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Gran Canaria Weather June

June is a beautiful time of year to visit Gran Canaria. The weather is just on the cusp of Summer, so we have high temperatures in the daytime around 30ºC with cooler evenings of about 17ºC. This contrast means you can enjoy the Atlantic breeze all day long and sleep comfortably at night. The water temperature start to rise along with the UV index which creeps from 10 to 12.

Amadores beach June 2024


16 June 2024

Can you believe we are almost halfway through 2024! Summer has well and truly landed in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria. The ocean has warmed up and is perfect for a splash on the hot days of 28-30ºC we have. Evenings are cooler around 17ºC which is great as it gives a little break from the heat of the daytime.

walking along Puerto Rico beach on 16th June 2024

Today we went for a breakfast at Durty Nelly's in Las Olas Shopping Center and then enjoyed a nice walk to the beach. It took about 1 hour to walk down past Marina Suites along the harbour and over the small bridge to the promenade, slowly along the beach in the waves and back. We parked in Las Olas Shopping Center car park for free so that last walk up the hill was a good effort. 😅

Yesterday we were at Amadores Beach and it was another beautiful day! The water is so clear on both beaches, it's so refreshing jumping in for a splash or swim.

Gran Canaria Weather June Amadores Beach 2024


June 27th 2022

There are only a few days left of the month before we head into July and the weather is amazing today. In south Gran Canaria we have amazing blue skies and sunshine, afternoons can be hot hot hot but lovely with an ocean breeze. This is the view over Amadores beach this afternoon. Just look at that horizon and shape of Mt Teide in Tenerife in the distance.

The weather forecast for the week is rain in Mogán? I find that hard to believe at this time of year but I will keep you posted.

Gran Canaria Weather June Amadores Beach 2022
Amadores beach in June 2022

June 20th 2022

With Summer Solstice and San Juan right around the corner, temperatures have been on the rise. Today and yesterday have been hazy with calima which calls for ice cold drinks and a refreshing swim. The UV index is very high at 12 and average daytime temperatures are currently 30ºC degrees in Gran Canaria south.

Gran Canaria Weather June Patalavaca 2022
Patalavaca beach June 19th 2022


June 13th 2021

After a few very hot and calima hazy days, the fresh ocean breeze is back. Daytime is pretty hot with around 30ºC degrees which is now normal for this time of year as we near to Summer solstice, but evenings are pleasant again and it's easier to sleep than the past few nights.

Hazy Night on Costa Alegre Beach Arguineguin | Gran Canaria Weather June 2021
A hazy evening on Costa Alegre beach 8pm in June 2021

We took a nice walk along the coast in Arguineguin tonight, taking in the views of the 2 main beaches. It was almost 20:00h and there were still people enjoying a swim and rest on the sand.

Hazy Las Marañuelas Beach Arguineguin | Gran Canaria Weather June 2021
8pm on Las Marañuelas Beach in June 2021

Costa Alegre beach had a very hazy view as the last of the calima lingered and the sun began to set over Anfi del Mar. The sky over Las Marañuelas beach was a little clearer as the day came to an end.

10th June 2021

This afternoon we are at Playa del Ingles and the heat is intense. The temperature clocks are showing 31ºC degrees but it feels much warmer with the calima lingering and the sky is still quite hazy. The best place to be is in the water or the shade with a an ice cold drink. 😎

Gran Canaria Weather June Playa del Ingles 2021
Playa del Ingles 10th June 2021 | 31ºC degrees showing on the clock

9th June 2021

What can I say it's hot hot hot! We have one of our famous calimas with a grey sky and it's been pretty much the same all day with the sun trying to burn through. Right now at 21:00h the temperature is 27ºC degrees!!

AEMET have us on orange weather warning for tomorrow (10th June) for very high temperatures up to 37ºC degrees, the island also has a risk of forest fire alert in place for these next few days.

Gran Canaria Weather June 2021 Anfi
View of Anfi from Radisson Blu | 9pm and 27ºC degrees


10th June 2019

What a beautiful Monday it is in south Gran Canaria! We took a walk by Patalavaca Beach and enjoyed the sea breeze. Summer is here for sure. The local weather forecast for the south is showing high chance of rain for tomorrow evening and Wednesday morning so hopefully it's a quick shower then back to normal. I'll keep you posted.

Patalavaca Beach June 2019


10th June 2018

June already? I know, I say it every year but how can we be almost halfway through the year already? Compared with previous years we’ve had a nice slow start to the Summer. 2018 seems to be easing us in slowly to the Summer season.

