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Gran Canaria Weather October

September is classed as the true Summer month on Gran Canaria so October weather is often a mixed bag of hot days as we cool down a little. If you browse the archive below you might notice that October can also be a rainy month in parts of the island.

It's generally when we start to see more of contrast in weather across the island. It could be raining hard in the mountains and be scorching in the south.

At the beginning of October the sunrise is at 07:56am and sunset is at 19:48pm

October 2023

31st October 2023

Happy Halloween! It's the spookiest day of the year here in Gran Canaria but looking outside at the blue sky and sunshine at 17:00pm you wouldn't think it. A cloudy start to the day turned into a hot afternoon with temps reaching 28ºC in south Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Weather October 2023 Arguineguin
Perchel Beach Arguineguin 31 October 2023

October in general this year was hot hot hot! No it's not normally 38ºC this time of year but that's why we have the archive so you can scroll back through previous years to get an idea. The last few days of the month have been beautiful, sunrise and sunsets to enjoy and a lovely Atlantic breeze. The clocks have now gone back so sunset is about 18:30pm and we can have some hygge evenings on terrazas and balconies on these darker nights.

The forecast for the rest of the week into November is looking good. There is talk of a tail end of Storm Ciarán bringing some rain on Thursday to parts of the island. I'll keep you posted with that over in our November weather page. 🎃

10th October 2023

A quick update, all Canary Islands schools will close on Wednesday and Friday this week due to the extreme high temperatures and calima dust in the air. Thursday is already a bank holiday so schools will reopen on Monday making it a 5 day weekend for the “puente”. Majority of schools don't have air conditioning and there has been an influx of students fainting and having nosebleeds because of the conditions in classrooms.

Maybe it's time for individual schools to do fundraising for improvements to air quality facilities if it's not a priority for the Ayuntamiento and local councils? Surely some fun runs or sponsored walks could raise the funds needed to provide the minimum, at least for schools in the resorts and hotter areas of the islands… just some food for thought. This is not the first calima, heatwave and hazardous air episode we will have and it won't be the last.

9th October 2023

Almost a week since our last update and getting into week two of this heatwave and calima episode. The air quality is Hazardous with the main pollutant of PM10 particles, which are easily breathed in and come from desert dust (Calima) also known as the Saharan Air Layer which is suspended in the air above us.

It was already 30ºC this morning at 09:00am!

We've been asked by quite a few readers, how long will this heatwave and dust storm last? Today was supposed to have been the last day of this heatwave but it continues. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon Tuesday 10th October we will see a change in wind direction so this could improve air quality to start with. AEMET still maintain the yellow weather warning for high temperatures around 35ºC until at least Wednesday. Along with the poor air quality, high temperatures and hot wind, there is also maximum alert for risk of forest fires.

At a guess, I'd say we're going to have this unseasonally hot weather until Sunday 15th October. We will keep you posted!

4th October 2023

The end of September brought with it a heatwave and calima which will continue into the second week of October.

(SANIDAD) The Department of Health have put Mogán (which includes resorts of Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán) on red alert for health risks during the hot weather from 4th-9th October.

AEMET have issued orange and yellow weather warnings for this week for high temperatures and calima dust.

Gran Canaria Weather October Heatwave Calima 2023
Gran Canaria Weather October Heatwave Calima 2023

This photo was taken on Sunday 1st October at Patalavaca beach when it was a bit fresher. Today we have more of a hot wind blowing about and it's exhausting.

Gran Canaria Weather October 2023 Patalavaca beach
Gran Canaria Weather October 2023 Patalavaca beach

Evenings at the moment are sticking around 30ºC and day time today in Arguineguin this morning was 37ºC! Take care in the heat and be sensible. According to the forecast it looks like it will stay hot, humid and dusty until Monday 9th. I will keep you posted!


1st October 2021

Gran Canaria is on alert for risk of forest fire due to increase in temperature in the current heatwave. Early this morning in south Gran Canaria it was nice and fresh and as the day has gone one, it's become hot and hazy with the calima.

Gran Canaria Weather October Arguineguin Loma Dos 2021
Calima on the horizon over Loma Dos in Arguineguin

The yellow weather warning that we have in place is for temperatures of around 37ºC degrees today with lows of 24ºC. We are in for a hot weekend with temperatures starting to go back to normal from Monday. The heat is just like Summer and the perfect remedy is to hydrate and take a nice siesta.


