January 30th 2010

There is an orange weather warning in place from Saturday 30th January 2010 in Gran Canaria. According to AEMET we are to expect persistent thunderstorms until earlier next week and will sweep the Canary Islands with 100 litres of rain in 12 hours.

In December 2009, Tasarte suffered after severe rainfall, which devastated the small village with mudslides. The rainfall was about the same then as it is predicted to be over the weekend, hopefully AEMET have got the warning out in time for people to prepare. The storm will progress from west to east of the islands.

There has been an evacuation plan put into place on the island of La Palma, where more than 100 people have been advised to leave their homes. Electrical company UNELCO are on standby in case of any power shortages cause by the storm.

January 29th 2010

AEMET have issued a weather warning, there are storms on the way to the Canary Islands and should be in Gran Canaria by Saturday night. Meanwhile, looks are certainly deceiving as the skies are blue, a lot bluer than yesterday afternoon with around 23-24ºC degrees.

January 28th 2010

It’s been cloudy off and on today, with 95% chance of rain in the south and plenty of rain clouds hanging around. This morning was cold in Playa del Ingles and there was a right mixture of people wearing everything from bikinis and t-shirts to jeans and jumper, you could tell who lived here and who was on holiday.

We are forecast some more rain in the south over the weekend but the next few days could see some more cloudy days also. Temperatures are around 22ºC degrees and it looks like it could be cool tonight, the night temps are getting down to 14ºC degrees.

Tonight feels pretty cold, it was raining in splits and splats earlier on as forecast, although this afternoon the sun really was trying. I advise you to bring a light jacket or cardigan for the night times, although this rainy period may be out of the way by then. A couple of days ago it was very warm in the daytimes, so it’s not like this every day.

January 27th 2010

Good morning from a very fresh Gran Canaria! Temperatures are around 20ºC degrees this morning and a it's bit cold for us locals! Last night it was raining in Telde, which called for a jumper and a padded jacket!

January 26th 2010

The weather has been lovely despite the weather forecast, I think it was aimed at the North so far. Today is lovely and great for getting on the beach with a good book and a cold drink.

We have 75% chance of rain today in the south, tomorrow looks a bit better and the weekend could see some more rain.

January 25th 2010

The weather was just warming up in south Gran Canaria yesterday as we left for the heart of the island, where it was 8ºC degrees! Yes 8ºC degrees in Gran Canaria, it was freezing and raining, which I don’t mind at all. It was a great day though up in the mountains of Tejeda and Roque Nublo.

Today’s weather is bright and sunny with a few lazy clouds – a good beach day and no sign of rain in the south as yet you will be pleased to know, with temperatures around 24ºC degrees.

January 24th 2010

It’s cloudy with a chance of meatballs, only joking, just seeing if you are paying attention.

It’s 09:30h on a Winter Sunday morning and the temperature is 19.7ºC degrees. There is some cloud although this could clear by later. We are still forecast rain, but this is more likely in the north of Gran Canaria.

January 23rd 2010

It’s a beautiful day and lot’s of people are sunbathing on La Lajilla beach in Arguineguin today. The temperatures have been around 25ºC degrees and there is also a nice breeze.

There is news of rain and wind for the weekend, so far just a nice breeze coming off the sea and bright blue skies

January 22nd 2010

It's a lovely day for a stroll. A nice Wintery sunny day, but with wispy clouds and temperatures around 22ºC degrees in Arguineguin. Looks like we could have rain next week, there is a big cloud on the satellite images, that according to the forecast is going to give us that rain.

January 21st 2010

What can I say? Another lovely day in the south of Gran Canaria. Last night was 17ºC degrees and it did feel cool in the night (anything below 18ºC feels cold for me)

The sky is nice and blue, fresh but sunny and with the temperatures of around 24ºC degrees or so.

January 20th 2010

Temperatures are much fresher today after the dusty calima we had at the start of the week. No weather warnings and still a very nice month of weather to start off 2010.

The beauty of Winter in Gran Canaria is that you can just take off to the mountains and experience something different, maybe even some snow!

Sunny today, no clouds and temperatures around 25-26ºc degrees. That's sunbathing weather for sure.

January 19th 2010

It seems to have cooled down a bit compared to yesterday. The calima looks like it is on its way out as the sky has become clearer and the horizon more distinct.

