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Gran Canaria Weather July


July 19th 2022

After a brief rest, the second heatwave of Summer is back. The highest temperature recorded today here in Gran Canaria was 38.9ºC in San Bartolomé de Tirajana at 13.50h. The islands are currently under high risk alert of forest fire and AEMET has issued weather warnings for this week.

Gran Canaria Heatwave Alert July 2022
Gran Canaria Heatwave Alert July 2022

Gran Canaria is set to be the hottest with an orange weather warning from Wednesday 20th July for temperatures of around 37-40ºC plus a situation of alert heat warning from 10:00am tomorrow morning. The UV index is very high at 11 and 12 and the high temperatures look like they will continue until Monday.

Canary Islands Weather July 2022
Canary Islands Maximum Temperatures 19th July 2022

July 8th 2022

So it's really starting to heat up now and AEMET soon changed the yellow heatwave warnings to orange for extremely high temperatures and a yellow warning for big waves.

Tomorrow are now expecting temperatures of around 40-43ºC in south Gran Canaria with calima. Today the hottest part of the island was Las Tirajanas with 40,3ºC degrees. Please be aware that we are are VERY high alert risk for forest fires. It is advised to stay out of the sun during the hottest times of the day between 11:00am and 17:00pm and to stay well hydrated.

Gran Canaria Weather July Extreme Heatwave 2022
Max temperatures expected for Saturday 9th July 2022 in Canary Islands

July 6th 2022

Summer is here and we have the first big heatwave on the way to Gran Canaria. According to forecasters, we could see temperatures of up to 44ºC degrees in some parts of the island with calima. Looking at past reports further down the page, it's nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year and we should really be more prepared for the extreme temperatures, especially in south Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Weather July 2022 Heatwave
Gran Canaria Weather July 2022 Heatwave

40ºC degrees seems to be the norm now for the very hot days that are on the way. This episode which is likely to have several chapters, has already started with a slight increase in daily temperatures which are currently around 32ºC degrees and will feel more intense at the weekend.

Gran Canaria Weather July 2022 Calima
Calima incoming

AEMET has issued a orange heatwave warning from Thursday this week with 36ºC degrees likely to increase to 41ºC degrees on Sunday. It could get hotter and the warnings may change.


July 20th 2021

Since the last update we've had yet another heatwave and it's been VERY hot and hazy. According to reports, this could be the hottest July on record in the Canary Islands in the last 10 years! Yesterday temperatures in Agüimes Gran Canaria reached 41,9ºC degrees (107.42ºF)

Gran Canaria Weather July Temperatures 2021
maximum temperatures recorded across the Canary Islands this week

Today is is much more pleasant in south Gran Canaria but there is a 3rd heatwave of the month expected around 24th.

12th July 2021

The first big heatwave of the year has arrived, also known as Summer 😆 AEMET has issued an orange weather warning for high temperatures of 37ºC degrees in Gran Canaria and rightly so. Today temps are around 35ºC degrees in the south and it's very hazy with a calima. The islands also have a risk of forest fire alert at the moment.

Gran Canaria Weather Heatwave Warning July 2021
Heatwave in Gran Canaria July 2021

This heatwave is expected to stick around for at least the next 3 days with the warning dropping to yellow from tomorrow. The UV index is very high at 12 so take care in the sun and make sure to hydrate! 🌴


27th July 2020

It's been hot hot hot again here in south Gran Canaria accompanied by a lovely ocean breeze. The sky has been quite hazy this afternoon and we have another yellow weather warning for high temps which is very much the norm for this time of year.

Summer evenings are best with a cold drink with views of the seafront and the breeze like here at Radisson Blu Gran Canaria in Arguineguin.

Gran Canaria Weather July Radisson Blu Resort 2020
Beautiful July evening in Gran Canaria view from Radisson Blu Resort

Top temperatures reached about 35ºC degrees in the middle of the island, 26ºC in Las Palmas city and around 30ºC on the south coast.