6th October 2020

Hello October! We are officially in our (most likely to be) rainy month here on Gran Canaria. When it rains, it rains. We're starting the month with weather alerts for heavy rain across the Canary Islands.

11:00am – Despite a yellow weather warning issued by AEMET for heavy rain, it's still dry in south Gran Canaria. The blue sky of yesterday has been replaced by a blanket of grey cloud and it is a pleasant 24ºC degrees. I will keep you updated as the warning is in place for the whole day.

Gran Canaria Weather Warning Heavy Rain October 2020
AEMET Yellow Warning for Heavy Rain on Gran Canaria | October 2020


October 25th 2018

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain from the early hours of Thursday 25th October until the afternoon. There is also rain and thunderstorms forecast this week for the whole island but so far the south west is bright and sunny. The wind did pick up earlier but no rain yet.

Gran Canaria Storm Warnings October 2018
Yellow weather warnings for heavy rain in the Canary Islands 25/10/18

October 20th 2018

Last night we had some very random rain. It lasted a few hours in the south of Gran Canaria, causing a few leaks here and there but was much worse in the city of Las Palmas were we had a torrential downpour.

Gran Canaria Weather October Radisson Blu Arguineguin 2018
Radisson Blu Resort Gran Canaria in October 2018

Today in the south we've woken up to bright blue skies and sunshine. Sometimes we need a downpour to clear the air although we could be in for some more showers later on today.

October 13th 2018

Great news for the Canary Islands, Hurricane Leslie has passed by without leaving her mark although she did leave local meteorologists baffled until the last minute.

Gran Canaria Weather October Arguineguin 2018
Blue skies over Arguineguin 13/10/18

Today the sky is an unbelievable shade of blue and as usual for this time of year, the temperature in the south is a toasty 28ºC degrees. I'd say it's perfect waterpark weather.

There could be some rain tomorrow and overnight up in Las Palmas, the mountain areas are beginning to cool down too so if you fancy a picnic in the forest it should be nice and pleasant up there. Down in the southern resorts it's beach weather as usual with tonight's sunset expected at 19:30h so make sure you have your camera ready, I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.

October 12th 2018

I wanted to leave this a while before updating as the predictions for Hurricane Leslie were very uncertain. Today Leslie's path has changed and it now seems to be headed across the top of Madeira towards the peninsular away from the Canaries.

Hurricane Leslie Gran Canaria 2018
Hurricane Leslie Gran Canaria 2018


National Hurricane Center of Miami

Madeira is currently on Tropical Storm warning. The Canary Islands are likely to get life-threatening surf and rip current conditions generated by Leslie from Saturday so please pay attention to any beach flags and use common sense. According to local reports at AEMET we will likely have rain on Sunday in parts of Gran Canaria. I will keep you updated of any changes.

October 10th 2018

So far, October has given us glorious Summer like weather with blue skies, 30ºC degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky. We have a rainy front near the islands, but despite forecasts of 90% chance of rain it's currently hot and sunny.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico 2018
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in October 2018

I have been keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Leslie aka Hurricane Leslie which has been dancing around the Atlantic for a while now. The weather here in the Canary Islands is hard to predict more than 3 days ahead and the trajectory of Leslie has changed but as of now there are no public warnings or threats as Leslie is set to head south.

Tropical Storm Leslie Gran Canaria October 2018
Tropical Storm Leslie Gran Canaria October 2018

It seems Leslie may brush past the Canaries at the weekend and we could get some wind. I've been checking official sources such as the National Hurricane Center so I will update again soon.


October 1st 2017

What a fantastic start to October we have had so far! The end of September finished with hazy skies and calimas. Temperatures are still very Summer like with 28ºC degrees average day time in the south of Gran Canaria.

It’s perfect tanning weather at the moment and yes you can still burn your skin, so make sure to use sun protection and hydrate well.

Tauro Beach and Amadores Beach in October

The outlook for the week ahead is looking nice and sunny! Evening temperatures may start to drop a little, especially as the nights draw in. The sun is setting around 19:45h so make sure you get out a bit earlier than usual for those sunset photos.