According to the forecast for the south, we could have a few cloudy days toward the end of the week, but stay tuned to my weather reports as I will tell you as it happens.

January 18th 2010

As I mentioned in the last post, we are having a calima although 08:00h this morning was feeling very fresh with about 18ºC degrees. As the day progressed the temperatures soared to around 33ºC degrees, which is a scorcher for January.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and take some shade from the intense heat, with that sunscreen on! The sky is very hazy especially if you look out to sea or inland towards the mountainous areas. This weather may cause you to sneeze, have stingy eyes, and a dry throat so best to stay indoors if possible.

Normally after a calima, we do see some rain, which clears the atmosphere of any dust carried on the wind and freshens everything back up again, after all we are only in January, temperatures are averaging on 24ºC degrees, so this 9 or 10ºC degree increase is sudden and intense.

January 17th 2010

Last night seemed cool and windy from where I was in Arguineguin, by that I mean a nice type of cool. This morning when I got up there was a warm wind blowing through the house and as I went to my roof garden I felt like I’d been transported into August!

We are experiencing what is known as a calima where warm winds come from Africa and can make the place dusty and the sun more intense and it can also be very bad for people who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma.

Normally we have calimas from about March onwards up until about November, I don’t remember having any in January, but hey, if you are a sunseeker enjoy the sun but make sure you all slap that sunscreen on as it is hot, hot, hot.

Temperatures have shot up and it must be around 30ºC degrees today, if not a little more. No weather warnings in the papers so far, it could last the day or a couple of days stay posted for heatwave info.

January 16th 2010

Please excuse my boring weather reports but it’s another lovely day, perfect sunbathing days to be had in the winter, not too hot and not too cold. Temperatures are around 25ºC degrees in the daytime and around 17ºC degrees at night.

January 15th 2010

We are already half way into January and the weather has been pretty good so far. Last year felt much colder (I'm a local remember – anything below 22ºC degrees is cold to me ) The evenings do seem to be cooling down more. Last night we had some very interesting cloud and the sunset was an interesting sight.

Today is crisp and brilliant for taking an early walk, which is just what I’m going to do. Temperatures are around 23ºC degrees.

January 14th 2010

A cloudy start to the day but it looks like it will brighten up some more, no rain in the forecast but does look like the grey clouds are having a get together.

It’s not cold, temperatures around 23+ and will probably rise a bit during the day the average now is about 25 degrees in the winter.

January 13th 2010

There were reports of cloud but I have just been walking round Puerto Rico and the only cloud I saw was a vapour trail from an airplane. A few summery hazy clouds but no rain and feeling quite hot today too. The reports are always a bit strange this time of year, there is a huge cloud up near Madeira but that’s quite some way from the Canaries.

There are still people walking round the resort in bikinis and sarongs, so I am sure we will have great weather this week. Temperatures are around mid to top 20’s, especially if you get into a sun trap. Slap the sunscreen on and enjoy!

January 12th 2010

A nice fresh morning to take a walk by the beach, with temperatures around 23ºC degrees at the moment. The weather forecast still predicts clouds for the week but the skies say otherwise at the moment, so enjoy the lovely Gran Canaria winter weather.

January 11th 2010

After a cooler than usual day yesterday, today is nice and bright with current afternoon temperatures around 23ºC degrees. According to the forecasts for south Gran Canaria, we could be in for a cloudy week after today, but so far so good. Blue skies from where I’m sitting anyway.

January 10th 2010

The sea temperatures were pleasant this week and great to cool down in after a sunbathing session on Amadores Beach. I usually wait until the 1st of May until I go near the sea because it’s too cold for me, I’m a big wimp, but it is different for us locals.

It did cool down yesterday, but I think it was nice though. We had quite a bit of rain last night and again this morning. It's been cloudy and sunny on and off all day.

January 9th 2010

It feels a lot cooler than usual today, and with the webcam registering at 18ºC degrees this afternoon – winter is here! The sun is still shining and there isn’t any snow in the peaks yet, but we are due some rain for tomorrow.

January 8th 2010

Another nice winter’s day here in Gran Canaria. Despite the forecast last week for rain, the south saw some pretty good weather, although there may be a chance a of rain over the weekend. Even with rain the south of the island still has temperatures of around 20ºC degrees.

Todays temps however are around mid 20’s, bright blue sky with some white fluffy clouds.