20th July 2020

We're having another hot spell here in Gran Canaria as temperatures registered the highest in Spain yesterday at 40,9ºC degrees in Tasarte. Today seems a bit more bearable and the sea breeze is back but yesterday was stifling in south Gran Canaria, with temperatures of 29ºC degrees at midnight!

Gran Canaria Weather Warning July Strong Waves 2020
Yellow weather warning for strong waves in Gran Canaria

The yellow weather warning for high temperatures is in place until 19:00h this evening and a warning for strong waves and wind force 7 has been issued. As always it's important to take care at the beach and pay attention to flags, lifeguards and use common sense.

The sea temperature of Amadores beach is a pleasant 25ºC degrees at this time of year.

From tonight, the evening temperatures should be a little better and the daily average is around 32ºC degrees for the rest of the week with a very high UV index of 12.

Looking back over the older weather reports below, the temperatures, warnings and UV index are all very similar to previous years.

1st July 2020

As is usual for this time of year, we are expecting temperatures around 35-40ºC degrees this week. In south Gran Canaria it's currently sticky hot and hazy around 30ºC degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather July Heatwave 2020
Gran Canaria Weather Warning for Heatwave in July 2020

AEMET have issued yellow weather warnings starting today in Gran Canaria south, continuing into the week including the rest of the islands and temperatures rise. Accompanying the heatwave, there will be gusts of 75kph and rough seas with wind force 7.


17th July 2018

After a slow start, Summer has finally arrived and average daytime temperatures in the shade are around 29ºC degrees. My out of the window report from south Gran Canaria is blue skies, hot, with a nice breeze and the temperatures are really creeping up as we head closer to August.

Gran Canaria Weather July Meloneras 2018
Meloneras in July 2018

July 1st 2018

The forecast is showing temps of 40ºC degrees for 9th July!! We will have to keep an eye on that. The UV index is a very high 11, which means skin can burn a lot quicker in the sun so make sure you are protected. As of today, there are no weather warnings or alerts in place, but if we are expecting such high temperatures we could very well have a calima on the way.

(It did get very hot indeed, nothing a lazy few days in the swimming pool couldn't cure)

Gran Canaria Weather July Puerto Rico Beach 2018
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in July 2018


July 28th 2017

We have a heatwave or is it just Summer? To give you an idea, it's 20:30h and the temperature is currently 32ºC degrees! According to AEMET we are to expect high temperatures until Saturday evening. The UV index is very high and that means you should take extra care as skin can burn quickly.

July 1st 2017

After a very hot week in the last week of June, a new month has arrived with a welcome sea breeze. The temperatures are still high as is normal for this time of year with a high UV index of 12.


July 13th 2016

A heatwave was predicted and a heatwave is what we got. The sky is much hazier today as the calima approaches and the heat is on. Last night at 19:24h it was still 29ºC degrees in the south of Gran Canaria. When I woke up at about 07:00h this morning it was still pretty warm at 22ºC degrees.

AEMET has given yellow weather warnings for waves, high winds and high temperatures of 34ºC degrees, which will be present until at least Friday.

So far in south Gran Canaria, we haven't had any high winds, in fact it's quite calm outside. Yesterday Las Marañuelas beach was decorated in colourful parasols, it was a market day and Arguineguin is celebrating the Fiestas del Carmen.

Arguineguin in July 2016

July 11th 2016

Well if you thought it was warm it's about to get even hotter! Temperatures of 35-40ºC degrees are expected this week. Please do take care at the hottest times of the day, take some shade and wear sunscreen.

Today I took a stroll in Parque Sur Maspalomas. It's such a pretty park lined with palms and red flamboyan trees, great for running or picnics in the shade.

Gran Canaria Weather July Parque Sur Maspalomas 2016
Red Flamboyan Trees in Parque Sur Maspalomas July 2016

According to the forecast, the temperatures are going to rise from Wednesday, accompanied by high winds up to 75 km/h. At the moment we also have a weather warning of big waves, so take care when swimming and pay attention to beach flags. At the moment I'm not sure if this is a standard heat wave or a calima on the way. I'll keep you updated.