October 26th 2016

Wow! What a lot of rain we've had in such a short space of time! The sun has desperately been trying to come out all afternoon despite the thick Ghostbusters style storm clouds. Temperatures have been about 22ºC degrees today, with a cooler wind than usual. Mt Teide in Tenerife got its first dusting of snow today too.

As I was enjoying a hot meal at Balcón Canario Restaurant in Puerto Rico this afternoon, I could hear cracks of thunder and there was some pretty impressive lightning too.

Driving in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria October 2016 in the rain

We are expecting more rain but AEMET have now lowered the weather warning to yellow and so far things are looking much brighter for the weekend.

October 24th 2016

We've had another mixed day of sunshine and clouds here in the south west, with a bit of rain but not much. The sky has had a stormy look to it for most of the day but it's not bad.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Shopping Center 2016
Shopping Center Puerto Rico in October 2016

This photo was taken in Puerto Rico Shopping Center this morning. It was VERY cloudy but that soon cleared as the clouds are moving very fast.

Here's a video from this afternoon at La Lajilla beach in Arguineguin. It was pretty wild down there and there was a short rain shower.

Stormy October day in Arguineguin 2016

AEMET have now issued orange weather warnings for heavy rain in Gran Canaria Tuesday 25th October and Wednesday 26th October.

The Canary Islands Government have also issued these important guidelines as the sea is very rough. Please do take care.

As I type this update I can hear thunder in the distance out at sea. I will keep you updated!

October 23rd 2016

AEMET have now issued weather warnings for Monday and Tuesday for big waves and heavy rainfall, Tuesday looking to be the worst so far.

Right now it's hot and sunny in the south west, although the clouds are beginning to creep back over. This was taken in

Gran Canaria Weather October Arguineguin 2016
Arguineguin at 13:00h in October 2016

October 22nd 2016

There have been quite a few false forecasts over the last 2 weeks, storms predicted that never materialized and so I wanted to wait for sure before I made this weather report.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico 2016
Amadores Beach Puerto Rico in October 2016

It looks like we are in for quite the rainy week in Gran Canaria and in the Canary Islands in general. This photo was taken at 4pm this afternoon in Puerto Rico overlooking Amadores beach.

Most of the day has been hot and sunny with temperatures around 29ºC degrees. The cirrus clouds that you can see in the photo often appear before a cold front. It's already raining in the west of the island of La Palma.

According to reports the cold front will move in from Sunday 23rd bringing with it intense episodes of rain. The rainiest days are expected to be from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th. At the moment there is a yellow weather warning in place for big waves for Monday 24th. Please take care on the beaches and pay attention to beach flags. If the red flags are out, you shouldn't be in the water.

Snow is expected on Tenerife during this episode of bad weather, so don't be surprised if photos of fresh snow on Mt Teide pop up on the internet in the next few days.

Gran Canaria Weather October Rainfall 2016
Gran Canaria Rainfall prediction for October 2016

Here is the rainfall probability for the week starting Sunday in the south/west of Gran Canaria. It's very likely that it will rain Sunday morning, easing off before some showers later in the day.

Gran Canaria Weather October GFS Model 2016
GFS Model for Gran Canaria in October 2016

Right now it's 19:00h and the sun is still shining. Everything looks great so far in the south of Gran Canaria, but I will keep you posted.

AEMET have yet to issue any rain or storm warnings. If you live in Gran Canaria, I'd advise you to make sure the drains are clear and any outdoor furniture is secure.

7th October 2016

Time for a Gran Canaria weather report. I’m not sure how the weather is up in the north of Gran Canaria right now, but down here in the south, it started with a beautiful cloudless sky.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico 2016
PuertoRicoGC in October 2016

It’s been a pretty hot day with temperatures around 30ºC degrees! That was until the clouds came back (they were lurking last night too) and it cooled down a couple of degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather October Arguineguin La Lajilla Beach 2016
La Lajilla Beach Arguineguin in October 2016

It looked like it was going to rain but it was still warm this evening in Arguineguin. People were swimming at Playa la Lajilla and the air was quite muggy.

1st October 2016

October has arrived and it's looking more like Summer! Aside from a few clouds here and there, we have a lovely blue sky in Gran Canaria south. The temperatures have been quite hot today too, around 31ºC degrees.