January 7th 2010

Can you believe we are already done with the first week of the year?! The weather has been pretty much sun, sun, sun all over the island today. Even Las Palmas enjoyed temperatures of about 22ºC degrees, although quite windy.

Down in the South of the island it is blue skies and 25.6 degrees in Puerto Rico.

January 6th 2010

Despite the weather reports on TV last night and on the net, the island is still looking quite bright and blue skies with a few clouds hanging around.

Last night’s tv forecast said that even the south west would get rain today, but so far so good. Temperatures are around 20 – 25 degrees.

January 5th 2010

The weather is looking very good for today's festivities and tonight’s arrival of the 3 Kings so far, although it looks like we are in for some rain from tomorrow.

January 4th 2010

The sky looks clear out toward sea and the morning is nice and fresh with temperatures of around 22ºC degrees. There are some clouds forming in the hills over Arguineguin.

The forecast for the south, particularly Mogán (which includes, Puerto de Mogán, Puerto Rico and Arguineguin) is saying that we are still in for some rain this week maybe from tomorrow, which I hope it isn’t a lot of rain since tomorrow is when the 3 Kings Parades are on.

January 3rd 2010

Another sunny day in paradise! A lovely Sunday afternoon for chilling out and laying by the pool in the sun. Temps around mid 20’s.

January 2nd 2010

Looking back on last years January weather reports, we did have some rain this time last year. The thing with winter in Gran Canaria is that sometimes it can be unpredictable, but always warmer than everywhere else.

January, February and March are my favourite weather months on Gran Canaria, bear in mind I am a local who hardly sunbathes and hates it when it gets to 38ºC+ degrees in the Summer.

You can totally sunbathe in winter here and it can even hit 30ºC degrees, as soon as the sun goes down it drops about 10ºC degrees which is so nice.

Today the sky is a lovely blue, there are a few fluffy clouds and the hills are turning green again, lovely! Temperature is about 24ºC degrees.

New Years Day 2010

Well once again we are in January, a new year, a new start! Let’s see what 2010 has in store for us. There were very pretty blue skies over Amadores Beach today and wind blowing the cobwebs of 2009 away. The temperature is around 23ºC degrees. The forecast looks good up until Tuesday when we could get some rain in the South.

Gran Canaria Weather January Amadores Beach 2010
New Years Day on Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria


January 30th 2009

The last couple of days have been quite hot, although this morning around 10:00h it was raining in Arguineguin and in Las Meloneras, not sure about Puerto Rico.

There was a huge cloud over which I think is because its been quite hazy like a winter calima and dusty, normally we get a bit of rain after its been like that.

It didn’t last long though, the sun was soon out again, although the big clouds were hanging around.

The forecast for the next few days is cloudy with a chance of meatballs, ahem, I mean some more rain – I will keep you posted.

January 25th 2009

Scorching day in the south today, but I left it early for a trip to the mountains.

In Tejeda it was so cold you could see your breathe! Big coats and scarves were needed! Many people had woolly hats on too. The cloud was covering the top of the mountain and you could feel the mist, a place called Llanos de Pez to be exact – a few years ago in the same place it snowed! We weren’t lucky enough to see snow today but it was cold.

You haven’t been to Gran Canaria until you have experienced a mountain trip to the heart of the island. I could live up there, as long as I had high speed internet, a local shop and someone to talk to heheh.

As we drove back down towards the coast, the extra layers where discarded and the sun shone down.

January 22nd 2009

On my walk today I saw people sunbathing in the January sun so February weather is looking good, if anything it will be more comfortable to sunbathe in winter here. Temps are around 25ºC degrees and that is nice enough to catch some rays. Gran Canaria locals don’t really sunbathe in the winter as they are used to 35ºC + degrees of the summer months which is also when we get time off work.

I do recommend people come prepared for the evenings in Gran Canaria as the temperature can drop to about 15ºC degrees in the winter and it can feel cool if you have been in the sun all day. So bring a cardigan or light jacket with you just in case.

January 19th 2009

The sun has had his hat on for the last few days with temps of around 24-25ºC degrees, blue skies, although cooler at night with around 16ºC degrees.

I would say that it is a bit like an English Summer at the moment. Yesterday in the mountains it was very pleasant and there was rain near Telde. On Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas the waves were huge, which is because we still have a weather alert for big waves in the north coast, and that will probably continue until tomorrow.

