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Government Storm Safety Recommendations

The Canarian Government have announced some recommendations in preparation for the storms approaching the Canary Islands.

Do not leave the house unless necessary.
Remove all objects that could fall from your house, such as hanging baskets, plantpots, things on your balconies or roof.
Take extreme precaution on the roads.
If you are walking down the street, stay away from billboards, scaffolding, trees, cranes, walls.
Stay away from coasts, piers, jetties or the beach.
At home close all doors and windows, make sure to check canopies and antennas.
Stay informed, by watching TV or listening to the radio.
Call 1-1-2 only in an emergency. If you need any information, please use the 012 and not 1-1-2.

You can read the full recommendation in Spanish here: Canarias7.es