It’s beautiful weather here in the south, a few cloudy days to start June but in general we are enjoying some wonderful Spring days. We had a stroll around Puerto de Mogán a couple of days ago and it was lovely and definitely beach weather!

Gran Canaria Weather June Puerto de Mogan 2018
Puerto de Mogan in June 2018

By now I’ve usually taken the duvet off the bed and replaced it with the Summer linen but we’ve only just started using the fan and it’s not warm enough to use our portable air conditioning yet either. I read a report that we had the coolest May since the early 90’s which I can believe. Not to complain, I’m enjoying this spring weather while it lasts which is perfect. Hotter temperatures of 35ºC degrees are probably just around the corner.

Yesterday it was cloudy and we had a little drizzle of rain in Puerto Rico but it was very refreshing. Blue skies are back out today the UV index is around 10 or 11 which means quicker burning time in the sun.


June 22nd 2017

As we head on into the hottest months of the year, it’s no surprise that the Canarian Government have issued a forest fire warning. Temperatures are set to reach 40ºC degrees in parts of Gran Canaria over the weekend from Thursday 22nd – Saturday 24th June.

Gran Canaria Weather June Temperature
40ºC degrees in Gran Canaria June 2017

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning and the UV index is extremely high at 13, which means unprotected skin can burn in minutes.

June 9th 2017

Today was a stunning June day and perfect for swimming at Anfi Beach in south Gran Canaria. Daytime temperatures are about 30ºC degrees when the sun is in full force with high humidity.

Anfi beach in June 2017

June 6th 2017

I can’t believe it’s June already! Summer is just around the corner and Gran Canaria got the memo early. Skies have been very sunny and blue for the last week, temperatures in the high 20’s low 30’s at some points.

As we do head into Summer, it’s important to stay hydrated and wear sun protection, especially if you are going on any walks. The heat is much more intense than Spring months with a high UV index of 11. This means burning can happen a lot quicker, take it from me!

Gran Canaria Weather June Mogan Beach 2017
Mogán Beach in June 2017

The week ahead is looking good. Average temperatures in the south of Gran Canaria will be around 29ºC degrees. We may have some light cloud as in the mix but overall sunny skies.

Today we were at Puerto de Mogán where the beach and harbour were buzzing with people enjoying the sunshine! We also spent some time at the impressive Radisson Blu Mogan.


June 30th 2016

Here we are at the end of the month, July right around the corner, with the very last sunset of June taken this evening in Las Meloneras. The resort was very busy with people walking along the promenade, others watching EURO 2016 football on the large screens, taking photos of the sunset and purchasing souvenirs at Fund Grube.

Gran Canaria Weather June Meloneras 2016
Meloneras in June 2016

June 27th 2016

A beautiful Summer's day in the resort of Bahia Feliz.

Bahia Feliz in June 2016

June 22nd 2016

Hope you haven’t missed the Gran Canaria weather updates too much. I’ve been island hopping and having a little holiday in Fuerteventura. It’s officially Summer, so it was a no-brainer that the temperatures were going to rise. AEMET have placed a yellow weather warning for high temps of 34ºC degrees this week, so far for Thursday and Friday. The heatwave, which is accompanied by a calima has arrived this evening, making the sky very hazy.

Gran Canaria Weather June Arguineguin Calima 2016
Arguineguin Calima in June 2016

Take care, especially between 11:00h and early evening as the heat will be intense. I’ve personally taken to having very lazy siestas this week to beat the heat.

June 11th 2016

June has been hot hot hot so far! Blue skies and sunshine, what more could you want? Temperatures in south Gran Canaria are about 30ºC degrees on average and the UV index is high at 11. It’s SPF 50 season for me!

Gran Canaria Weather June Patalavaca Beach 2016
Patalavaca Beach in June 2016

Yesterday we parked up in Patalavaca and walked down along the promenade past the beaches. Builders were repairing the part of the promenade that collapsed quite a while ago.

Gran Canaria Weather June Aquamarina Beach 2016
Aquamarina Beach in June 2016

It was too hot to walk all the way to Anfi del Mar, so we decided to walk to Aquamarina Beach and along the jetty towards the helipad. 

June 1st 2016

Hello June! It's official, the duvet has been removed from my bed as it's far too warm to have on at night. It's still cool enough to survive without air con or a fan but the evenings are warming up as Summer is fast approaching.

Gran Canaria Weather June Arguineguin 2016
Arguineguin in June 2016

Daytime temperatures are on the rise, at peak time yesterday it was 36ºC in Arguineguin! If you like to take walks or do sports, it might be a good idea to do them earlier on in the day or around 20:00h when the sun isn’t as intense.