July 6th 2016

Time for a Puerto Rico Gran Canaria weather update. Summer is here for sure. Today we took a walk along the promenade of Puerto Rico Beach. There were people jumping into the water from the platform, which looked really refreshing on this hot day. Day time temperatures are around 31ºC degrees at the moment, accompanied by a nice fresh breeze.

Gran Canaria Weather July Puerto Rico Beach 2016
People swimming at Puerto Rico beach in July 2016

July 1st 2016

We've had a rather hot start to the Summer already with an intense calima at the end of June, where we had temperatures of around 40ºC degrees on some parts of the island.

Gran Canaria Weather July Arguineguin 2016
Las Marañuelas Beach in Arguineguin at 8pm in July 2016

Here we are on the 1st of July with bright blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the south of Gran Canaria at about 28ºC degrees, with a pleasant breeze. The water temperature is about 21ºC degrees in the south depending on which beach you bathe at and the UV index is at a high with 11. At 20:00h this evening, there were still people enjoying the sunshine on Las Marañuelas beach in Arguineguin.


July 29th 2015

There is nothing like a splash in the ocean to cool down and day time is quite hot in the low 30's. Sunbathers on Patalavaca beach have the right idea.

Gran Canaria Weather July Patalavaca Beach 2015
Patalavaca Beach in July 2015

July 6th 2015

It wouldn't be July without a heatwave, so get ready for temperatures to hit 38ºC degrees in Gran Canaria in the next few days! AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning from Monday 6th for temps of 34ºC degrees, increasing to 38ºC degrees on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th. The island is now also at risk for forest fires.


July 20th 2013

It's another hard day at the office! It's a beautiful sunny Saturday as we head toward the end of July here in Gran Canaria. Please enjoy this photograph of Amadores Beach. The ocean is a beautiful green and inviting colour on this hot afternoon.

Gran Canaria Weather July Amadores Beach 2013
Amadores Beach in July 2013

July 9th 2013

It's July so it's already hot hot hot in the Canary Islands but from Tuesday 9th we are in for a heatwave, according to AEMET.

So far the low risk yellow warning is showing 34ºc degrees for Tuesday, rising up to 36ºC degrees on Wednesday in Gran Canaria. It seems the whole island will be affected except for the North.


July 20th 2012

After a week of intense heat in the Canaries, particularly south of Gran Canaria, AEMET have extended the heatwave warning for the weekend. Temperatures of 36ºC degrees are expected over the weekend of 21st/22nd July, much the same as the past week.

July 14th 2012

AEMET have isssued a yellow and orange weather warning for high temperatures in Gran Canaria this weekend. Saturday is to expect temperatures of 34ºC degrees, which increase with the orange warning for Monday 16th to 38ºC degrees.


July 31st 2011

Today was another hot day in Puerto Rico as the heatwave lingered over the weekend. Daytime temperatures have been around 35ºC degrees, but a nice breeze dropped by as the sun went down. We snapped this photo of Puerto Rico beach and the temperature clock at around 20:00h this evening, showing an impressive 25ºC degrees after a hot day.

Gran Canaria Weather July Puerto Rico Beach 2011
25ºC degrees at 8pm on Puerto Rico beach in July 2011

July 30th 2011

As the temperatures rise, Gran Canaria is now on orange weather warning for high temperatures. According to AEMET temperatures could reach 37ºC degrees today, with the warning lasting until 19:00h. All other Canary Islands still have yellow weather warning in place.

July 29th 2011

You may have noticed that somebody turned the heat up! Yes, we are currently having a heatwave in Gran Canaria as we end July. There is also a calima, which is a layer of suspended sand blown over from Africa which keeps the heat in making it extra humid.

Temperatures are in the mid 30ºs with a slight breeze and the sky is pretty hazy. If it’s too hot for you, head to the beach late afternoon like we have, the water is a nice temperature and the breeze comes right off the sea.