This is what Playa del Ingles looks like this evening at 18:05hr. Still great weather to be soaking up the sun or eating dinner al fresco.

Gran Canaria Weather October Playa del Ingles 2016
Playa del Ingles in October

According to the forecast for the next few days, it's very likely that we will see some rain Monday and Tuesday. I don't like to read too much into long term forecasts because clouds can easily blow by the islands, but a couple days ahead gives me a better idea of what to expect. The temperatures look like they will stay the same during the rain showers.

I'll keep you posted about the rain, if we get any.


30th October 2015

What does the end of October in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria look like? Well our photo of the day was taken at 10:00h this morning with blue skies, sunshine and the perfect sunbathing temperatures.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Harbour 2015
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Marina in October

When you arrive in Puerto Rico, this view of the marina is the first you will see of the resort. You can head out on a boat trip from here, eat at nearby Las Olas Shopping Center or enjoy Puerto Rico beach.

28th October 2015

Despite forecasts of more rain, here in the south of Gran Canaria we've had some lovely hot days. On Wednesday I took a drive to El Pajar, the atmosphere on the beach was very relaxed and perfect for sunbathing.

Gran Canaria Weather October El Pajar 2015
El Pajar in October 2015

It's possible that we may have some rain during this evening (31st October) but the rest of the week is looking great for now. You can keep up with Gran Canaria November weather here.

24th October 2015

If you have been following the weather in Gran Canaria lately, then you will know we have had a weird week of weather. Spontaneous heavy rain with some floods near to the airport, Las Palmas in the north and in Telde.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico 2015
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in October 2015

Puerto Rico has had some rain, but temperatures have stayed above 20ºC degrees throughout. Showers have mainly been in the afternoons or evening so there has been some beach or pool time at least!

We do have more rain forecast but it’s usually heavy and goes away after 30 minutes or so. The temperature today is hot hot hot! You will be sweating, don’t worry!

23rd October 2015

Once again, the south west of Gran Canaria has had a lovely sunny day. It DID rain a couple of times, Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Those heavy showers are lingering and seem to have spun anti clockwise round the Canary Islands.

There are predictions of isolated storms and once again heavy rain but this time AEMET have included the whole island and have upped the warning to orange which means an important risk. It could well be sunny and hot at some points in the day but when it rains, IT RAINS.

Gran Canaria Weather October Storm Warnings Orange Aviso 2015
Orange Storm Warning for the Canary Islands in October 2015

The Canarian Government have also issued MAXIMUM ALERT for rain. This might not be as bad as it sounds, but after the flooding in Las Palmas and further north I don't think they want to take any chances.

The latest weather warning comes into play at midnight and extends until Friday night, (so far). It could be downgraded, it might not. It's just a waiting game really.

20th October 2015

After a stunning day of sunshine in the south-west of Gran Canaria, it's hard to believe the news reports I'm seeing of the flash flooding in other parts of the island today!

Some roads have been very flooded and dangerous, so do take care if you are off exploring the island. The Canarian Government have issued an alert for rain.

AEMET did issue an orange aviso earlier for a couple of hours. The rain doesn't actually last that long, it's the intensity and amount that falls in a short time which is causing problems.

Las Arenas Shopping Center in Las Palmas is like a swimming pool. I feel bad for the shop workers trying to keep out the floods with a mop in hand.

I've also been informed that the first flutter of snow of the season has fallen on Mt.Teide in Tenerife!

16th October 2015

A huge belt of rain has crossed the Canary Islands today and is currently over Gran Canaria on the way West. It started this morning at about 05:00hr and continued into the early afternoon.

Gran Canaria Weather October Forecast 2015
Gran Canaria October Weather Forecast 2015

AEMET have placed a storm warning for high wind, heavy rainfall and waves for Gran Canaria. The forecast for the week ahead is looking pretty rainy too!

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico 2015
A rainy October day in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

The taxi rank at Shopping Center Puerto Rico was busy this lunchtime. It looks like a good day for the shops though as most people in the queue have a shopping bag of some sort.

Here's a video from today of Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Playa del Ingles to give you an idea of what it's been like.