According to the forecast, we are in for rain today but doesn’t look like it at the moment from where I am sitting.

January 16th 2009

Well we haven’t seen much of this weather warning, although we did have a shower and a bit of wind in Arguineguin yesterday morning, but nothing major.

My guess is that the bad weather was visible in the mountains and the north of Gran Canaria, although we do have a high chance of rain tomorrow.

January 14th 2009

Looks like the Canary Islands are in for another storm! Today started off very nice but when I was in El Tablero earlier I noticed the clouds creeping over.

We have a yellow weather warning again! Gran Canaria is to expect strong wind, heavy rain and big waves for the next couple of days, starting tomorrow.

January 13th 2009

We are having gorgeous weather today, lots of smiling faces spotted at Arguineguin market.

January 12th 2009

It’s windy and cloudy today, not freezing or anything, just cooler as the sun isn’t out. The sun came out this afternoon and the sunset is beautiful from south Gran Canaria this afternoon.

January 10th 2009

After a rainy night (which certainly pleased my buganvilla as it’s in full bloom today) the sun is out and it's around 22ºc degrees, but now as I look out of my window the clouds seem to be lingering around, maybe the clouds saw that my washing is out.

According to AEMET the yellow weather warning is now gone and we may get rain later on in the week. Wind is predicted for tomorrow! (must be those left over sprouts from Christmas? )

January 9th 2009

Be careful if you are driving! Heavy rain has started in Arguineguin.

January 8th 2009

I watched the sunset over Anfi from Loma Dos in Arguineguin and as soon as the sun went down it felt chilly. Chilly for here anyway – I had a light padded jacket on.

Gran Canaria has a yellow alert for rain starting tomorrow! This must be the rain that was predicted for 3 Kings Day.

January 7th 2009

It was raining quite hard today in Vecindario and up towards Gran Canaria airport. Meanwhile in the south it was cool with light rain and very roasting in Arguineguin. I went for a walk as the sun was going down and it felt cold, according to a temperature clock in south Gran Canaria it was 15ºC degrees just after 18:00h.

January 6th 2009

It rained today quite a bit today in Cercados de Espino and it was spitting in Puerto Rico. The current temperature at 23:15h is 20ºC degrees.

January 5th 2009

Canarias7 advises people going to see the 3 Kings parades around the island tomorrow to take a coat and an umbrella. Apparently the temperatures will drop and AEMET say there will be a very high probability of rain. This is due to the unstable atmosphere generated from the cold air intake in North of Spain.

Although rain is predicted I don’t think it's going to bucket it down like the other week when we had the storm, it's just rain. Go go gadget umbrella!

January 4th 2009

Last night was so cold in Playa del Ingles, around 4am it was 11ºc degrees! I was freezing. It’s been lovely and warm today in Arguineguin though and the current temperature is 21ºC degrees.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow, let’s see and possibly some snow right up in the mountains toward the end of the week.

January 3rd 2009

It's nice and sunny today and you will certainly catch some rays if you lay out in it. Temperatures around 23ºC degrees at the moment.

I was just checking online and we are in for that rain I was telling you about, let’s hope for all of those on holiday it doesn’t last long. Right I’m off to do another load of washing just in case, looks like we might be ok for the weekend just watch out for Monday!

January 2nd 2009

Frequently asked question:
Shall I bother packing a bikini to come to Gran Canaria in January?

Yes! Please do pack your bikini! With me being a local, the Winter temperatures can feel cooler, as I am used to 30ºC degrees, but you will be able to have a nice swim or sunbathe while you are here.

Today it is 27ºc degrees in Arguineguin and yesterday there were plenty of people on the beach.

Sometimes in the winter we do get the few stormy or cloudy days but they usually don’t last long before the sun is back out again.

New Years Day 2009

New Year’s Day brought some fantastic weather to south Gran Canaria today. I'm not certain on the exact temperature but I went for a beach walk from Arguineguin to Patalavaca and the beaches were full of happy tourists and locals soaking up the rays.
Although I had suncream on, I felt my face burning by the end of my walk, so please make sure you are wearing sunscreen.

The skies were clear and only now as evening is closing in does it feel cooler. 

22:24h – It’s 21.5ºC degrees night time on New Years Day – seems like we are in for some nice sunny weather for the next couple of days but then from Sunday we could be in for some more rain, just before the 3 Kings Parade.