Gran Canaria Weather July Amadores Beach 2011
Amadores Beach in July 2011

July 28th 2011

The last few days of July this year will see a heatwave on the islands according to AEMET. The yellow warning for high temperatures is in place from Thursday 28th – Saturday 30th July. Temperatures are expected to reach 35ºC degrees on the islands including Gran Canaria.

July 22nd 2011

The day is drawing to an end in Puerto Rico and the weekend is here. It may not have been sunny all day but it’s certainly been very warm with around 32ºC degrees at some point.

There is a light layer of cloud but it does make it feel a little fresher outside and really beautiful weather in general for July.

If you find it too hot in the daytime to brave the beach, you can even go later at around 17:00h and still enjoy the sun for about 3 hours. Ah, Summer!

July 15th 2011

AEMET have issued a yellow warning for Friday 15th and Saturday 16th July in the Canary Islands including the South, East and West coasts of Gran Canaria for high wind gusts up to 70 km/h and waves.

July 8th 2011

AEMET has issued a yellow warning for high winds and waves affecting the Canaries including Gran Canaria from Saturday 9th July at 12:00h. Wind gusts up to 75km/h are expected with large waves affecting all coasts. So far the warning extends to Sunday evening.

July 5th 2011

Here we are with a quick weather update from Puerto Rico. The blue skies are back and although it’s 30ºC degrees, there is a lovely breeze making it excellent tanning weather. The forecast is looking good for the week so far.

July 3rd 2011

AEMET issued a yellow weather warning for waves in the south, east and west coasts of Gran Canaria from Monday 4th July until Tuesday at 12:00h.


July 31st 2010

Can you believe it is the last day of July already? As we head into August, the weather has certainly warmed up. Yesterday we had a yellow weather warning for maximum temperatures and it feels very hazy today.

According to some beach temperature clocks yesterday, the temperature hit around 37ºC degrees. The beaches soon filled and as you will see today if you are on the island, many people are taking to the beach and enjoying a nice cool dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

July 26th 2010

The last few days have been very hot, the beaches have been full in particular Puerto Rico beach and Amadores. Daytime temperatures are around 32ºC degrees on a normal day now and night time slightly cooler, sometimes with a little breeze.

There hasn’t been a calima, but the sky has been quite hazy over the weekend, so that has made it feel slightly more humid than usual. One of the great things about Summer in Puerto Rico is that it’s perfect to go to the beach at around 17:00h and get the last hours of sunshine as it is still hot enough to sunbathe and swim.

July 22nd 2010

Early this morning was very breezy and it has continued into the late morning, but the good news is, the sun is shining down and the sky is super blue. It’s very fresh but still excellent weather, especially if you fancy a walk around resorts. Temperatures are around 26/27ºC degrees at the moment.

July 19th 2010

It's 34ºC degrees in Puerto Rico beach near to Passarella Shopping Center! It was a hot one but the temperatures have cooled a bit now. This was taken with an iPhone 3G so the quality could be better but you can just see the temperature clock.

Gran Canaria Weather July Puerto Rico Temperature 2010
34ºC degrees in Puerto Rico in July 2010

July 16th 2010

According to AEMET, we are in for yet another calima and weather alert of temperatures just under 40ºC degrees in time for Arguineguin's Fiestas del Carmen.

This will include the east, south and west of Gran Canaria from the morning of Sunday 18th July and should burn itself out in the same day. There are also some yellow costal alerts for Saturday 17th July.


July 4th 2008

Well it didn’t rain after all but the temperature seems to be back to normal now and at least there is a nice breeze. Take care in the sun.

July 2nd 2008

It seems a bit clearer now although last night was quite humid and sticky. I still think we need some rain to get rid of this dust and sand that’s still lingering in the air.

According to the official weather forecast, today is going to see high winds and 10% chance of rain, whether or not that will happen is another thing. It rained quite a bit in Fataga over the weekend so let's see if that makes its way down to the south of the island.