Gran Canaria October Weather Video

UPDATE: 20:30h The heavy rain just returned in Arguineguin. We haven't really had any wind in the south-west of Gran Canaria yet, but that could change.

8th October 2015

The first week of October was quite hot due to a calima (suspended sand in the air) from Africa. Then the blue skies returned and the beginning of a season of amazing ‘Winter' sunsets. This was taken on the 8th October over Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather October Amadores Sunset 2015
Amadores Beach Sunset in October 2015

Here we are on 10th October with the first rainy day of the season. The forecast for rain due to the ex-hurricane Joaquin is supposedly to last the weekend and into next week. It was hard for me to believe we were due any rain as the skies were a beautiful blue even just an hour ago.

At the moment it's raining in Arguineguin and Puerto Rico has had steady rain since 16:00h.


28th October 2014

A cloudy start to the day here in Gran Canaria south and AEMET have placed a yellow weather warning for heavy rain. The warning is in place from 13:00h – 23:00h this evening.

Heavy rain is forecast to affect Tenerife and the whole of Gran Canaria except for the North. As usual when we get rain, the temperatures remain warm.

Gran Canaria Weather October Playa del Ingles 2014
Playa del Ingles Weather in October 2014

Here is a still from the webcam at Playa del Ingles looking out to sea.

22nd October 2014

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for high temperatures of 34ºC degrees in Gran Canaria for Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd October.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico webcam 2014
Puerto Rico GC in October 2014

The warning is from 11:00h Wednesday – 19:00h Thursday and includes most of the island. Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are also expected to have warmer temperatures today.

Gran Canaria Weather October Playa del Ingles webcam 2014
Playa del Ingles in October 2014

The morning has started off hazy, as you can see from these webcam stills from Playa del Ingles and Puerto Rico. As always I will keep you updated.

19th October 2014

AEMET have issued a storm warning for the Canary Islands this Sunday 19th October. The whole of Gran Canaria is forecast heavy rain, thunder and lightning from 11am Sunday morning.

The island of La Palma is on orange warning as the Atlantic storm sweeps from the west across the rest of the Canaries. I’ll keep you updated, as of Saturday evening in the south of Gran Canaria all is well, the calm before the storm maybe?

10:00h Gran Canaria South:
After a short drive to Puerto de Mogan it was clear that we weren’t going to get as much rain as Tenerife. Yes we did have a couple of short downpours but nothing like was expected. Early on I ate dinner at Scooter’s Pizza Factory and thankfully their canopies were waterproof and not a drop fell on any of the diners as we had a downpour.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Sunset 2014
Puerto Rico in October

At sunset the sky was a marvellous sight in Puerto Rico. Over Amadores and towards Tenerife orange and pink swirled above as the light bounced off of the rain clouds in the distance.

Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be cloudy with a small chance of rain, with things looking better from Wednesday onwards.

15:30h Gran Canaria south:
In the last 30 minutes, we’ve had some fine rain, but nothing crazy. The wind has picked up and it’s a little cooler. According to twitter it has started to rain hard in Telde, with some strong gusts of wind.

13:00h Gran Canaria south
Very calm outside, huge grey cloud hovering over us. No sign of any rain yet and no wind. This morning lightning was visible looking over to Tenerife, they have had some terrible floods and are currently on orange warning along with El Hierro and La Gomera.

Gran Canaria is expected to see rain this afternoon. Stay tuned.


23rd October 2013

Once again it’s another beautiful October day here in Gran Canaria and I wanted to share a lovely photo from Marina Bayview which has one of the best views in Puerto Rico, don’t you agree?

Gran Canaria Weather October Marina BayView Puerto Rico 2013
Marina Bayview in October

22nd October 2013

It’s very hot in south Gran Canaria today. Earlier this afternoon, a temperature clock near El Tablero Shopping Center was showing 42ºC degrees. The air is very warm, a bit like being blasted with a hairdryer. This is caused by suspended sand from the Sahara, the S.A.L Saharan Air Layer, or simply called a calima.

Calimas usually fade out after a few days, after which temperatures will resume the seasonal norm. According to AEMET the heatwave will also be present tomorrow. The best thing to do in this heat is take a cool dip in a swimming pool or a refreshing swim in the sea.