June 28th 2014

What a beautiful June day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and temperatures were in the high 20’s, most certainly a scorcher. We grabbed a cold drink at Cafelito Bar in Shopping Center Puerto Rico, then headed to Amadores beach.

Gran Canaria Weather June Amadores Beach 2014
Amadores Beach in June 2014


June 27th 2013

Despite a cooler evening last night, AEMET have issued a yellow (low risk) weather warning for high temperatures of 34ºC degrees in Gran Canaria from today (27th June) lasting until Friday 28th June 19:00h.

It’s normal for temperatures to rise now as we go full steam ahead into Summer and the hottest months of July and August are just around the corner. This heatwave is expected in the south, west and east of the island.

June 23rd 2013

Even at 19:00h the sun is still shining strong down on Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico. Both Puerto Rico Beach and Amadores were full today. Daily temperatures are around 32ºc degrees at the peak of the day with a UV index of 11.

June 16th 2013

Here we are halfway through June and you can really tell we are in the last few days of Spring as it was very hot in Puerto Rico this afternoon. The bright cloudless sky and the fact that it’s Sunday was a great excuse to check out the beach.

Gran Canaria Weather June Puerto Rico Beach 2013
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in June 2013

The temperatures in the direct sunshine must be around 32ºC degrees at the hottest point of the day now and I’ve forgotten what clouds look like. A couple of days ago I hired a bike and went cycling in Maspalomas – I managed to burn my hand whilst cycling. So that’s a warning, even a Gran Canaria local like myself can burn in this June sunshine. Summer is certainly just around the corner!


June 22nd 2012

It’s officially Summer and it wouldn’t be Summer in the Canary Islands without a heatwave.

We’ve been talking about a possible increase in temperatures this week and AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for the South, East and West of Gran Canaria for maximum temperatures of 34ºC degrees. (Sunday 24th June from 11:00h – 18:00h )

When we experience these heatwaves they usually come with very humid air from the Sahara (Calima) and suspended dust.

June 10th 2012

AEMET have issued yellow weather warnings across the Canary Islands this Monday 11th/12th June. Gran Canaria in particular is to expect high wind gusts of 85 km/h in the middle of the island including the mountains, while the east, west and south coasts of Gran Canaria are in for some big waves.

The weather in general is sunshine and temperatures of around 30ºC degrees in the south. Last week there were some showers in Las Palmas and mountain villages.


June 30th 2011

AEMET have issued yet another yellow weather warning this month for high temperatures of 34ºC degrees on Gran Canaria. The heatwave warning runs from Friday 1st July at 10:00h until Saturday at 18:00h with a calima.

June 24th 2011

There’s nothing like taking a long siesta after enjoying a day on Puerto Rico beach, especially during a heatwave.

Gran Canaria Weather June Puerto Rico Beach 2011
Puerto Rico beach in June 2011

The temperatures have stayed pretty high in the 30ºc’s today, however, we are to expect a slow decline in temperature and less haze within the next few days. The beach was packed, especially as it’s a fiesta day San Juan.

June 22nd 2011

Although AEMET have lowered the weather warning from orange to yellow for today, it’s still very hot and sticky!

It’s 35.9ºC degrees at 12:40h today IN THE SHADE!!

June 21st 2011

It was 30ºC degrees today at Puerto Rico beach – at 10:42h!! (not forgetting the hot air) The heatwave is still in full force with the orange weather warning still in place for today, going down to yellow for Wednesday and Thursday.

Gran Canaria Weather June Puerto Rico Temperature 2011
30ºC degrees in Puerto Rico in June 2011

Hopefully by the weekend the air will clear the suspended sand and sharp blue skies will return with the usual temperatures.

June 20th 2011

To say it’s been a tad warm today is an understatement, as the heat was on in Puerto Rico. The island of Gran Canaria is now on orange weather alert which is an important risk and we will see high temperatures of 37ºc degrees tomorrow.

Gran Canaria Weather June Puerto Rico Roundabout 2011
Puerto Rico Center in June 2011

The temperature clock in Puerto Rico reached 36.1ºC degrees today at 18:16h and that was in the shade!!

June 19th 2011

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning as of Monday 20th June for high temperatures of up to 34ºC degrees in Gran Canaria. The warning comes after a heatwave just last week which saw temperatures of 38ºC degrees in some parts of the island.

Gran Canaria Weather June Puerto Rico Beach Busy 2011
A busy day on Puerto Rico beach in June 2011

Another hot, sunny, Sunday enticed sun seekers to Puerto Rico beach today. With temperatures easily 30ºc degrees, there was a sea of colourful umbrellas as people enjoyed a cool dip in the ocean or sunbathing.

