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Gran Canaria Weather

Let's say that writing about Gran Canaria Weather can be a bit boring sometimes, here in the south of Gran Canaria it could be months where we don't see a cloud, especially from March onwards until October.

Our portable air conditioning starts making appereances around our house mid april when the first really hot days start to be very frequent, and we start looking through the wardrobe for light jackets and jeans at the beginning of October.

But Gran Canaria is not called miniature continent for nothing, and the weather could be completely different in the south of the island than in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the capital on the north east of the island, in fact normally as soon as you drive past Gran Canaria Airport it seems that you are in another island.

Summer is in full and in July specially the last two weeks of the month are some of the hottest in the year, make sure you book a hotel with air conditioning in the rooms or you will have trouble sleeping at night.

Temperatures normally are higher than 30 degrees with some days over 40 degrees.

June July August September = Summer

June means the start of very hot and sunny weather with high UV index. As always, it's important to take care in the sun and heat. The official start of Summer is the eve of 23rd June, when we will celebrate San Juan with beach parties and bonfires all over the island.

July is much of the same, the temperatures are heating up and can reach 35ºC degrees in some parts of the island with the average daytime temperatures in the shade around 29ºC degrees.

We don’t often see much change in weather during July except for the possibility of desert dust blowing over from the Sahara and heatwaves.

Our city, Las Palmas in north Gran Canaria is generally a few degrees cooler than the south which is great for exploring the museums and sightseeing during the hotter months.

  • There isn't usually much change in the Gran Canaria Summer weather, except we may have some more heatwaves on the way, possibly a calima or two, with daily daytime temperatures of 32ºC degrees on average in the south. The north of Gran Canaria usually experiences some low cloud, but temperatures are still high

Gran Canaria weather by Months

Click on the months below to check the historic of every month on the island written by the Gran Canaria Holidays team.

January in Gran Canaria




Weather starts to heat up


Gran Canaria temperatures are rising may normally is a good month to come to the island, if you are looking for a cheap holiday to gran canaria may is the month.



The last week of July is probably the hottest week of the year with temperatures sometimes over 45 degrees.


Expect days over 40 degrees almost everyday in the South of the island, remember to book a hotel with air conditioning if you are coming on these months.


Can still be very hot, it takes a while for the island to cool down again after a hot Summer, september is becoming a favourite for couples that know how hot it can be and how much cheaper is september compared with August and July.


Can see some rainy days even storms on the island. In past years October has been known as a rainy month, dont worry the rain normally is only for a few at the most sometimes a few hours


With less hours of sun November is fantastic the season of the best sunsets and the winter season vibe, quieter in the resorts nice temperature during the days and the fresh winter nights around 20 degrees.


Can be fantastic for sunbathing but evenings are going to feel chilly.