21st October 2013

The weather in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria today is gorgeous, with temperatures around 25ºC degrees.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Beach 2013
Puerto Rico Beach in October


29th October 2012

AEMET have issued yellow and orange weather warnings in Gran Canaria this week, for high winds and rain, which will also affect the other Canary Islands.

The mountain peaks are expected to be worse, and rain is set to be heavy for Wednesday 31st October.

27th October 2012

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain in Gran Canaria from Sunday 28th October at 06:00 – 23:00 hours. The heavy rain is expected to affect the South, East and West of the island. The rain is also expected in La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Tenerife.

25th October 2012

It's a beautiful day in Puerto Rico and the newly refurbished Marina Bay View Apartments have their new sign and logo up.

Formerly known as Ipanema Park, these apartments are in a great location with views of the harbour, close to Las Olas Shopping Center and is due to re-open this week.

Gran Canaria Weather October Marina Bayview Puerto Rico 2012
Marina Bayview formerly Ipanema Park in October 2012

21st October 2012

Here is a view of RIU Vistamar Hotel and Altamar Aparthotel in Puerto Rico taken at 6pm. It’s been a little cloudy but still lovely and mild for October, proving we have some of the best weather in the world at this time of year!

Gran Canaria Weather October Altamar Puerto Rico 2012
6pm Puerto Rico in October 2012

18th October 2012

Rain was forecast for Puerto Rico but most of the day was blessed with sunshine, until a huge rain shower blew over from Tenerife, which saw Amadores Beach empty within minutes.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Amadores Rain 2012
Tourists caught in the rain, waiting at the taxi rank at Amadores Beach

17th October 2012

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain in the Canaries, mainly in the northern parts of the islands including Gran Canaria, for Thursday 18th October.

Rain is predicted for other parts of Gran Canaria, but so far the heavy rain is only for the northern coast and middle of the island.

11th October 2012

Not one but three photos of the day today because it's such a beautiful October morning in Puerto Rico and we wanted to share it with you.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico 2012
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria in October

Here we have views of the Agua de la Perra and Amadores areas of Puerto Rico. It's another hot, sunny day and almost mid October! That really is the beauty of the south coast of Gran Canaria.

1st October 2012

Our first photo of October this year was taken at the bus station in Puerto Rico where it was 18ºC degrees at 06:21h. Not bad for this time of year hey?

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Morning Temperature 2012
18ºC degrees at 6am in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria


October 21st 2011

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain showers in Gran Canaria for this evening, including the south although I think we may see the rain Saturday morning. This comes after a very long Summer, just last week temperatures where in the mid 30ºs in places.

There was a sudden drop in temperature due to a cold front, which made the air a little fresher and caused a few night time rain showers. The island of Gran Canaria thrives in the Winter time, which sees the vegetation turning lush and green in the mountains.

Daytime temperatures in the South are still high around 29ºC degrees and evenings are beginning to cool a little.

October 10th 2011

AEMET have a yellow weather warning for high temperatures tomorrow 11th October, with temperatures of 36ºC expected in this south of Gran Canaria.

The resort of Puerto Rico was very hot today, around 37ºC degrees and without a weather warning, so a repeat of today’s heat is pretty much expected.

October 5th 2011

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for wind gusts up to 75 km/h on Gran Canaria coming in from the west. This comes after a hot spell of humid and hazy weather, which will hopefully clear with the forecast wind. The warning is from Thursday 6th at 18:00hr – Friday 7th morning.

It’s a very humid day in Puerto Rico and the sky is pretty hazy, if you can get near the beach you will get the best breeze. The temperatures are around 32ºC degrees and it’s rained a few drops at night – but no showers as were expected at the start of the week.


28th October 2010

As we reach the end of October in Gran Canaria, the nights are drawing in a little earlier and the mornings are a bit fresher. The usual daytime temperatures are still around 29ºC degrees, so still great sunbathing weather.

Today we have seen a bit of a calima, but not enough for the government to issue a warning, the sun has felt very intense today and with a warmer wind than previous days.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Harbour Webcam 2010
Puerto Rico Harbour Webcam from October 2010

According to the forecast we might have some showers in the first week of November, but the forecast may very well change before then, so better to stay tuned to our out of the window weather reports!

18th October 2010

At the moment the skies are very cloudy and although there is no official weather warning from AEMET, we are in for some more rain this week.