June 16th 2011

We are already into the middle of June and it’s hot hot hot outside. It’s pretty humid at the moment and the breeze is warm. We enjoyed the afternoon on Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather June Amadores Beach 2011
Amadores Beach in June 2011

The temperatures have been about 30ºC degrees and there is a hazy blue sky. According to reports, we are in for some strong winds but that will probably be warm winds also.


June 30th 2010

A cloudy start to today but the weather this week has been beautiful. As we leave June behind and head into July, we have a slightly fresher day with some cloud cover.

The temperatures are still pleasant however, so you could take a nice walk along the coast from Puerto Rico harbour to Amadores Beach or vice versa.

June 25th 2010

Today started off really cloudy, but the sun soon burned away the clouds and shone through. It has been a really hot day in Puerto Rico with blue skies and temperatures around 32ºC degrees and up.

Again, the great thing about it being hot is that we’ve also had a strong breeze, this means less of the melting and more enjoying the rays. I spotted lots of burnt backs the other day at the beach, make sure to use sunscreen and cover up when the sun is at it’s strongest.

The weather forecast is showing cloud for the week ahead, but my out of window report says otherwise.

June 24th 2010

Happy San Juan! Summer is officially here, which means the temperatures will start to rise over the next 2 months of July and August. The current temperatures of this week have been above 31ºC degrees but made bearable with a nice breeze.

There has been a thin layer of cloud floating around the islands, but nothing to worry about. It just gives that hazy sky effect, with more heavy cloud in the north of the island.

Here in the south it is hot, hot, hot. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and I think it’s time to grab a croissant, some freshly brewed coffee and a seat on the balcony to take in the views. Have a great day!

June 23rd 2010

The weather in Puerto Rico has been absolutely beautiful over the last week or so. Temperatures have been over 30ºC degrees but not stuffy, the night times bring a nice breeze.

We spotted lots of burnt people over the last week so make sure you pack your sunscreen and wear a wide brimmed hat, drinking plenty of water too.

We do have some light cloud over the islands at the moment, which will probably account for any haziness.

June 14th 2010

A cloudier start to the day and a strong breeze last night. It’s now pleasant outside and perfect sunbathing weather for those that cannot bear it too hot. Temperatures are around 26ºC degrees and cloudy with sun. Enjoy!

June 12th 2010

Gone are the clouds from yesterday and here in south Gran Canaria we have clear blue skies, making the most excellent pool or beach day. With temperatures around 26ºC, it looks like it will heat up early afternoon, so slap that sunscreen on, grab a cool drink and your favourite read.

June 11th 2010

Today started off very cloudy and a little cooler than usual with temperatures of around 25ºC degrees, but the sun keeps breaking through in Puerto Rico and blue skies are there somewhere. In general it’s a cloudy day for the island but it’s not cold and looks like it will be nicer as the day goes on.

June 10th 2010

While there was a high chance of rain forecast for today, only this evening has it really clouded over. This morning, more inland there were plenty of clouds about, but with temperatures around 28ºC degrees and great sunbathing weather.

This afternoon brought a nice breeze and the darker clouds made an appearance.

June 7th 2010

It’s been an absolutely gorgeous day, with bright blue skies and hot sun with temperatures once again in the 30’s.

AEMET is not really on the ball this week so far, as it was predicting cloud over the last few days in the municipal of Mogán (which includes Mogán, Puerto Rico, Arguineguin) and we have had plenty of sunshine.

There is a nice breeze now though so it’s an excellent time of evening to sit on the balcony and have some cool drinks, or eat al fresco.

June 6th 2010

After last week’s scorching heatwave and its temperatures of around 43ºC degrees, it is gradually cooling back down to the normal and more bearable 30ºC degree marker. Summer is here!

This morning was slightly fresher than previous days which was gratefully received as a nice breeze blew through my office. Throughout the day temperatures have been hot, hot, hot with around 33ºC degrees. Piercing blue skies and colourful parasols decorating the beaches of Puerto Rico.

Right now it's almost 19:00h and still beach time! The forecast actually said it would be cloudy today, so that’s wrong and let’s see if the rain predicted on Thursday is also wrong. Stay tuned.


June 30th 2008

For the last few days the sky has been hazy and very warm due to a calima. Today the sky has been quite overcast but the sun has just popped out and the temperatures have dropped back down to normal and now there is a nice breeze. Earlier on it looked like it could rain, if it does it will get rid of all the sand hanging around in the air.

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