15th October 2010

After some pretty rainy forecasts, it seems the capital of Gran Canaria got the worst of it this week. Intense rain hit the city especially on Wednesday of this week, which caused traffic jams and floods.

Gran Canaria Weather October Waterspout 2010
Waterspout or water tornado in Las Palmas Gran Canaria October 2010

Not only that, a “Manga Marina” known in English as a Waterspout was apparent for 15 minutes out at sea in the capital. A waterspout is basically a tornado over water, in which a vortex forms and are common in areas with thunderstorms or can happen without thunder and lightening.

11th October 2010

Considering the forecast says 90% chance of rain today in the municipal of Mogán, we aren’t doing bad at all. The sun has been out all day apart from a few cloudy episodes.

At the moment the sun is shining over Eden Apartments and there is cloud to both sides, so as to whether or not we will get that rain tonight, maybe tomorrow who knows. There is a pleasant sea breeze and temperatures just under 30ºc degrees.

9th October 2010

AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for the north coast of Gran Canaria for high waves Saturday 9th October. This will also affect the other islands with the western side of the archipelago on orange alert.

Gran Canaria Weather October Puerto Rico Webcam 2010
Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Webcam

After yesterday’s showers in Puerto Rico, today has brought vibrant blue skies with hardly any clouds. The temperatures have been high around 30ºc degrees, so excellent sunbathing weather today.

The rain didn’t last very long yesterday, it soon cleared and was bright again within half an hour. That’s why reports of showers this week shouldn’t worry you. Tomorrow is supposedly going to be sunny with some cloud, but dry, although Monday we could see some showers again.

8th October 2010

Cloud has invaded the skies above Puerto Rico and it is raining! It also rained earlier on. It is not cold at all, but the rain looks like it could stick around for a while yet.

Felt there was a need for an update seeing as the skies have cleared somewhat after that shower. Looks like it will improve for the rest of today, although Sunday could see some more rain…stay tuned!

4th October 2010

Summer in Gran Canaria doesn’t change much (hot hot hot) I hope you haven’t missed these reports.

So what did we miss? Well between now and last month it has been pretty hot most days, with the first day of Autumn (23rd September) giving us weather alerts and rain. After that it was back to sun sun sun.

The first couple days of October have shown us some heavy showers, with warm temperatures of 26ºC degrees. Today however has been very warm around 32ºC degrees and very blue skies.

The weather forecast is a bit mixed with a chance of rain everyday for the coming week, showers with sunshine.


October 15th 2009

Although not very often, we do get rain in Gran Canaria and not just in the northern parts of the island. It is still very hot and sunny considering we are halfway through October now with temperatures around 33ºC degrees on average in the South.

The weather forecast that I like to check out daily says the whole island is in for some rain, clouding over on 19th October with high chance of rain to follow. Gran Canaria looks magnificent after a downpour – everywhere looks fresh and green and it feels cooler too.

Normally as we go into Winter we have rain or a really cloudy few days and after that the temperatures will slowly go down. The winter sun is very nice to sunbathe in and much preferred over the sometimes 35-40degree heat of the summer.


October 11th 2008

According to here AEMET we have 85% chance of rain today in the province of Mogán, which includes Puerto Rico. It was windy last night, but looks it looks nice and sunny outside.

October 10th 2008

The weather has been hot, especially Thursday this week but looks like we are in for some rain over the weekend according to meteorologist Vicky Palma and AEMET.

Also we have a small weather alert for big waves and wind. The wind did get up earlier with a few little gusts a couple of hours ago in Puerto Rico Shopping Center (it blew my prawn crackers off the table) but we will have to see. Could be good news for surfers.

October 2nd 2008

It’s very sunny today, about 28ºC degrees in south Gran Canaria – you wouldn’t have thought it was raining yesterday at all. The weather is very nice in Las Palmas also.

I heard that the wind was going to get up in the next few days but not sure if it will, stay tuned!

October 1st 2008

It’s been really hot for the last few days but, today at about 14:00h the clouds started to come over at Amadores beach. It's currently raining in Arguineguin and in Puerto Rico.

Gran Canaria Weather October Arguineguin Webcam 2008
Arguineguin Webcam image from October 2008